March 2020


(North American Camping Conference
of Hemophilia Organizations)

NACCHO Conference 2020 - Sponsored by
Hosted by the Arizona Bleeding Disorders
CAMP - Home Away From Home
The conference kicked off with the Directors Pre-Con. Directors from 60 camps around the world got together to teach one another, share their experiences and gain new perspectives in developing staff training. Topics included merging needs and values to build a culture of understanding, health forms and emerging trends, how groups form, camp is for everyone, situations that crack the foundation and camp closings.

"The atmosphere, people and sessions were impeccable. I gained a wealth of information to impart in our camp. Can't wait till next year!"

"Love this conference! It is so important for the camping community to unite each year, to share ideas and learn along with one another."

"All the breakouts I attended this year were fantastic, and left me thinking."

"It was beneficial to see how other camps are conducted and what "works" for them may not work for other camps. It brought awareness to ways that camp/camp nursing can be improved for this upcoming year. It was also an awesome way to connect with others and build ideas."

"Camp is an immersion experience that cannot be replaced by any other offering where campers and staff can engage in meaningful ways that promote development and independence for life."

A Culture of Understanding
Speaking of the Pre-Con, one of the topics was merging needs and values to build a culture of understanding. Camp Directors were provided with tools that can help camp staff and campers alike feel better understood and more connected in their camp community. They explored through games and activities how to get our needs met and how we can support our camp communities to do the same. They also discussed how we can help our camp communities to live out what we value throughout the camp experience.
In Need of a Low-Tech Activity to do with your Tech-Deprived Campers?
Andy Blackledge

Does your camp struggle with a ban on technology? This engaging hands-on activity utilizes your campers’ creativity and imaginations, along with paper and markers, in order to facilitate meaningful conversations about the role technology plays in their lives. 

“The App to make your life easier” is appropriate for all age groups and group sizes. Feel free to download this free lesson plan and App example images.

Dorcas Tomasek
Child sexual abuse is far more prevalent than people realize. According to the statistics about one in ten children before the age of 18 will be sexually abused. This means we all know someone and the longer we are in this beautiful business of camp, we become more vulnerable that something could have taken place in our care of running camps. 

Child sexual abuse includes any contact between an adult and a child or an older child and a younger child for the purposes of sexual stimulation that results in sexual gratification for the older person. This can range from non-touching offenses, such as exhibitionism and showing child pornography , to fondling and oral sex , to penetration and child prostitution.

Those who molest children look and act just like everyone else. Abusers can be neighbors, friends, family members, and yes- volunteers, staff, campers and leaders at camp.

So, you get a call, from a former camper alleges he/she was abused at your camp years earlier (whether you were running it at the time or not) here are some recommended steps to take.

  • Breath
  • Show compassion and support- it is not your role to determine whether this is true. Please note that only 4-8% of reports are false.

  • Make sure you inform the person you are a mandated reporter.

  • Contact key people - Executive Director, Insurance company, - note your current insurance company may not be the company that insured you when the allegation happened, Board Chair.

  • Review your media policy and crisis response plan.

  • Develop a media statement.

  • Develop letters to contact all campers/families during the time the person alleges they were abused.

  • Pull the camper and the personnel file of the alleged abuser to insure proper signed application, interview, references, background checks, performance evaluations, documented training's, signed code of conduct, any disciplinary actions recorded. Remember you will not catch the abuser abusing, you will catch them breaking your rules.

  • Reach back out - How can I support you?

For more information and further discussion on how to be prepared when this situation arises, on the NACCHO Document Library , a sample crisis response plan has been uploaded.  Other resources can be found on the Redwood Group website, or contacting Dorcas Tomasek
Building a Home, Planting a Garden
Make New Friends and See the World with “W.I.O.W.”
At NACCHO we’re privileged to be joined by camp leaders from around the globe. In 2020 alone we were joined by guests from the Netherlands, Romania, India, Denmark, Turkey, and New Zealand. These guests travel thousands of miles to learn from us, share their experiences, and open a window for us into the world of bleeding disorders.

