Winter 2018-19 COVERAGE
AGMT Officially Live: Now Accepting Applications
AGMT Wraps Up Beta Testing:
The AGMT Team has completed months of beta testing the Certification Exam across the U.S. More than 30 glaziers with varying years of experience participated. Thank you to everyone who helped make the Beta testing a success, it was this input that put the finishing touches on the AGMT Certification Program.

Cleveland (January 2019)

Philadelphia (December 2018)
San Leandro (November 2018)

Congratulations to the Newest Certified Company
 Hard Work and High Quality Practices Helped the Below Company Earn NACC Certification:

Forno Enterprises, Inc. is located in Trout Creek, NY and headed by Vice President, Brian Albanese.

“I think that being certified will keep Team Forno striving to be one of the most successful Glazing Contractors in the State of New York. I am extremely satisfied with the certification process and would highly recommend it to any company who is striving to be one of the tops leaders in their industry.”

Featured Case Study
Since attaining NACC certification in April 2018, Bagatelos Architectural Glass Systems, Inc. (BAGS) of Sacramento, CA., has noticed quality and efficiency improvements that drive continued financial savings.The thriving company proves the wealth of opportunities inherent in third-party assessment.

Monetizing Benefits
According to Bagatelos, certification encouraged his company to better define its practices. “It’s been a critical improvement for us,” he explained. “If you can gain an efficiency, even a single digit, it translates into thousands of dollars of savings across the entire business.”

The biggest surprise of the NACC certification process was how it pointed out areas for improvement. Chris Bagatelos explained that his company was successful and operations were going well before certification. But the process added a layer of unexpected – and financially beneficial – refinement.

“This process helped us see where we had flaws and weaknesses,” he said. “Certification not only saved us money, but made us a better company.”
Pictures Courtesy of Bagatelos Architectural Glass Systems, Inc.
Case Study by Amanda Weko, AGW Communications
Industry Involvement
Where We've Been
Where We're Going
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Spreading Awareness and Education
David Stutzman's "The Magic of Certification" has been presented around the U.S. for AIA members and at events like Procrastinator's ProCon.

"Understand how independent third-party certification offers an alternative, for owners to demand, design teams to specify, and CMs and GCs to benefit, that provides a uniform measure of an industry accepted standard to demonstrate qualifications and the ability to reduce risk."

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The NACC Program is officially an AIA Education provider! We are thankful for the opportunity to educate the industry on certification and share the success our certified contractors experience. Thank you to AIA National and those who have supported our process.
The Architectural Glass and Metal Certification Council hosted their first annual meeting in the Willis Tower in Chicago on November 7 th and 8 th . This event marked the first official congregation of AGMCC founding members, board, and industry participants. While some attendees reminisced on their initial conversations of the need for the program, others learned about the birth and growth of the initiative over the past 4 years. An open meeting, the participants ranged internationally and industrially.
On the 71st floor of one Chicago’s most renowned glass buildings, participants discussed the organization’s two programs – the North American Contractor Certification Program (NACC) and Architectural Glass and Metal Technician Certification Program (AGMT). The meeting flowed between updates, input, and next steps.
The first AGMCC board was elected and committees were formed for NACC, AGMT, and Marketing. Below is the list of these established committees.
Professionals from across the industry attend the first annual AGMCC Meeting in Willis Tower, Chicago
“It was a privilege to work with such a group of professionals on a pinnacle project like AGMT and NACC. The monumental setting of the Willis tower as the venue was a perfect backdrop for this inaugural meeting of the group. There was too much material to really make it through, but the group worked effectively to accomplish all that was needed and move the process forward. All is on track for both NACC and AGMT.”
John Kent

AGMCC Board of Directors
President: Jim Stathopoulos

Joe Ashdale – Professional Glazier
Paddy Byrne – Professional Glazier
Yvon Chiasson – Morrison Hershfield
Mark Coulis – Wheaton Sprague
Dale Fuhr – WJE
Rodney Harvey – CDC
Jon Kimberlain – Sec/Treas. – Dow Corning
Jim Maggiore – Royal Glass
Felix Munson – Anchor-Ventana Glass
Peter Neudorf – Ferguson Neudorf
Jim Rathbone – Kensington Glass
Raymond Roy – Guardian
Anton Ruesing - FTI
Joe Schiavone – CR Laurence
Mike Spence – Krause Anderson
David Stutzman - Conspectus
Terry Webb - Eureka Metal & Glass

NACC Certification Committee
Chair: James Bringle

Yvon Chiasson – Morrison Hershfield
Joe Clabbers – National Glass
Mark Coulis – Wheaton Sprague
Richard Danek – Anchor-Ventana Glass
Rodney Harvey - CDC
Jon Kimberlain – Dow Corning
Peter Neudorf – Ferguson Neudorf
Jim Rathbone – Kensington Glass
Joe Schiavone – CR Laurence
Mike Spence – Kraus Anderson
Jim Stathopoulos – Ajay Glass
David Stutzman – Conspectus
Michael Wells – Pacific Glazing

AGMT Certification Committee
Chair: Chad Dalton

Joe Clabbers – National Glass
Brian Courtien – Professional Glazier
Richard Danek – Anchor-Ventana Glass
Mike Fitzgerald – Professional Glazier
Tim Fookes – Tubelite
Chris Giovannelli – Kawneer
David Horschig – Tremco
Frankie Jones – FTI
Jim Maggiore – Royal Glass
Ken O’Donnell – Professional Glazier
Nick Potalivo – Ferguson Neudorf
Nick Rice – Schuco USA
Terry Webb – Eureka Metal & Glass
Michael Wells – Pacific Glazing

Marketing Committee
Chair: Stephanie Staub

Patrick Flannery – Glass Canada Magazine
Mike Gilbert – Empirehouse
Andrew Haring - NGA 
Deb Levy – Key Communications/US Glass
Gavin McDonald - LMCI
Felix Munson – Anchor-Ventana Glass
Beth Ruoff – Ruoff Consulting
Jeannie Simpelo – NCGMA

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