February/March 2023
All about the DC Conference - May 9 - 10, 2023
2023 NADEC Annual Export Conference to focus on:

"The Changing Global Trading Relationships & Opportunities:
How Can You Maintain Profitability?"
May 9-10, 2023

Why Come to the NADEC Annual Spring Conference?
The 2023 NADEC Annual Export Conference promises to provide a dynamic conversation on how we, as exporters and export advocates, can address the changing global trading relationships and opportunities and maintain profitability.  

Opening session
The conference will open with a discussion on the Global Trading System: Understanding Its Realignment and will focus on recent developments together with emerging trends that have dramatically altered the global trading system as we know it. These developments have been a combination of factors. The result is a shift in the risk factors that exporters must now consider, the closure of certain markets, and the emergence of new opportunities and new trading partners. This plenary program will set the stage for the programs that follow. 

Key trade policy topics to be discussed include:
  • SME Trade Agenda Updates
  • Emerging Markets Trade Policy Strategy with a focus on U.S. – Africa Trade, Agriculture & National Security,
  • and Strategic Exporting/Investment to Enhance Global Competitiveness & Security. 

USTR, US Department of Commerce and SBA representatives will provide NADEC with an update on the US trade agenda and small business, including invitations to DECs for upcoming in-person SME Dialogues in 2023 with USCMA, UK and EU partners. Panel discussions will include a follow-up to the U.S.-Africa Leaders’ Summit and what is available for SMEs to take advantage of this critical emerging market.

National security is a major challenge in trade and global competition, one that our small and medium businesses face daily as we compete against authoritarian governments with total control over every aspect of their economies. Key thought leaders will look at the challenges faced by small businesses globally and domestically and at ways that exports and investments can (and should) be used as a strategic diplomatic and military tool to build relationships with allies, as well as dual use technologies with military, humanitarian, and commercial applications.

Strategies and tactics for new Emerging Export Markets and Underserved Populations will provide practical information on “how to” take advantage of the export opportunities and maintain profitability in this changing global trading environment. We will explore best practices for engagement, capacity - building and opportunity in the global marketplace, including a panel focused on Indigenous communities. Panelists will share best practices on doing business from an economic development perspective (agriculture, tourism, hospitality) and experiences in exporting products-services abroad. Key emerging markets will be addressed by those with boots on the ground!
Global supply chain and logistics issues have become a critical trade component post COVID. Experienced exporters and export service providers will highlight how they have made the shift to manage risk and cost in their global supply chain and how exporters can leverage resources to be more competitive. Your global supply chain can be impacted by a myriad of issues including space availability on export air and ocean shipments, forced labor issues, transportation pricing, changing technology, and trade compliance, to name a few.

Our regional DECs across the country are essential to providing trade education, assistance, and advocacy at the grassroots level. Universities can be a key resource! A panel of trade experts will highlight on how universities can assist DECs and exporters in their region in accomplishing our mission of expanding U.S. exports, especially SME exports. (Please note the below article on Trade DNA)

Day One will conclude with a Roundtable Discussion on U.S. Government Trade Priorities and Opportunities featuring Directors of the U.S. Commercial Service Regional Offices. Throughout the day, attendees will have the opportunity to meet with trade resource partners to discuss specific export assistance programs.
NADEC Capital Hill Day
(Please see the Trade Policy Update below)

On May 10, attendees will meet in the Dirksen Senate Building for a legislative update from select elected officials on critical trade issues. DEC members are encouraged to schedule meetings in advance with their State’s Congressional Representatives and/or staff members to better inform them on the importance of trade and trade legislation to our businesses and to our nation. NADEC will provide talking points and can assist in arranging meetings, as needed.
Please plan to join this very informative conference to learn how you can best maneuver in this changing global trade environment. And most importantly, be part of the solution and let your voice be heard in Washington on your company’s challenges and the support it needs to be successful in the global marketplace!

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like to market your company to this unique audience. I can be reached at:aburkett@naita.org
Anne Burkett, NADEC Vice Chair 
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A variety of options are available to market your company to this unique audience, involved in international trade.

Contact Michael Salerno, Treasurer to discuss: msalerno@fnni.com
Centers for International Business Education and Research
Global Risk Mitigation Foundation
Trade Promotion Authority Renewal: An Issue We All Need to Help with up on the Hill 
David Day, Co-Chair, NADEC Trade Policy Committee

On the 2nd day of the NADEC Annual Conference coming up this May, there will be an important visit up on the Hill so that all of our attendees are able to spend some time with their respective Senate and House members.

This visit will be preceded by a morning briefing conducted by NADEC’s Chairman, Jonathan Szucs, along with 2 members of our Trade Policy Committee, Susanne Sterling (California) and Luke Lindberg (South Dakota). In addition to specific issues which you may wish to raise, there will be a handful of national issues which we know will be important for you to raise and discuss with your Congressionals. We will bring those to your attention during the briefing. 

One of these critical, national issues will be the importance of renewing the President’s Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) which lapsed nearly two years ago, back in July, 2021. This inability of the Executive branch to meaningfully negotiate in the trade arena is one of the reasons why we have seen no new trade agreements since the USMCA. It has also impaired the restart or finalization the U.S./U.K. and U.S./E.U. FTA’s.

