NAGMA November 2022 Update

The National Architectural Glass & Metal Association (NAGMA) was formed to assist local associations and architectural glass and metal contractors to preserve and grow their market share while working with industry stakeholders and our industry partner, IUPAT. We have been hard at work on initiatives to support our members' success. NAGMA services are rapidly evolving. Our goal remains to create a competitive advantage for union architectural glass and metal contractors.

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NACC - Mitigate Risk

NACC Program Update

Benefits for Insurers

“While certification programs are nothing new, the applicability of a certification process to construction risk management-related functions is quite unique, especially in the construction trades."

Judges of the International Risk Management Institute (IRMI) offered the above comment when awarding the NACC Program the 2020 Horizon Award. Download NACC's latest brochure with information certified contractors can share to negotiate better insurance rates.

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Chris Bagatelos

Get to Know the NAGMA Board

Chris Bagatelos | Co-Chair

“I care about this industry, this trade, and what we do. My goal is to improve and further our commercial union contractors' ability to get and retain more work."

A second-generation glazier, Chris followed his father into the trade. He’s a firm believer in the golden rule: treat people the way you want to be treated. Chris carries forth this respect and empathy for others as CEO of Bagatelos Architectural Glass Systems and as NAGMA board co-chair.

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Need Help Forming a Local Contractor Association?

NAGMA Can Help!


Why should architectural glass and metal contractors form and participate in local trade associations? President Theodore Roosevelt might have the answer:

“Every man owes a part of his time and money to the business or industry in which he is engaged. No man has a moral right to withhold his support from an organization that is striving to improve conditions within his sphere.”

Contractors form associations because they see a need to collaborate to pursue common values and interests. Advocacy at all levels drives association formation and membership. A collective voice is far more effective in achieving important goals than a singular one.

Education is another compelling reason to be active in a trade association. Associations typically sponsor programs to help contractors improve their businesses. Just as important, associations offer opportunities for contractor-to-contractor learning, sharing, and networking at the local and national levels. Trade associations likewise offer the opportunity for contractors to stay on top of legislative or regulatory developments and can expose their members to the latest and greatest technology trends.

There are several very active and successful local trade associations in the glass industry. But some contractors work in areas that are not served by a local association. That is where NAGMA can be of assistance. NAGMA is available to meet with contractors exploring the formation of a local association. We can put you and your fellow contractors in touch with contractors from other areas to discuss the many benefits of trade association membership and participation. The highest profile and successful local architectural glass and metal associations have been very generous sharing their expertise and resources. NAGMA can provide you with examples of local association by-laws and meeting agendas to help you get started.

Like NAGMA, our IUPAT partners know that market share is stronger in areas that have strong, active contractor associations and local unions. The national LMCI has offered to fund a start-up dinner or local meeting costs to help bring contractors together to form an association and improve the industry.

Email Deborah Wyandt at or Annie McHenry at for assistance.

Construction Industry First-Year Total Package Increases Negotiated in 2022 Average 3.8 Percent 


According to a new report released by the Construction Labor Research Council (CLRC), first-year total package increases negotiated January 1 – September 30 (Q3) for all construction trades averaged 3.8 percent or $2.33. That compares to first-year increases of 3.1 percent or $1.81 negotiated in 2021.

Average first-year increases for all of the construction trades increased by 1.0 percent (2.8 percent in 2020 to 3.8 percent in 2022 (Q3) between 2020 and 2022 (Q3), which is a significant rate of growth for a period of less than two years. The last time that average first-year settlements increased by 1.0 percent, the increase took seven years from 2012-2019. CLRC attributes inflation as having more impact on settlement amounts in 2022 than COVID or labor shortages.

Every region in the U.S. saw growth in construction settlements over increases negotiated in 2021. The highest percentage increases were reported in the Northwest (5.2 percent or $2.84) and the Mountain Northern Plains (5.0 percent or $1.99). The lowest percentage increases were in the West North Central (3.1 percent or $1.83).

There were not enough glazier settlements negotiated in 2022 reported to CLRC to allow analysis. CLRC was able to provide information on the 2022 glazier increases negotiated in previous years that became effective in 2022. Glaziers will receive an average increase of 3.0 percent ($2.10) in 2022, compared to 3.1 percent ($1.96) in 2021. For comparison, all construction trades data showed a 3.1 percent ($1.90) increase for 2022.

To ensure a good source of information on union glazing wage settlements going forward, please share details of your agreements with NAGMA Executive Director Deborah Wyandt at NAGMA will make sure that CLRC receives the information for its reports. NAGMA has requested to affiliate with CLRC to keep union architectural glass and metal contractors and their local associations informed of industry market and bargaining trends. Contractors and local associations seeking support in collective bargaining, labor relations, data analysis, cost evaluation, survey administration, or related areas can contact NAGMA.

The CLRC provides comprehensive consulting and research services to national associations and their regional chapters, contractors, owners, unions, labor-management cooperatives, and others in the construction industry. For over 40 years, CLRC has been the construction industry’s trusted source for union labor costs, market share studies, contract evaluation, workforce demographics, and related information. CLRC’s work is objective, accurate, and credible.

2022-11 NACC statistics

NACC Specification Update

NAGMA continues to track NACC specification references using data from Dodge Data & Analytics. Numbers have steadily increased. In 2019, there were 13 spec references. This figure jumped to 215 spec references in 2020 and 616 in 2021. Year-to-date for 2022 (as of November 02, 2022), there were 1,056 spec references recorded. Spec writers and other project personnel continue to recognize the importance of specifying NACC certified contractors to ensure quality installations.

NACC Spec Data 11-2022
2023 Save the Date

Don't miss the 2023 Annual Labor-Management Finishing Industry Forum!

It's no secret that areas of the country with the strongest labor-management relationships have the greatest union glazing market share. All NAGMA and IUPAT signatory contractors are strongly encouraged to attend along with local union partners to learn new strategies to increase work opportunities. What topics interest you? Send suggestions to and NAGMA will pass along ideas to the planning team.

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Deborah A. Wyandt, Esq. | Executive Director

Anne McHenry | Director of Finance, Education, and Training