National Association of County Engineers   ~ January 2019
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Update from NACE President Rich Sanders 
Hoping everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

After returning from my three weeks on the road, I was able to sit at home, and relax over the Holiday Season. That is because I had to burn up some vacation by year-end or lose it.  Of course, relaxing came to a halt when we received our first blizzard of the winter. Five inches of snow, 40 mph winds and -10F temperatures were not fun. Snow blowing became a priority so Ruth could get out of the garage and to work each day.

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 Executive Director Update from Kevan Stone   
Happy new year!  With a new year brings new opportunities, ideas and outlook for our great association.  2018 saw a lot of changes at NACE, many of which you will see this year.  

As you may know, registration for NACE 2019 is underway.  I can undoubtedly say our 2019 conference is going to be our best event yet!  While many behind the scenes aspects of the conference will go unnoticed, NACE staff are working diligently to provide a conference environment where you will not only walk away professionally enhanced with scores of educational sessions, technical demonstrations, and professional development opportunities, but the comradery you have come to expect and enjoy at a NACE conference will be taken to a whole new level.

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NACE Annual Awards- Update from Greg Parker (Committee Chair) 
From the desk of: Greg S. Parker, PE, Johnson County Engineer, Iowa City, Iowa.

Greetings to all NACE Members. As your Awards Committee Chair, I wanted to give you an update of our committee activities since Wisconsin Dells as I sit on the Ft. Lauderdale Beach watching the rolling waves hit the end of the sand beach preparing for my families New Year's Eve Event. It is a stunning view...OK, back to work!!!

First off, I want to thank the NACE Executive Director for making a great choice in hiring Staci Morgan, Conference and Membership Manager. Staci was instrumental in assisting the Awards Committee in putting together the new way we will be accepting the Urban & Rural County Engineer of the Year Award. Staci took time out of her busy schedule to attend our tele-conference meetings held over the past 8 months.

Secondly, I want to thank our 2018 Awards Committee Members:  Robert Berndt, TX, John Mark Davis, AL, Clifford Frye, IL, Letticia Neal, WA, Rod Meredith, CO and Chris Traini, ON for; 1) the time they spent making the call-ins, 2) giving input into what we think will streamline the awards submittal process and 3) test driving the new process to make sure it is user friendly.

As promised at the Dells our committee has been working very hard on trying to streamline the submittal process so it is easier for applicants to submit. The Awards Committee goal was to streamline the process for the applicant and the reviewer. We think that goal has been accomplished.

Again, the only changes we have made are for the Rural & Urban County Engineer of the Year Application/Award. We will consider the other applications/awards at a future date, or not.

We hope to see many competitive applications, please follow the link below:

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NACE Delegate Registration is now open!

Join 400+ of your fellow county engineers, directors, and administrators to learn about best practices and innovation changes in local roads. Attend NACE 2019 to stay ahead of the game!  Click here to see the full delegate brochure!
Register online today!

The 2019 Delegate Brochure is now available online!

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What's New in Washington
President signs five-year farm bill reauthorization containing several key wins for counties

U.S. Department of Transportation awards $1.5 billion in BUILD grant funding

Chao touts TIFIA loans for financing rural infrastructure needs

Your Voice in Washington: 2018 Year in Review

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Factbox: Departments hit by partial U.S. government shutdown

Environmental Review Toolkit
Screening for Case Studies  
The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) is working on developing a guidance document for practitioners called "Speed Management Noteworthy Practices". The objective is to identify, document, and promote noteworthy speed management practices carried out by state and local public transportation agencies in the United States. This is expected to cover all aspects of speed management, including engineering, enforcement, and education.
ITE is asking for your help in identifying these noteworthy practices in the following areas:
*     Agency Practice: Do you have a speed management practice that has been helpful, well received, or highly effective within your community? (i.e. working with your law enforcement community,  developers, and planners or getting funding). Do you have an agency practice for collecting/using crash and speed data?
*    Policy: Speed management policies might include procedures for setting speeds, the designation of speed limits through special zones like schools or work zones, policies on how speeding issues are addressed within the community, or special markings/signage, as well as strategies for new developments.
*    Speed Limits: Share with us how your agency sets speed limits and if you feel this approach is noteworthy in terms of the method used, effectiveness, acceptance, and ease of enforcement.
*    Countermeasures: What are your noteworthy speed management practices in terms of how you identify the need for, and select the types of, countermeasures used to manage speeds?
*    Outreach: Does your agency do speed management public information or educational outreach? (i.e. engaging stakeholders from law enforcement to engineering, schools, and the public)
*    Other: Different noteworthy speed management practice not noted above?
If you are aware of any specific noteworthy practices within the above categories or have contact persons that ITE could follow up with directly, please provide contact information to Niloo Parvinashtiani at no later than January 25, 2019. Please include a subject header "Speed Management Noteworthy Practices"

NACE Activities Update- Member Services Committee    

The current mandate of the Member Services Committee is to develop a 'County Engineer 101' educational program that would help prepare and educate new and potential County Engineers for their careers in the public sector.  There are a range of activities and skills that are unique to the position that are not usually part of the technical curriculum at school.  A survey was circulated late in 2018 looking for input from our NACE membership about what the most important topics should be included in this program (and a hearty thank you to all those that took the time to respond!).  The committee will be discussing the results of the survey in the near future and will be using this data to move forward with a clear focus on what areas should be developed for the educational program.

Member Services Committee Chair
Chris Traini, P.Eng.
County Engineer
County of Middlesex
(519) 434-7321 ext. 2264

NACE State Affiliate Update    

We had a good year in South Dakota. Weather has been good for the most part, a little too much precipitation last summer in the southeast part of the state but otherwise a relatively normal summer.  We had the normal meetings last year with the Highway Superintendent's Short Course in March, Asphalt Conference and theNACE Conference in April, Summer Meeting in June, County Convention in September and the Road Conference in October.  The Bridge Improvement Grant program is still a work in progress but we are adjusting to the rules. We are looking for more of the same in 2019. Last year we had about 24 individuals attending the NACE Conference and we are hoping for just as many this year. The NACE Conference is definitely one of the highlights for the SDACHS every year.

Merl Hanson
South Dakota

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