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NAFDMA's 2021 Virtual Agritourism Summit offers three days of engaging programming including seventeen educational sessions, five immersive farm tours, a virtual trade show and many opportunities to keep attendees connected with one another throughout the experience.

The Virtual Agritourism Summit is a one-time only streaming event, so please plan your schedule accordingly as the event will not be rebroadcast.

For over 35 years NAFDMA has hosted a live annual convention revered by the agritourism industry, and we now take great pride in our ability to translate the value of education, networking and camaraderie into this virtual platform.

Join us Feb. 4-6, 2021 starting at 11am ET/8am PT each day.

December 8, 2020 (Recording Available)
Clarifying Competitive Strengths To Achieve Success And Maximize Return On Assets

Why are you in business? There are returns that you want from being in business. Some are personal. Some are strategic. Some are financial. How do you measure these returns to set goals and assess your level of success? What does success look like for you? What are the competitive assets and strengths of your business that are going to generate these returns? How do you maximize returns on these assets and strengths? In this webinar, Steve will help you answer these questions and walk you through a tool that you can use to measure and maximize your return on assets and as a framework for other returns. 

January 12, 2021 [1-2pm EST]
Communicating Your Sense Of Direction With A Business Plan

What does your business do? Who asks this question? Who needs to know? How do you communicate with them? What should your business do? What could your business do? What is your vision and sense of direction for your business? How do you gather insights into these questions from others and share your own insights with them? 

In this webinar, Steve will help you answer these questions and walk you through a business plan tool that you can use to communicate your sense of direction. 

February 16, 2021 [1-2pm EST]
Cash Is King When Committing To Annual Budgets 

How does your business succeed? What are the ingredients for success besides king cash? Why is budgeting your cash sources and needs so important? How can you comfortably make commitments on behalf of your business that will be successful? What are the key components of an annual budget and how does it help achieve success for your business? In this webinar, Steve will help you answer these questions and walk you through an annual budget tool that you can use to help make your business successful. 

Steve Kluemper founded AgriStrategies LLC to assist agricultural producers, processors and suppliers across the U.S. with their financial management and vision by helping them facilitate discussions with lenders, vendors and investors, analyze decisions that need to be made, use independent perspectives to run their business, communicate their vision for their company's future and manage their business and especially their finances, all in an effort to improve their cash flow and profitability. He has 30 years of experience bringing financial solutions to all types and sizes of agricultural companies across the United States. Steve grew up on a farm in Indiana, graduated from Purdue University with degrees in Agricultural Economics and a Food and Agribusiness MBA and now lives in East Lansing, MI with his wife, Heather and 4 sons.
“Sowing the Seeds of Love”
By John Kennedy

Years ago, I had the chance to speak at the ANLA Management Clinic in Louisville, Kentucky. As was always the case, it was a wonderful gathering of industry folks looking to get the next great ideas to build their business and grow their profits.

The best ideas were always found at either “Muggets” over a cold beverage or at the “Swap Shop” where great minds offered ideas that worked for them, and were willing to share with others (one thing I love about the green industry is a willingness to openly share ideas to help each other).

One of the presenters at this event spoke about a concept called “Watering the Bamboo”…some of you may remember it. The concept was fairly simple - yet profound. 

There is a type of bamboo in the Amazon that grows at an unbelievable pace (roughly 90 feet in 60 days). That kind of growth could kill a business, but it is one we would all love to have as a problem, right?

Well the story is a little more complicated than that. The first year you plant the seed (six feet into the soil) and you water the area often… and nothing happens.

The second year you water the area often, and guess what?…nothing happens. This is where most folks would give up and call it a waste of time. “That’s a lot of water”, “nothing is happening”, “I can’t wait for results to happen over time, I need them now”, blah, blah, blah!! And most would, by the power of impatience, lose out on the opportunity.

It’s not until the third year that the tremendous growth occurs—90 feet in 60 days!!

Out of ten folks who planted the seed and began the process, only one of them stuck with the plan and saw it as an “investment” of time, and not a “waste.”

Last year, I challenged one of my favorite clients, Manor View Farm in Monkton, Maryland to add new clients to their list of customers (actually the challenge came from within by the employees who knew “you can’t squeeze more juice out of the same oranges”…at some point you need to go out and get new oranges). Great example of employee lead and ownership driven change.

And get new oranges they did. 

In 2013, the sales team targeted 25 new accounts to generate a goal of $250K in new sales in 2014. They pursued them, pitched the benefits of the company and the products and services that they offered, and then the team delivered on the promises that the sales folks made.

The team celebrated each and every new client by posting the names of the client on the “success board” as well as the sales goals on a weekly basis, and made sure that first order (and every order after) was perfect. Nice job Team MVF!!

A perfect product, delivered in a timely way by caring friendly people…. nice promise to make…nicer promise to deliver.
The final numbers for the year showed that they nearly doubled their sales goals for the year by the effort made in prospecting the year before (90 feet in 60 days)-WOW!!!

The benefit of “watering the bamboo” is they now have a list of clients that they will continue to grow while at the same time also plant new seeds for business in the future.

Planting the seeds doesn’t mean we will see immediate results, but it does mean that we are investing the time, talent and treasure to make sure that the new sales of tomorrow are being watered today.

As we continue to enjoy the wave of opportunity coming to our industry over the next few years, let’s not get into the bad habit of saying “we have too much business right now to worry about prospecting” and “we can’t handle the business we have right now.”

So start sowing those seeds of love now, because you are going to love what they can do for you in the future.
Peer Document Request
Our association is successful because of YOU! This month we are asking for examples of your Emergency Management Plans.

This peer content is invaluable to not have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to implement something new for your business.

We are currently requesting:
  • Documents that detail how you manage an emergency on your property
  • Emergency management one pagers that you display in your offices
  • Specific protocols that you review with your employees prior to the season
Please email and include your name and your farm name.
Supplier Spotlight
Our unique and delicious State Fair® Mini Donut does not require a deep fat fryer. We developed a patent pending process to deliver hot and fresh mini donuts, in an easy and simple manner, without the mess and safety hazards a deep fat fryer can create. We created a way to bring our Mini Donuts to concessions where frying is either impractical or impossible.
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