New PV Certification Study Guide Now Available
NABCEP is excited to announce that it has completed the NABCEP PV Certification Study Guide and it is now available to download as a pdf for FREE on . The PV Certification Study Guide is an excellent resource for those planning to take one or more of the following NABCEP exams:

Click the button below to open the new NABCEP PV Certification Study Guide!
Results of 2019 NABCEP CE Conference in San Diego, CA
By all accounts, NABCEP's 8th Annual Continuing Education Conference was a huge success. With a record number of CE Conference attendees, we were proud to get the following responses to our post-conference survey:

  • 91% rated the overall event either "Very Good" or "Great"
  • 99% either "Probably will" or "Definitely will" encourage others to attend
  • 98% of attendees felt the CE trainers were prepared
  • 98% felt the CE Conference advanced their knowledge of renewable energy
  • 83% of attendees felt they had enough time to speak with exhibitors during breaks
  • People raved about the food, with 48% rating it "Very Good" and 29% rating it "Great"
  • The addition of the Round Tables and Meet & Greet events on Monday (photos below) drew large crowds and we will continue to grow and adapt these events for the 2020 NABCEP CE Conference in St. Louis, MO.
Round Tables
First Time Attendees Meet & Greet
Keynote Speaker: Bernadette Del Chiaro
Exam Results To Be Immediate!
Have you ever wished that you could get your NABCEP exam results immediately after you finished the exam? Then we have some good news! NABCEP is excited to announce that it will begin offering immediate preliminary score reporting for all of its examinations starting on June 17th!

Upon completion of NABCEP Board Certification and Associate exams, candidates will be presented with a Preliminary Score Report on the computer screen. Because the scores displayed on this report are still pending verification by NABCEP, the Preliminary Score Report is not official, but you get an idea of whether you passed as quick as lightning, and official score results are available faster than ever!
Changes to the PV Technical Sales
Job Task Analysis
NABCEP updated the Job Task Analysis (JTA) for the PV Technical Sales Board Certification. The new JTA reflects the changes inherent in the growth and maturity of the role of technical salespeople in the solar industry over the last five years. Although there have been many changes to financing options, storage options, and rapid growth in the commercial, industrial, and utility-scale deployment of PV technology, the basic knowledge areas contained in the JTA remain fairly constant.
Dunk Tank Donations
On Monday night of the 2019 NABCEP CE Conference, NABCEP hosted a Welcome Reception and Game Night, complete with a Dunk Tank. Donations to Blue Star Families earned attendees 3 balls to throw at the target to hopefully dunk one of our five volunteer dunkees (read: victims). At the end of the night, attendees had donated over $1,000 to Blue Star Families and their programs, and all five of our Dunk Tank Dunkees were soaking wet!

To learn more about Blue Star Families' programs and services, click the button below.
2019 Walt Ratterman Award for Creative Community Energy
NABCEP is proud to announce that the winner of the 2019 Walt Ratterman Award for Creative Community Energy was Brad Burkhartzmeyer. Brad is NABCEP Board Certified, an IREC certified Master Solar Trainer, and a licensed electrician.

Brad is a co-founder of the non-profit Remote Energy which seeks to train more international solar installers as the industry grows. He has been the lead technical manager on five Rotary International projects to bring solar power to schools in India, health centers in Nicaragua, and clean water in Bolivia, Ghana, and Kenya.

Brad has his own solar installation company in WA state where he has installed 100's of PV systems. Brad also worked with Walt Ratterman installing PV systems on seven hospitals in Rwanda. Walt left a lasting impression on Brad and they had several projects under development together when Walt lost his life in the earthquake in Haiti. 

At the award presentation, NABCEP donated $500 to the charity of Brad's choice, Remote Energy. The attendees at the presentation also chipped in another $1,000 to Remote Energy, which will go toward its mission of providing solar electric technical and training expertise to the organizations, businesses, and agencies that implement international development projects.
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