The renewal of the TPA is essential and its lapse is hurting U.S. companies that rely on trade in order to export American made goods.

There is an interesting backstory here that Luke Lindberg (one of our Trade Policy Committee members, President of South Dakota Trade as well as the former chief of staff at the Export-Import Bank of the United States) explains in an excellent piece he recently co-authored with Mr. Gary Black, the former Commissioner of Agriculture for the State of Georgia.

You can access the full article entitled, “2023 is the year to renew trade promotion authority,” which was published in The Hill on January 21, 2023 here:

We commend both Luke and Gary for this timely and important piece and we know it will contribute to your understanding of one of the critical national issues that all of us need to be discussing with our respective members up on the Hill.
Exporting to the EU
Navigating the three major stumbling blocks

X-Culture (X-Culture.org) is a 501(c3) nonprofit with 13 years of providing international business learning through experience.
X-Culture at the corporate headquarters of client The Home Depot.
Building the Trade DNA Program

For the last several years the North Carolina DEC has focused on developing the “Building the Trade DNAProgram. Greg Sizemore,Executive Secretary, and members Bill Harazin and Clem Schrader have been hard at work refining the program.

The recent appointment of NC DEC member Jonathan Szucs to NADEC Chair has helped to move the “Trade DNA” Program into more of a national focus. Jonathan’s company, Advanced Superabrasives, is a successful client of X-Culture. He stands willing to share specifics of his experience with X-Culture.
Imagine what your business or businesses in your DEC region could accomplish with people like 15 year-old Emily Ruiz from Peru.

Imagine what could be accomplished with a diverse staff of individuals like Emily. And remember, she is only 15 years old and there are many like her of all ages.
X-Culture has graduated over 100,000 students across 6 continents, over 70 countries, and from over 500 universities and middle and high schools. Our primary mission is to provide real-life international business experience coupled with essential HUMAN LIFE SKILLS training, skills like working with individuals of diverse cultures across time zones, conflict, and problem-solving. Our vast network of hundreds of global volunteers is key to our success.

X-Culture’s method is unique and centers around intense training and crowdsourcing. Each business challenge is explored by hundreds of teams composed of seven age-matched teams, with one U.S. citizen and six English-speaking team members from around the globe. Their efforts result in hundreds of reports being generated for clients.

Our business clients cross come from all industries. Past clients include Mercedes Benz, and Louis Vuitton, as well as hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses.

How we can help:
Typically, corporate clients seek help with market research, competition analysis, product design, expansion into new countries, and development of marketing, HR, and logistics strategies. Students spend a semester solving these challenges.

Our unique value proposition involves thousands of student consultants with the local market knowledge and the capability to interview local potential customers and partners for our clients. X-Culture represents a source of quality international consulting for small and medium-sized operations at a hard-to-equal minimal investment. For all business clients, the student researcher provides a pool of potential employment hires or contractors.

Contact Tom Robinson, North Carolina DEC Member
tom.robinson@x-culture.org or call 1-336-324-7465

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Women in International Trade:

A Timely Discussion of Opportunities and Challenges

Cybersecurity: From Shop-Floor
to Boardroom and Beyond

March 16, 2023
12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. EDT

An organization’s survival is increasingly dependent on its ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from cyber attacks. Cybersecurity helps companies and organizations protect themselves from cyber risks, defend against and limit the severity of attacks, and ensure that business operations continue to function effectively at home and abroad.

Join the Indiana District Export Council (IDEC) on March 16, 2023 for an Export Lunch & Learn Webinar as we discuss cybersecurity from shop-floor to boardroom and beyond to global markets.

We’ll hear speakers from the US Department of Homeland Security and Purdue University, as well as two Indiana companies whose focus is cybersecurity in both domestic and foreign markets. How does cybersecurity impact your business? How can you protect both your company’s physical assets and your intellectual property at home and abroad.

For more Information Please Contact: Andrew Reinke, fti@foreigntargets.com
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Selling and promoting your products around the world can be challenging! If you're part of a small or medium-sized business, you know that you need to employ the right strategy to achieve ROI as soon as possible. You don't have extra hours in the day or room in your budget to make mistakes.

The most efficient way to enter new international markets is by leveraging online business development tools. At IBT Online we specialize in building market-specific websites tailored to the local audience, helping US exporters being found, understood and become easy to do business with globally.

Of course, it takes an investment to launch a website - an investment of finances and your team’s precious time. The time spent on big projects like this can be very costly, which is all the more reason why AHB trusted IBT Online’s team of technical experts to become their perfect partner, providing all the technical expertise needed.

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We're Here to Help You Export Successfully
Whether you are a new or experienced exporter, the U.S. Commercial Service's global network of export experts in more than 100 U.S. cities and 80 global markets can help you find opportunities, reduce uncertainty and make new export sales.

US Department of Commerce, Int'l Trade Administration manages this global trade website to provide access to ITA information on compliance with trade laws and agreements and strengthen the competitiveness of US industry.

SBA works to ignite change and spark action so small businesses can confidently start, grow, expand, or recover. SBA is the only cabinet-level federal agency fully dedicated to small business and provides counseling, capital, and contracting expertise as the nation’s only go-to resource and voice for small businesses.
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