Preliminary Score Reporting for All Exams
NABCEP is excited to announce that we are about to launch Preliminary Score Reporting for all of our Associate and Board Certification exams starting on July 22nd .

What does that mean? It means that when you finish taking one of our exams, you will immediately get your exam results. You will no longer need to wait two weeks or longer to find out if you passed the exam.

*Please note that some exam results may be held for up to 6 weeks if the exam itself is new. This gives NABCEP time to collect enough scores to properly analyze the results of the exams and ensure that the cut score (or passing grade) has been validated through a rigorous psychometric analysis.
Educational Series with BayWa r.e.
NABCEP and BayWa r.e. are teaming up for an educational series of webinars, articles, and podcasts, but to make this worth everyone's time and effort, we need to know that we're choosing topics that you actually want to learn about. Please take the survey below and help us determine the best topics to cover in our upcoming educational series. This should only take 2-3 minutes of your time.

Thank you!
MREA Energy Fair
NABCEP recently attended the 30th Anniversary of The Energy Fair in Custer, WI from June 21-23. Organized by the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) the Energy Fair brings in over 10,000 attendees to learn about clean energy, sustainability, and to connect with others in the industry.

NABCEP staff loves this event because it gives us the opportunity talk to customers and other industry stakeholders that we might otherwise not get a chance to meet. We get to talk about how we certify designers, installers, technical salespeople, inspectors, and others in the renewable energy industry to ensure the quality and sustainability of the industry. Below are some photos that we took while we weren't busy talking to people or enjoying the fair (which didn't happen too often).
NABCEP's Presentation from
The Energy Fair
The Energy Fair is rooted in education for customers and professionals, which is the driving force that makes positive change possible. NABCEP's President and CEO, Shawn O'Brien, and Director of Certification, Dan Pickel, gave a presentation titled, "The Value of Board Certifications" during one of the workshops at The Energy Fair.

The presentation explained the rigorous process that we go through and international standards (NABCEP's certifications are ANSI/ISO/IEC Accredited, ANSI Accreditation ID #0702 ) that we follow to develop all of our Board Certifications. We also described the value that certifications add for customers and industry stakeholders as well as the positive impact that they have on the renewable energy labor market and the industry as a whole.

If you would like to view the Powerpoint Presentation that we gave, click the button below.
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