Thanks to Walk In Our World, you can stay connected with these folks or make new friends around the world who share a passion for bleeding disorders and camp.

Created in 2019 by the NACCHO International Camp Group, Walk In Our World connects bleeding disorders youth, family, and adult camps in different parts of the world to each other. We introduce folks and share ideas through a special Facebook group. If two camps decide they want to work together on a special project – new training ideas, an exchange of messages between staff and campers, and even plan a “Visitors Day” (where they learn about life in the partner country) – a W.I.O.W. facilitator can help you with simple online tools. Lessons learned are then shared back to other camps through W.I.O.W. and NACCHO.

W.I.O.W. offers camps in America and other countries a source of new perspectives and ideas for camp. It’s also a great opportunity to help junior staff develop leadership skills and engage more in the community by allowing them to lead partnering related activities. Participation in W.I.O.W. is free and works around your camp schedule!

W.I.O.W. is your window to the world and a great way to bring more of the world to your camp. For more information, visit or e-mail Bob Graham.

The NACCHO Bowl; Ideas Right Now!
Bob Graham
Every year NACCHO brings together bleeding disorders camp people from around the world to learn new ways to make their camp even better.

One great way to learn and share new ideas for camp is the NACCHO Bowl.

The NACCHO Bowl features the best of the best 2-minute videos or video montages in which camps share their best ideas. NACCHO Bowl submissions range from ways to spice up staff training, programs to engage campers in community advocacy, and adventure-based activities to help younger kids learn teamwork and other life skills. Videos walk you through the idea, how it adds to camp, and shows how you can replicate the idea.

As a bonus, camps who submit their own 2-minute video or video montage can earn money for their camp program (given as Amazon gift cards to the camps)!

To share your ideas and possibly win program funding, start working on your NACCHO Bowl video/video montage now! At camp make sure to film or photograph your staff training ideas, programs and activities. After camp edit it to 2 minutes with captions or narration explaining the idea. Then when NACCHO 2021 registration opens submit your idea!

If you have a great camp idea and aren’t sure if it qualifies contact us. We’ll walk you through the process and even help you focus your video for submission.

We learn more when we share ideas. Creating a NACCHO Bowl video is also a great opportunity for junior staff and older campers to do something special using just a cell phone and their imaginations! 

The NACCHO Bowl – snacks for your brain, ideas you can use now!
NACCHO Bowl Winners

The NACCHO Bowl is an opportunity to share with others through a short video - a craft, game, staff training exercise, behavior management technique or teaching tool that others can readily replicate at their camp. Winners receive a gift card to be used for camp! This year's winners were:

Call For Speakers
Do you have a great presentation topic? Are you interested in presenting at NACCHO 2021?

Why Present?
  • Amazing professional development opportunity.
  • Collaborate with experts in our field.
  • Receive recognition and feedback about your camp programs.
  • Expand your professional portfolio.
  • Receive a waived registration fee.

Consider presenting on these topics, opportunities, challenges facing our community and camps today:
  • Youth development and behavior, addressing challenges
  • Staff training and leadership, supervising staff
  • The business of camp, fundraising, grant writing, camp manual
  • Emerging issues, tools and technology
  • Innovative programs and activities, scheduling, themes
  • Diversity, inclusion, and cross-cultural agility
  • Emerging professionals and executive
  • Volunteers at camp & beyond
  • Camp forms & applications, screening process tools
  • Medical, health center

If you have a topic you would like to present at NACCHO 2021, email NACCHO COMMITTEE
Summer Camp Dates
Catalina World Mixer - April 24-26, 2020, Campus by the Sea, CA

Camp Notaclotamongus, June 3-6, 2020, Camp Wyman, Eureka, MO

Eagle Quest (18+), June 6-12, 2020, North Manitou Island

Camp Valiente, June 7-12, 2020, Camp Oro Quay, Sandra Park, NM

Camp Winaca Hemo Von, June 8-12, 2020, West Virginia

Camp Frozen Chozen, June 8-13, 2020, Kings Lake Camp, Wasilla,AK

Camp HONOR - June 10-15, 2020, Prescott Pines, Prescott Arizona

Camp Hemotion, June 14-20 2020, Coarsegold CA

HFO Family Camp, June 18-21, 2020, Camp Myrtlewood, Myrtle Point, OR

Na Koa Koko, June 20-26, 2020, HI

NEHA Family Camp, June 24-27, 2020, Moultonborough, NH
Camp Red Sunrise Family Camp, June 25-27, 2020, ID

