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February 9, 2018 | | NACO E-Line Archive
NACO Board of Directors Adopt
A Transition Plan
A change in executive leadership is inevitable for all organizations and can be a very challenging time. The NACO Board of Directors has approved the initial workings of such a plan that will prepare NACO for an eventual change in leadership to ensure the stability and accountability of NACO.
The NACO Board of Directors will be responsible for implementing this plan and its related procedures. It is the responsibility of the Board to assess the long-term leadership needs of the organization to help ensure the selection of a qualified and capable leader who is a good fit for NACO’s mission, vision, values, goals and objectives, and who has the necessary skills to lead and manage the organization.
To ensure NACO’s operations will continue and provide a gradual transition to new leadership, the NACO Board will begin the process of recruiting and hiring a Deputy Director. The hiring of a deputy director shall ensure that NACO provides an opportunity for education and transition of responsibilities to operate with minimal disruption and that all organizational commitments are adequately executed.
This plan will guide NACO through the transition of a planned diminishing role of the current Executive Director. The purpose of the transition plan is to ensure continuous coverage of executive duties, critical to the ongoing operations and organization’s sustainability, and for when the current Executive Director plans a future retirement or departure date. The objective for this process is to share the expertise of the departing Executive Director with the potential successor while simultaneously preparing the organization. Ideally, the departing Executive Director’s input, along with involvement from the NACO Board will make this an effective plan to ensure continuity in external relationships and with staff, while promoting an environment of operational effectiveness under new leadership.
The timeline for this process will be continually monitored by the NACO Board as the timelines in the plan are met.
If you know of someone who may be interested in applying for this position, NACO will begin accepting applications this spring. More information on the application acceptance and process will be forthcoming soon.
2018 Institute of Excellence
2018 NACO Institute of Excellence Begins Soon – Enroll Today!

The February 20 deadline for registration will soon be here!

Much of the time serving as an elected official and leading county government is typical of a managerial position in the business world. Officials make decisions and manage the work to best serve their constituencies. Every so often, though, issues pop up that test the abilities of even the most seasoned officials. Quickly the role of being a manager shifts to the role of being a leader. To switch roles effectively one has to understand the difference in skills and qualities required.

The NACO Institute of Excellence is a yearlong professional development program for county officials. Enrollment is now open for the 2018 Institute beginning in March. Several areas of personal leadership development will be presented including one’s:
·        Personality preferences and leadership behaviors
·        Leadership mission
·        Active listening skills
Further into the year participants will learn skills for
·        Managing conflicts
·        Leading meetings
·        Corresponding with legislators
Topics about influencing others and innovative thinking will move officials to lead at a higher level.

To learn more about registration , class schedules and locations to attend, click on these highlights.
Counties Filing Suits With Opioid Overdoses Rising
W ith Opioid Overdoses on the Rise, Cities and Counties File Suits
In March, the National Association of Counties (NACo) will hold a session about the current opioid crisis and updates on opioid related litigation. In 2017, several states and over 100 counties filed lawsuits against manufacturers and distributors of opioids to recover the costs they have borne in prevention efforts, treatment and services as well as jailing residents addicted to prescription painkillers and heroin. Specifically, representatives from Florida, New York, North Carolina and Wisconsin will provide updates on opioids litigation in their states. 

To read more about the over 100 counties nationally that have filed suits, click here .
Waters of the US Rule Changes
The Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of the Army (the agencies) finalized a rule adding an applicability date to the 2015 Rule defining “waters of the United States.” The final rule published in the Federal Register on February 6, 2018. The 2015 Rule will not be applicable until February 6, 2020. This amendment gives the agencies the time needed to reconsider the definition of “waters of the United States.”

Further information can be found by clicking here .
US Supreme Court Midterm Review
U.S. Supreme Court Midterm Review for Local Governments 2018
The Supreme Court has stopped accepting cases for this term. Any case it accepts for about the next year will be decided next term (beginning around October 1, 2018 and ending around June 30, 2019).
The above article is authored by Lisa Soronen, State and Local Legal Center, Washington D.C. The State and Local Legal Center (SLLC) files Supreme Court amicus curiae briefs on behalf of the Big Seven national organizations representing state and local governments. As a member of the International Municipal Lawyers Association (IMLA), NACO receives a wealth of information from the State Local Legal Center, including this recent article by Executive Director Lisa Sorenen.
2018 NACO Scholarships Available
Nebraska high school seniors who are the children, stepchildren, or under the legal guardianship of county officials or employees are encouraged to apply for one of twelve $1,000.00 NACO scholarships. In addition to the twelve NACO scholarships, a special award, the Ronda Dix Memorial Scholarship, may be awarded to an applicant planning a career in nursing, physical therapy, or another medical field. Additional information and the application form can be found on the front page of the NACO website. The scholarship application deadline is March 1, 2018. To access the application from this article, click here .
Safe Driver Training Available
Mark Segerstrom, Road Safety Project Manager of the Nebraska Safety Council is offering a free one hour evidence-based PowerPoint presentation covering issues like seat belt and cell phone usage and distracted and defensive driving, pre-trip inspection, roundabouts, and seasonal winter driving. His intent is to remind employees of the dangers on the road and encourage them to be mindful of their driving environment. The more employees that attend the better although due to limited funds, he does need to stay on the eastern side of the state.

