National Association of County Engineers   ~ July 2019
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Update from NACE President Tim Hens  

Happy 4th of July! By now I expect everyone is in full construction mode. Hopefully, you and your staff still get some time off during construction season to enjoy time vacationing on the beach, camping, hiking, grilling outdoors or just relaxing with friends or family. In my department, the week of July 4th is always a very slow week. Our crews work 10-hour days Monday through Thursday and they got 10-hours of vacation leave for the holiday, so it was enticing for many to take the entire week off and get extended time away.  

Last month I highlighted travel to Wisconsin with our friends at WCHA. At the end of June I was also able to head way out west to attend the Washington State Association of County Engineers (WSACE) for their Annual Conference. The conference was held at the beautiful Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine, WA.  I'm not sure you can get any farther northwest in the continental United States. Although I did learn that there is a little sliver of Washington called Point Roberts attached to Canada that can only be accessed by traveling through Canada. Maybe they are the farthest northwest? Anyhow, imagine having to drive your crews and equipment across the border, then overland for almost an hour, then back across the border only to plow or to perform road maintenance? NACE Executive Director Kevan Stone and I had enough of an adventure getting to and from Vancouver Airport. I was severely delayed on the way in and we got "detained" by the Canadian Border Patrol on the way back. I guess a County Engineer traveling with a former Congressional Staffer turned Executive Director looked suspicious! After finding only golf clubs and dirty clothes in the car, they sent us on our way.

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NACE Member County Update    
NACE welcomes all members to submit press releases or other newsworthy items for the publication in NACE News and/or social media. The following story is from Thurston County (WA).   
In April 2019, Thurston County Engineer Steve Johnson (Washington) coordinated an award-winning Fish Passage Enhancement Program. The key objective of the Fish Passage Enhancement Program was to aid in habitation of areas that have been occupied by fish-blocking culverts for decades. The culverts were removed at five sites, and prefabricated structures were implemented as replacements. Coordinators used a matrix that effectively maximized the gross amount of habitat recovered by the project. The undertaking successfully opened more than 7 miles of fish habitat.

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NACE Corporate Partner Update

NACE welcomes all Corporate Partners to submit press releases or other newsworthy items for the Corporate Member Spotlight. Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance is a NACE Gold Corporate Member. They provided the following press release for the NACE News. 
Testing and modeling results revealed for Cannelville Road Bridge in Ohio

WASHINGTON D.C., July 2, 2019 - The Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance (SSSBA) has added a new research report to its series on the development and experimental testing of an innovative bridge system. The new report, "Volume VI: Field Performance and Rating Evaluation of a Modular Press-Brake-Formed Steel Tub Girder With a Steel Sandwich Plate Deck," is available for free download at

Read the full press release here.
What's New in Washington
EPA & Army Corps requests comments on potential changes to compensatory mitigation regulations

House Appropriations Committee Advances Interior-EPA Spending Bill

Mulvaney Says Infrastructure Dead but Trump and Pelosi can work together

Trump can still score an infrastructure win

State Transportation Funding Boosts Can't Replace Federal Dollars, Road Builders Say

Big-Bang Solutions Won't Fix U.S. Infrastructure
Event Invitation for NACE Members  
NACE welcomes our members to submit event notices for our members. The following  invitation was provided to NACE by The Short Span Steel Alliance.
Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance and Bridge Task Force Meeting Invitation for NACE Structures Committee and NACE Members

The Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance (SSSBA) has been a NACE partner for several years, and exhibits, sponsors and shares presentations at the NACE annual meeting each year.  The SSSBA provides educational information on the design and construction of short span steel bridges in installations up to 140 feet in length.  The SSSBA has two meetings each year and would like to invite county engineers to participate in the meetings.  We've been fortunate to have the NACE Structures Committee Chairman and select county engineers participate in meetings, and hope to have additional county engineers attend in the future.  We are always looking for project reports, case studies, challenges, success stories, etc. to include on our agenda and discuss as a group.  We typically have about 30 SSSBA members attend these meetings.  This includes steel producers, service centers, fabricators, galvanizers, fasteners, academia, National Steel Bridge Alliance representatives and more.  Please consider attending our upcoming meeting on July 30 in Philadelphia.  We may even be able to help with travel costs.  Please contact Rich Tavoletti, Director of the SSSBA, via email ( or phone (202-452-7181).

Immediately following the SSSBA meeting, the Steel Bridge Task Force (BTF) will also meet in Philadelphia from July 31 - Aug. 2, so there is an opportunity to attend the SSSBA meeting and the Bridge Task Force Meeting.  Here's some background information on the BTF:
The Steel Bridge Task Force (BTF) was formed in the 1970's to:
*    Coordinate research that promotes safe, cost-effective steel bridges.
*    Provide a forum to discuss steel bridge design issues, provide program/research updates, and present justifications for possible revisions to the AASHTO design codes.
*    Assist in the implementation of these developments into steel bridge design and construction codes, specifically the AASHTO codes (in conjunction with the AASHTO Technical Committee for Structural Steel Design T-14).
*    Provide an opportunity to network with many of the nation's leading bridge design experts.

Again, please contact Rich Tavoletti, Director of the SSSBA, via email ( or phone (202-452-7181), if you are interested in the SSSBA meeting, the Bridge Task Force Meeting, or both.

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