National Association of County Engineers   ~ August 2019
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Update from NACE President Tim Hens  

Like the sands around the unusually high water of the Great Lakes, summer is washing away before our eyes. From what I see on social media, it seems like many people are already sending their kids back to school. We Northerners hold off on school until after Labor Day, which is also when our Highway Department aims to have most of its mainline road construction done. 

Along with the NACE Executive Committee, several past presidents, and many other NACE Members, I travelled to Clark County, Nevada for the National Association of Counties (NACo) Annual Conference. Aside from surviving the 110°F heat, the general purpose of the visit was to participate in the Transportation Policy Steering Committee. NACE's presence on this committee has increased substantially over the years, and our members now make up approximately one third of the committee, the remainder of which is filled out by elected county commissioners and representatives. We are also lucky enough to have two of our past presidents serving in committee leadership. Richie Beyer is a Committee Vice-Chair, and Rich Sanders is the Vice-Chair of the Highway Safety Subcommittee. Dan Fedderly, Executive Director from WCHA, is also a Vice-Chair of the Highway Safety Subcommittee. Our aim in participating on this committee is to be recognized as the "Technical Experts on Local Roads and Infrastructure". When it comes to policy-making decisions affecting transportation, we want NACE to have a very important role.
Our members sponsored four of the 13 policy resolutions adopted by the committee. Significant focus was placed on the streamlining of federal aid delivery and finding a way for counties to spend this money with fewer strings attached. This continues to be a strong area of focus for NACE, whether dealing with NACo or our elected representatives in Washington, DC.

Webinar Reminder

As a service to our members, NACE indicates this announcement from the FHWA
Learn how local agencies benefited from roadway safety technical assistance:

WASHINGTON, D.C., August 15, 2019 - An upcoming FHWA webinar will showcase roadway safety technical assistance provided to local agencies. Come hear about the benefits these agencies received and how your agency can also apply for technical assistance.

The webinar will feature technical assistance at one tribal and four county agencies and benefits realized. Technical assistance came in several different formats - training, data enhancement and analysis, safety issue and countermeasure identification and safety planning.

These efforts featured collaboration between tribal and county agencies, State DOT, FHWA and LTAP Centers to tackle priority road safety issues. Staff from neighboring local agencies participated in the events to gain knowledge on addressing their own safety issues. 

Road safety benefits from this project as well as other road safety technical assistance opportunities will be highlighted during this webinar. 

Please register using the link below to attend this webinar on August 20, 2019.

Corporate Partner Spotlight  
NACE welcomes all Corporate Members to submit pertinent items for the benefit of our members. The following  invitation was provided to NACE by RtVision, a Bronze Corporate Member. RtVision provided the following information for NACE News.

NACE members will now have access to their free edition of RtVision's Safety and Issue Reporting web application. The Safety and Issue Reporting software is a public portal that allows agencies and citizens to electronically submit and manage roadway safety concerns and issues through an online website from any internet-enabled device or smartphone. Once an issue is reported by either a citizen or employee, the issue can easily be managed, assigned and tracked while providing up-to-date information to both the citizen and agency.

Learn more about the RTVision Safety and Issue Reporting Web Application 
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