Spring is right around the corner!
2019 NABCEP CE Conference in San Diego
NABCEP's 8th Annual Continuing Education Conference  kicks off later this month in San Diego, CA. from March 25th to the 28th.

This  unique event  is created  by solar professionals for solar professionals  and is intended to provide an  affordable continuing education option  for professionals who are interested in getting the skills and knowledge to stay ahead of their competition.
Did we forget to mention that we rented a DUNK TANK for Game Night (hosted by BayWa r.e. ) on Monday, March 25th?! Come for the chance to dunk NABCEP's Executive Director, Shawn O'Brien!
New Insurance Partner: Solar Insure
NABCEP is excited to announce a new partnership with Solar Insure to provide insurance coverage to NABCEP Board Certified Professionals and Accredited Companies.

“We chose to partner with NABCEP because of their commitment to expanding renewable energy though their quality credentialing and certification programs,” says Ara Agopian, CEO of Solar Insure, Inc . "Our goal has been to provide solar professionals the best risk management, insurance and safety programs available in the market. We’re confident NABCEP will help us continue to meet that goal.”

For more than 15 years, Solar Insure has provided advanced risk management policies for growing alternative energy companies. Their passion is renewable energy, specifically wind and solar energies. Solar Insure supports large and small solar manufacturers, suppliers and contractors. They have recently expanded their product offerings, and they now provide warranty assumption insurance for solar products and services.
2018 Solar Installer Survey Results
Once again, NABCEP partnered with  EnergySage  for the annual Solar
Installer Survey. ithin the 2018 Solar Installer Survey, we asked NABCEP Board Certified Professionals how they felt the certification has affected their careers, and two-third of installers said the certification had a positive impact. Below is a breakdown of the impact that NABCEP Board Certification had on their careers:
We were also curious about how it affected their income. Based on the results, the total average increase in income from getting NABCEP Board Certified was over $11,000 . However, for the 2/3 of respondents who said their NABCEP Board Certification improved their careers, the average salary increase was almost $20,000 !
NABCEP Digital Badges Update
Earlier last month, NABCEP issued Digital Badges to all of its NABCEP Board Certified Professionals and Accredited Companies. So far, the initiative has been a really big success. Here's a quick breakdown on how well the Digital Badges have been received so far:

  • Over 900 digital badges accepted
  • 800 total Digital Badge shares
  • 54% added the Digital Badge to their LinkedIn profile
  • 34% shared the Digital Badge on their LinkedIn newsfeed
  • Over 3,000 total badge views
  • 3.8 average views per share

NABCEP has also received lots of positive feedback about the Digital Badges, along with questions about how to accept, manage, and share their NABCEP Digital Badges. If you have any questions about the new Digital Badges, please email Dan Pickel at .

To check out a sample digital badge, click the button below.
In the next few weeks, NABCEP will launch its redesigned website, .
Thank you to our 2019 CE Conference Sponsors!
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