5/15/2020 - Phoenix, AZ - NACL has hosted yet another tournament, this time taking it to the next level by involving players from 7 different countries across the world and some exciting names such as NFL Wide Receiver Braxton Miller, Notre Dame Basketball Player Rex Pflueger, and more.

Players competed from USA, Canada, Guatemala, Brunei, Malaysia, and Singapore on May 2, 2020 for a $200 cash prize. This exciting 4 round event took off with two games being played on NA West servers and two games being played on Asia servers. Right off the bat the games were very close. Patrick Luttman (Gonofam) & Yokixz pulled off a crazy kill right at the beginning of game 1 to start off the tournament. Players were landing all over the map attempting to loot a weapon before their opponents.  

Game 1 and 2 were the most competitive games with the top 5 teams only six points from each other. “The Choke”(Brunei) was currently in first place followed by TheSquirrley1 & xCuwwyTTV (USA), “Press F” (Brunei), visualz & crazohz classic (USA), and Ez Hermes & Ez Flyde (Guatemala). While these teams were in the top 5 after game 2, we also saw the rise of some players who had an unfortunate game 1. MercAnthony & King_Kryptix (USA) finished their first game in 22nd, moving up to the 12th spot just after game 2.

In game three, the action got really intense when Rex Pflueger and his duo jumped on another team and killed them. This game also saw Ez Hermes & Ez Flyde go from 5th to first. Not only this, but they now had a solid 11 point lead over the 2nd place team, increasing their points from game 2 to 3 by 25 points! While “The Choke” bumped down to 3rd place with 33 points and TheSquirrley1 & xCuwwyTTV, originally in second, bumped all the way down to 5th with 27 points. This allowed “Press F” to move up to 2nd with a 10 point increase, while visualz & crazohz stayed in 4th.

Due to their massive lead following game 3, Ez Hermes & Ez Flyde were able to secure a first place finish for the tournament after game 4. The final game came right down to the end as TheSquirrley1 & xCuwwyTTV moved from 5th to second in just one round. Lasting all the way until the end so they could bump up their place as much as possible. “The Choke” held their 3rd place spot as they finished with 42 points, only 2 points behind TheSquirrley1 & xCuwwyTTV. Behind them, in fourth place, finished “Press F” with 38 points. Finally in 5th place, we saw a new duo emerge as och0rr & CallherMara (USA) slid their way up from 6th in game 3.

This tournament was a great way to bring people together due to the current pandemic and stay at home orders. No matter where you are in the world you can always connect to friends through video games. NACL is happy to be able to provide opportunities like this for players all over the globe to come together.
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