Camp Bold Eagle Teen Camp, June 28-Juy 4, 2020, Pioneer Trails, Holton, MI

Camp Dragonfly, July 11-15, 2020, Lotus, CA

Disabled Adventure Outfitters Teen Camp, July 11-17, 2020

Camp Courage North, July 12-17, 2020

Camp Bold Eagle (6-9), July 12-16, 2020, Pioneer Trails, Holton, MI

Camp Bold Eagle (10-12), July 18-24, 2020, Pioneer Trails, Holton, MI

Disabled Adventure Outfitters Family Camp, July 17-19, 2020

WV Family Camp, July 24-26, West Virginia

Camp Tapawingo, July 26-31 2020, Falls City, OR

Camp Wilderness, July 27-31, 2020, Lake Doniphan Conference and Retreat Center, Excelsior Springs, MO

Eagle Expedition (16+), July 28-August 5, 2020

AcampHemos, July 31- August 2, 2020, PR

Camp Firefly, August 9-14, 2020, Big Bear, CA

Eagle Outpost (14-15), August 9-15, 2020, Ypsilanti, MI

Camp Klotty Pine, August 10-15, 2020, Campbellsport, WI

Koko Ohana Family Camp, August 28-30, HI

NY BDAN Family Camp, October 10-12, 2020, Camp Aldersgate, Greig, NY

Camp Hug Family Camp,October 16-18, 2020, Prescott Pines, Prescott, AZ

The Painted Turtle, July 18-23, 2020, Santa Monica, CA
"The NACCHO Conference allows me to connect with experts leading the bleeding disorder camping forward with their innovation." 

"We are in the business to change lives and by having the conference we are given special tools to do just that! I am honored and grateful to have had this special opportunity to attend."

"I have attended NACCHO for numerous years, and it’s one of the most anticipated conference that I am able to travel to. The conference is an extraordinary value for members of our camp to attend. The affordable price along with the quality of the professional speakers really makes NACCHO stand out as a premier conference experience. Our team always leaves this conference rejuvenated and excited to implement new ideas into staff & volunteer training, programming ideas, risk management, and more. I want to give a huge Thank You to the staff, the planning committee, and everyone involved to make NACCHO a truly great experience for all. "

“I am so thankful I was able to attend NACCHO this year. It was my first NACCHO conference and I wasn’t sure what to expect when we were asked to design our own sock puppets. What I found was incredible people from all over the world dedicated to the transformational work of camp. There was an amazing sense of camaraderie that propelled collaboration and networking between us. I felt every day was filled with new ideas and lessons to write down as fast as I could in my notebook! These learning moments happened in sessions, at the lunch table, and, yes, even on the dance floor. When the last day came, I felt just like one feels when leaving camp on the last day. I cannot wait to return next year and share how we have integrated and iterated on what we learned this year!” 

A Special Thank You from Arizona Bleeding Disorders
NACCHO is made possible through a grant from Pfizer and Sanofi Genzyme. Both Sanofi Genzyme and Pfizer continue to be a dedicated partner in building and improving our camping community to better serve our children and families. Thank you Pfizer and Sanofi Genzyme!

We would also like to thank our planning committee and staff whose dedication comes
straight from the heart, because they care about our cause, our community, and our kids. Most importantly, they are focused and determined to make a difference for the future of our camps.

Thanks to all of the NACCHO speakers. We appreciate your time and commitment, and contributions toward making NACCHO a success!

 Dates To Be Announced Soon!

NACCHO 2021 Theme:

Sailing True North -
Destination Camp

Using our internal compass (heart), charting the course, tying the knots, raising the sails, navigating rough waters, and going back to basics, let's reignite our purpose, values, and direction as we rediscover where we are headed and why we are headed there.   
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