May 3, 2018
Regional Roundup
Sharing borders with both Canada and Mexico, CSG West holds a unique position and perspective on agreements such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Representing our organization's position of cooperation and the promotion of robust engagement to foster economic growth and competitiveness, CSG West has submitted letters to President Trump and US Trade Representative Lighthizer encouraging the modernization of NAFTA; expressing the importance of the trilateral relationship and trade to the West; and encouraging continued engagement among the three NAFTA countries for a successful renegotiation. 
Annual Meeting
Hill Air Force Base  - Located in northern Utah, the Hill Air Force Base is the second largest by population and geographical size. It is also home to many operational missions providing logistic support and program management for a variety of aircraft. Highlights of this tour include a mission brief of the 388FW Fighter Wing, the F-35 Lighting II, the software facility, and the ICBM launch control facility.

Huntsman Cancer Institute -  Founded in 1995, the Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) is owned by the state and designated by the legislature as the official cancer center of Utah. Hosting more than 125,000 patient visits each year, the center gives their attention to a variety of cancers to help identify cancer-causing genes. During this tour attendees will visit the radiology and advanced therapeutics clinics, the researcher's laboratory, a private inpatient area, the cancer learning center, and the wellness center to learn about the scope of HCI's endeavors.  

Welfare Square  - Through the collective efforts of local governments, charitable organizations, and private companies the state of Utah seeks to connect refugees and those experiencing homelessness with employment, housing and other support services. Attendees will visit Welfare Square and the Catholic Community Services of Utah to learn about their services, outreach and successes. 

Utah Olympic Park - The state of Utah has developed a distinctive brand reflecting both its landscapes and people to build a tourism industry that has produced billions of annual revenue. During this tour participants will tour the Utah Olympic Park facilities while also learning about the collaboration involved in developing their successful tourism industry. 

State Visit
CSG West staff conducted its annual state visit to Hawaii March 21-23, just over the halfway point of the legislative session. During this time lawmakers were advancing their proposals through the various policy committees. The week before staff arrived the House had passed over 130 bills to the Senate for consideration, and the Senate had passed over 400 bills to the House. Many issues being tackled in other Western legislatures were also being debated in Hawaii, including homelessness, affordable housing, virtual currency, recycling, eliminating tobacco on college campuses, and medical aid-in-dying.

Energy & Environment
In a recent article from E&E News, California Senator Bob Wieckowski was named one of the 5 climate leaders to watch. The publication looked at California leaders who are at the forefront of climate change policies. Below are excerpts from the article on Senator Wieckowski's efforts.

For Wieckowski, the light "really went on" when he attended the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. When the international coalition released draft agreements, he said, about 20 percent of the money dedicated was for adaptation.
He realized "we needed to do more in the state, not to take away from the mitigation," to cut greenhouse gas emissions, but that "we're going to need to adapt, and we're going to have to do it smart because it costs a lot of money."

Wieckowski, recently offered a bill,  S.B. 262 , to create a one-stop shop for adaptation policies in California.  An earlier measure,  S.B. 246 , set up a climate adaptation and resilience program with California's Office of Planning and Research aimed at coordinating regional and local efforts with state strategies.
Cities need to plan together, Wieckowski said.  One issue that must get addressed is making sure programs benefit all income groups. There shouldn't be a situation where a wealthy city or landowner can build sea walls that protect their property, sending rising waters to other locations.

Full article can be viewed at E&E News Article
Published: Wednesday, April 18, 2018 
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