If you are interested, he is also available to meet with and talk to administrators about the implementation of a safe driver program or updating a current program. He can provide or share tool kits, policies and pledges from national organizations like NHTSA, FMCSA, DOT, OSHA and the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS).

To view his introduction and informative flyers, please click here .
Grants Training Available
Omaha Police Department and Grant Writing USA will present a two-day grants workshop in Omaha, March 1-2, 2018. This training is for grant seekers across all disciplines. Attend this class and you'll learn how to find grants and write winning grant proposals.

To read more about the training, click here .
2018 Justice Reinvestment Grants
The Crime Commission would like to announce the Application for the County Justice Reinvestment Grant Funds is now available on the Crime Commission website, under the Grant Announcements tab, located here . Included with the application are instructions, the statute that creates and governs the program, and the rules and regulations (Title 74, Chapter 1) that govern the administration of the program for your review and assistance.
The application is due by Friday, March 9th, by no later than 5 pm.
If you have any questions regarding the application or any of the materials included, please contact Laurie Holman. She can be reached at , or by phone at 402-471-2259.
Legal Line
Supreme Court to Decide Billon Dollar Sales Tax Case

In November 2017 a Government Accountability Office report estimated that states and local governments could “gain from about $8 billion to about $13 billion in 2017 if states were given authority to require sales tax collection from all remote sellers.”

In January 2018 the Supreme Court agreed to decide South Dakota v. Wayfair . In this case South Dakota is asking the Supreme Court to rule that states and local governments may require retailers with no in-state physical presence to collect sales tax. 
This case is huge news for states and local governments. This article describes how we got here and why it is likely South Dakota will win.    

Editor's Note: Legal Line is a feature that will periodically appear in NACO E-Line. Legal Line is not intended to serve as legal advice. Rather, it is published to alert readers to court decisions and legal or advisory matters important to county government. For a specific opinion on how the information contained in this article or that which will be discussed in future issues relates to your county, consult your county attorney or personal counsel.
MIPS Bytes
Types of Digital Storage

When you think of storage, you might think of plastic totes or boxes in a dark closet or attic. But in reality, most storage in this day and age is digital, and there are many types. While each type of storage can store digital information, not all storage types are created equal. There are too many types of storage to cover in depth, but here is a quick explanation of a few of the most popular types.

To read more about digital storage types, click here .
County Government Day PowerPoint
The PowerPoint presentation is available electronically at no charge (sent via e-mail) for use by counties during their annual County Government Day. The PowerPoint provides a comprehensive look at county government functions in the State of Nebraska and can be customized by each county. CD's are also available for $10.00 each to cover processing, shipping and handling. To request the County Government Day PowerPoint electronically, please e-mail your request to .

The CD order form is available here .
2017 County Board Handbook and Revisions
Newly Revised -- 2017 County Board Handbook and Related Revisions are Now Available

The cost for a current handbook, including legislative information from the 2017 session, is $80.00/book plus $18.00 shipping and handling per book. The 2017 Supplement to the County Board Handbook is available for $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. The order form is available on the NACO website or by clicking here .

If you are interested in purchasing a complete handbook or a supplement please contact Deb Eberly or call her at (402) 434-5660 ext. 232.
News from NACo
NACo Webinars
SLLC Midterm Review
Mar. 15, 2018
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm CDT
Contact; Lisa Soronen

States and local governments anxiously await the Supreme Court’s decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair. In this case the Court may allow states and local governments to require retailers with no in-state physical presence to collect sales tax. Since last fall the Court has also agreed to rule on the third travel ban, another partisan gerrymandering case, and a number of First Amendment free speech cases. And the Court has already decided two cases where the District of Columbia was a party. Discuss these and other cases of interest to states and local governments with Loren L. AliKhan, Acting Solicitor General of the District of Columbia, who argued one of the cases involving D.C., Charles Rothfeld, Mayer Brown, who wrote the SLLC amicus brief in one of the free speech cases, and Kenneth Jost, author of Supreme Court Yearbook and Jost on Justice.
Nebraska Weed Control Association
Annual Conference
February 12-14, 2018
Divots Conference Center
Norfolk, NE
February 13, 2018

University of Nebraska at Kearney
Student Union
Ponderosa Room
9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
NACO District Meetings

Central District
Opera House, Minden, NE
March 15, 2018

Northeast District
Lifelong Learning Center, Norfolk, NE
March 16, 2018

Panhandle District
Prairie Winds Community Center, Bridgeport, NE
March 28, 2018

West Central District
Sandhills Convention Center, Quality Inn & Suites, North Platte, NE
March 29, 2018

Southeast District
Career Academy, 8800 O Street, Lincoln, NE
March 30, 2018
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