VCU takes home the title of NACL x NACCS CSGO Tournament Champions.
Phoenix, AZ — October 14, 2019 -- Fresh off the success of theirs first online tournament the team over at NACL is already back at it again with her first ever CSGO tournament co-hosted with North American Collegiate Counter-Strike (NACCS) on FACEIT’s superior platform.
The collaboration with NACCS resulting in more diverse gameplay allowing NACL to
provide fans with more thrilling viewer experiences. The forming of NACL plays an important role in the future of amateur collegiate esports and displays an ambition to provide these players a pathway to future success in esports on a global scale.
With $2,250 in cash scholarship made available by the North American Collegiate League (NACL), the collegiate counter-strike community was sure to be all systems go. These teams did not disappoint. Tournament gameplay was fast and furious right out of the gates. Savage match after savage match, multi-level kills were being handed out like Halloween candies by 26 of the deadliest CSGO teams in the country and even beyond. Collegiate teams competed to win round after round to win the match and keep moving on to victory.

Students from the University of Texas, the Matthew McConaughey Fan Club, came at a close second place losing to VCU in the end. They had quite the journey to 2 nd place, overcoming close calls on the way.

Lastly, RIT Orange, although losing to VCU, rallied their troops in a 3-game series against students from the University of San Diego, the UCSD Tritons to take home 3 rd place. The Tritons took an early 1-0 lead by winning an overtime game, but then failed to take advantage, dropping both of their last 2 games.

As you may wonder, the NACL’s next events are the Overwatch tournament on
October 26th-27th 2019, and the DOTA2 tournament on December 14th-15th. Not only does each tournament have scholarship prizes up to grabs, but the DOTA2 tournament holds a surprise reward provided by one of NACL’s partners given to the 1 st place winner. Follow @play.nacl on Instagram and @PLAYNACL on Twitter to be updated on any NACL news and keep an eye out on what the mystery reward could be.
Watch all replays of the NACL x NACCS Collegiate CSGO tournaments on our Twitch ( ) or Youtube. 

NACL- North American Collegiate League
The North American Collegiate League (NACL) is an America-based non-profit Esports and entertainment organization that hosts and streams video game tournaments and league play for collegiate Esports competitors with scholarship prizes. This serves the purpose of fostering a communal relationship between established players, those who are looking to enter the scene, and even those who do not entirely know what the Esports industry has to offer them.

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