Texts, tweets, emails, the 24-hour news cycle, instantaneous access to non-stop information, entertainment, and distraction--carried around with us 24/7 in the palms of our hands. We complain about this reality even while being willingly consumed by it.
People are hungry for a reconciliation of the need for silence and the draw of constant connection. Many today are turning to meditation and mindfulness training. Marianists have a ready response within the System of Virtues--the Five Silences.

But how do we take this ahead-of-its-time wisdom of Father Chaminade and make it accessible in the 21 st century? You can help provide an answer.

NACMS is pleased to introduce an exciting opportunity for exploration and scholarship, for study and sharing, for deep personal learning that can benefit the entire Marianist Family which we are calling MSP 2.0.

Why MSP 2.0?
In the 1970s, the Marianist Studies Program brought together lay and religious Marianists for summers of study in a community context. NACMS has developed a 21 st century update, MSP 2.0, which includes several of the key elements of the original Marianist Studies Program in a format more compatible with today's lifestyles.

What is MSP 2.0?
As a participant in MSP 2.0 you will engage in a year-long program of inquiry both as an individual and within a community of scholars.The topic for this year is The Five Silences: Marianist Mindfulness for the 21st Century. Background reading, video, and conversation will help prepare you for monthly virtual meetings where you will interact with experts and share your developing ideas. As you begin to focus on a particular aspect of the topic NACMS personnel will guide you to appropriate resources. A centerpiece of the program is a week at NACMS where you will finalize your research in our extensive library while continuing to build community with your colleagues. You will then have about six weeks to synthesize your learning into a final product, print or other media, to be published by NACMS.

This sounds serious. How much time is required?
It is serious. We are interested in developing an ever-widening circle of scholarship in Marianist Studies and in high quality, publishable products. That takes time. We have designed the program with an expected time commitment of approximately 10 hours per month, including the virtual meetings, plus the week of in-person time at NACMS planned for June 2018.
I'm interested, but I'm not a scholar. Could I be a candidate for MSP 2.0?
You do not need to be a scholar, but you do need to be willing to engage in serious study under the guidance of NACMS personnel. You should have a basic knowledge of things Marianist (e.g. the Marianist Founders, the Marianist charism). A basic knowledge of the System of Virtues would be helpful, but can be supplemented by the provided materials. Primary requirements are a desire to learn and the ability to participate fully in the program.

What does it cost?
The cost of the program is $250. This includes transportation, food, and lodging for the week at NACMS, access to NACMS personnel throughout the program, and all materials, including shipping. The materials alone represent an over $250 value. Financial aid is available.

How can I find out more about MSP 2.0?
Click here for more information, a tentative schedule, and an application form. The deadline for applications is August 1, 2017.

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