President's Message - March 2021
March 2021 President’s Message

Greetings Colleagues,
The main focus of this month’s message is to remind all NACS members of the upcoming annual meeting being held virtually on April 14th at 9:00 AM (Pacific Time). Contained in this newsletter is the agenda, annual officer reports, and instructions to join and attend the meeting. With the current COVID restrictions, we are hopeful the virtual platform will provide the membership more opportunities to participate.

Continuing, I would like to share that I have just completed participating in the annual NACo Legislative Conference held March 8 thru 26. All meetings were held virtually. I attended my member committee meetings, the NACo Board meeting, and the general business sessions. The NACo Board adopted 27 new interim resolutions which will continue to be part of NACo’s lobby efforts through the annual meeting which will be held July 9-12. Our already existing PLSS Resolution remains part of the NACo lobby efforts. The general sessions included speakers such as President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and many Cabinet Members, Senators, and Representatives from various states. You may access the conference meetings, sessions, and resolutions through NACo’s website at Speaking of the July NACo Annual Conference, the NACo Board approved a hybrid approach of choice to attend the conference. Approved was the choice between attending virtually and/or in-person. Additionally, the conference has been relocated from Austin, Texas to Prince Georges County, MD. This relocation was necessary due to the Austin conference facility being designated as one of the major vaccine distribution centers in the area. Additionally, the Maryland location will allow economic and efficient access for NACo staff from their DC headquarters.

As I have now attended a number of virtual conferences, I observe that attendance seems to be by-in-large, the committee/board members and anyone tied to presentations or resolutions. While NACo does an excellent job of conducting business and providing valuable content, there is a definite apparent lack of attendance by the general membership. All said, I am of the opinion that virtual meetings are here to stay and can be effective on many levels and in certain circumstances. However, there are some negative effects on the organization and general membership, relating to networking and engagement. Further, I am finding more and more that nothing can take the place of human contact and personal interaction. I look forward to the time when we are once again able to meet in person.

With the year 2021 well underway and the COVID vaccines becoming readily available to all adults, it is great to see the country slowly opening back up. No matter which news feed you follow, there seemingly remains a socio divide with how to proceed with moving towards a degree of normalcy. Many feel the country should open completely while many government entities and citizens remain concerned that mask mandates and the re-opening of restaurants, entertainment, and services is happening too fast too soon. I find that I often take a step back to keep in perspective that no matter which side you fall on, there is in reality, no divide when it comes to performing our duties both civic and professional. In keeping with NACo’s organizational mantra of “politics aside for the betterment and benefit of those we serve”, the NACS will continue to promote setting these divides aside in the performance of our duties and achieving our common goals of networking, raising public awareness, and the promotion of the importance of the work performed by county and other government surveyors.

In closing, I express my gratitude to all of you for supporting NACS and for the important work you do. As always, please feel free to submit articles of interest or topics of discussion to us by email to any of the Board members directly or to the NACS main email, It is only with your support that we have the opportunity to network with our County elected officials and maintain a voice on a national level with the Federal Government.

Reid J Demman
President NACS &
Salt Lake County Surveyor
April 14th - 9:00 AM (Pacific)
NACS Annual Meeting - Goes Virtual
Due to the pandemic, the National Association of County Surveyors (NACS) Annual Meeting will be held virtually on April 14th at 9:00 AM (pacific time). Although we prefer to meet in person, we are hopeful that the virtual platform will allow more County Surveyors the opportunity to participate.

In addition to our annual business meeting, we will open the floor to discussion and allow County Surveyors from across the country to provide an update on their County activities.
How did you celebrate National Surveyors Week?

The Oregon Land Fraud Scandal
The Oregon land fraud scandal of the early 20th century involved U.S. government land grants in the U.S. state of Oregon being illegally obtained with the assistance of public officials. Most of Oregon's U.S. congressional delegation received indictments in the case: U.S. Senator John H. Mitchell and U.S. Representatives John N. Williamson and Binger Hermann, with Senator Charles William Fulton singularly uninvolved.

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