Commemorating the Feast Day of Jakob Gapp, August 13

Born in 1897, Jakob Gapp professed first vows in the Society of Mary in 1921. Faithful to the teachings of the Church, he proclaimed the incompatibility of the principles of National Socialism with Christianity, and beginning in 1938 was persecuted. He was arrested in 1942 and brought to Berlin. During the interrogation, he remained unshaken in his defense of the Church and the faith. He was beheaded on Aug. 13, 1943. His remains were never released for burial because the Nazis feared that he might be honored as a martyr. He was beatified by Pope John Paul II on Nov. 24, 1996.

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The Marianist Family has been enriched by the recent beatifications of several of its brothers. During these exciting times, we would do well to pause and sort out what all this "blessed" business really means. In particular, how do we continue to tell the stories of our blesseds and to keep their Christian witness alive in our hearts, conscious in our minds, and active in our ministries? I suggest the answer lies in developing and implementing strong identification points. (Author: Dan Jordan)

The Tablet has reported on many despots and regimes but few have matched the Nazis for their ruthlessness in dealing with their opponents. For one reader of this publication, it was the journal itself that was seen as evidence of his stand against Hitler-a stand that led to his death. (Author: Christa Pongratz-Lippett)

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Josef Levitt, SM

The story of Jakob Gapp is a compelling real-life drama of a flawed man's discovery of the Gospel and the journey where it led him. His prophetic opposition to Nazi Socialism, which led to his martyrdom, serves as a clarion call for us to evaluate our own time and to oppose oppression. While we today might not take such radical steps, Blessed Gapp's life is a witness that we must follow the Gospel and not the trendy politics of the day.

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