Diddy and Dankline take home the first NACL Fortnite Grand Prize
Phoenix, AZ — January 14, 2020 -- The NACL kick-started the new year by hosting the most popular game of 2019--Fortnite--in an open, free-for-all tournament.
With $1,000 in cash and 4 premium E-WIN Gaming Chairs made available by the North American Collegiate League (NACL), the Fortnite community flocked to the free-to-enter tournament. These teams did not disappoint. Tournament gameplay was fast and furious right out of the gates. Savage match after savage match, buildings were constructed at a blistering pace and kills were being handed out like holiday candy by 17 of the most competitive Fortnite duos in the country and beyond. Duos competed continuously, round after round, to place high, eliminate many, and accumulate as many points as they could.

Out of all 17 duos, in a blisteringly fast paced and hyper competitive 8 matches, Diddy + Dankline took home the trophy--with Och0 + FatLikeCheese and Swvvy + Visualz rounding out the top 3 duos in NACL's first ever Fortnite tournament.

Diddy + Dankline and Och0 + FatLikeCheese came fast out the gates, placing 2nd and 1st respectively in the first match--but Diddy + Dankline's extra kills tied them with Och0 + FatLikeCheese. Diddy + Dankline put on a complete showing after this though, placing 1st in the next two rounds while also racking up more eliminations than any other duo.

It looked like Och0 + FatLikeCheese had a good shot to take back the lead in Match 5, when they took 1st while Diddy + Dankline "only" finished in 9th. This thought was devastated in Match 6 though, when Diddy + Dankline finished in 1st and racked up 9 eliminations in the process--earning them 19 points and catapulting them far into the lead.

The fight for 3rd place was tight till the end--at first only seeming to be between Kuhleeb + Davion YTFrostENT and ICE_Evan and SleepSZN as they bounce back and forth with volatile results--Either picking up a top 3 finish or placing in the bottom half of competitors.

But later on, Swvvy + Visualz quietly snuck into the competition for top 3, with no shiny 1st places--just consistently picking up kills and placing in the top 5 in all of the 2nd half of the tournament. They eventually go on to edge out Kuhleeb + Davion YTFrostENT by 5 points, despite their flashy performances in the middle of the tournament. Goes to show how far consistency can go for a team.

NACL's next event will be a Collegiate CS:GO tournament on February 1-2 2020, hosted once again in partnership with the NACCS, with a special invite to the Power Pugs series for the winning team. Signup today at!

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