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convnLegislature Convened on January 4, 2017
The 105th Legislature, First Session convened on Wednesday for a "long" 90-day session. Senators began bill introductions on the second day and will continue to introduce bills during the first ten days of the session. By the end of the third day, 135 bills and one constitutional amendment had been introduced. Bills that were not passed or killed in 2016 did not carry over and bill numbers began again this year with LB1.
Seventeen new senators joined the body. A Iist of senators and their contact information is here.
Senator Jim Scheer of Norfolk was elected Speaker. New committee chairs and other leadership positions were also elected. A complete list of committee chairs and members is available here.
Committee hearings on all introduced bills will begin mid-January. After hearings conclude in late March, the body will begin full days of debate. If a committee advances a bill to the full legislature, it is subject to three rounds of debate -- General File, Select File, and Final Reading -- before passage. Bills that pass will be sent to Governor Ricketts for a signature or veto. Adjournment is tentatively scheduled for June 2.
The Legislature's website contains information pertinent to legislative activities: daily and session calendars, text of bills and amendments, daily agendas, hearing schedules, senator contact information, transcripts of debate, state laws, and more. Live video streaming of floor debate and committee hearings is provided by Nebraska Educational Television (NET). It is also available as live mobile app.

commNACO's Legislative Committee Meeting Set for January 27
NACO's Legislative Committee will meet on Friday, January 27 to review and take positions on 2017 legislation. The meeting will begin at 9:30 a.m. at the NACO office at 1335 H Street in Lincoln.
After brief introductory remarks, affiliate groups will meet for discussion of bills pertinent to their membership. After the groups have met, the NACO Legislative Committee will reconvene as a whole to review and take positions on the entire list of bills. All county officials are encouraged to attend or discuss areas of concern with their NACO Board representative prior to the meeting.The NACO Board makes up the NACO Legislative Committee.  
Because lunch will be provided, please notify the NACO office at (402)434-5660 or if you plan to attend. Because the Legislature is in session, parking around the Capitol may be limited. Public parking is not available behind the NACO office or in the MIPS lot. A parking garage is available at The Cornhusker, A Marriott Hotel at 12th and L Streets.
snapSnapshots of County Issues
A number of bills introduced this week could have an impact on counties. Some of these include:
County Operations
  • LB43 (Hilkemann) Change provisions relating to surcharges for 911 service
  • LB68 (Hilgers) Prohibit certain regulation of firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories by counties, cities, and villages as prescribed
  • LB72 (Schumacher) Provide for governmental unit bond priority under the Nebraska Governmental  Unit Security Interest Act and rename the act
  • LB89 (Hughes) Change published notice of hearing requirements under the Nebraska Budget Act as prescribed
  • LB127 (Groene) Change notice requirements under Open Meetings Act
Property Tax/Valuation
  • LB12 (Krist) Change homestead exemption requirements relating to income statements and certifications of status
  • LB20 (Kolterman) Change provisions relating to homestead exemption certifications
  • LB51 (Schumacher) Change provisions relating to sales of real property for nonpayment of taxes
  • LB75 (Wayne) Provide for restoration of voting rights upon completion of a felony sentence or probation for a felony
  • LB76 (Wayne) Require notice for Secretary of State regarding completion of felony sentence for purposes of voting rights
  • LB111 (Hansen) Provide for nonpartisan election of county officers
  • LB112 (Hansen) Permit provisional voting for voters moving within Nebraska without reregistering to vote
  • LR1CA (Murante) Constitutional amendment to require voter identification
Corrections/Courts/Law Enforcement
  • LB7 (Krist) Provide for suspension of medical assistance under the medical assistance program for detainees in public institutions
  • LB8 (Krist) Provide for graduated response sanctions and incentives relating to juvenile probation
  • LB47 (Watermeier) Change provisions relating to the payment of fees and costs associated with grand juries and the deaths of incarcerated persons
  • LB53 (Schumacher) Change provisions relating to mandatory minimum sentencing and sentencing of habitual criminals
  • LB100 (Stinner) Change provisions relating to removal of firearm-related disabilities under the Nebraska Mental Health Commitment Act
  • LB38 (Harr) Authorize electronic or digital signatures for instruments submitted to register of deeds
  • LB53 (Schumacher) Change a duty of landowners relating to the frequency of mowing roadside weeds
  • LB78 (Crawford) Change provisions relating to relinquishment or abandonment of any portion of a state highway system
  • LB86 (Blood) Eliminate a requirement regarding opening bridge bids
Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
  • LB95 (Crawford) Change provisions relating to the Community Development Law and tax-increment financing
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