From May 15-30, 2017 we will be offering  Walking with Adèle and  Walking with William Joseph Chaminade as a 2-for-1 bundle price of $8.50 (normally $8.50 each). These books supply inspirational words to ponder as the summer sun lures us outside to take walks and enjoy nature.   

Marie-Joëlle Bec, FMI

Introduced by an excerpt from one of Adèle's letters and closed with a prayer summarizing Adèle's thoughts on a subject, each chapter in this little book invites the reader to see the subject with Adèle's heart and spirit. Each chapter offers, in flowing narrative, excerpts from Adèle's letters encouraging a deepening in the chosen virtue, devotion or attitude deemed important to her. Click here to read more.

Roger Bichelberger

This daily devotional helps the reader gain a deeper understanding into one's own faith through the inspirational words of Blessed William Chaminade. Each short chapter discusses Chaminade's thought while gently nudging readers to explore their own hearts and strengthen their relationship with Mary, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Click here                            to read more.

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How does this contest work?  
Answer the question below with any creative, insightful, interesting, or funny thoughts you have regarding the writing prompt and submit them to  by 
June 1. Our panel of judges will pick a winner from each age category. We will also share some of the entries on our website and on our Facebook page.
What is the writing prompt?  
What do you do to rejuvenate your Marianist Spirit?
Where would one (or all) of the Founders go on vacation?
Who should enter?  
EVERYONE! We really mean it; if you have any ideas about either of the questions above, we encourage you to enter.
Why you should enter?  
The prize is a Marianist book that you can keep for yourself or share with others.'s fun!
What if you win?  
Winners over  15 years old will receive  a copy of God Alone   which will hopefully help you rejuvenate your spirit. 

Winners  under 15 years old  will receive a copy of Chaminade's Comic Book, the story of the founding of the Marianists in a kid-friendly format .
In this circular, Franca Zonta, FMI Superior General, reflects on the unflinching faith of 
Adèle and Chaminade as they worked together to establish the first foundation of the Daughters of Mary. She then gently nudges us to follow their example as the Marianist Family continues into the 21st century. " Let us meet frequently in the Upper Room with Mary to invoke an abundant outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all the Congregation."

Paul Landofi, SM, writes: " We may know certain incidents of [Blessed Chaminade's] life, recall key quotations, but we still need to discover who he is as a person. To do this we must stand reverently before him, listen to him in his context, and allow him to reveal himself. It is a task that never ends, for we never fully can grasp a human being. We can only be in awe before the other. Only in this way will we discover the character of the Founder."

This article is adapted from a presentation delivered on January 24, 2000, as part of the Lin Lecture series at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas. This article appeared in Marianist Soundings, vol. 5, no. 1.

Thank you for reading.

The NACMS' Staff

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