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Aaron's Books, Lititz, PA has expanded its operations to include the campus store for a local independent girls boarding & day school.

Have you read the article on B2B? We've also another piece on B2B on our website.

Congratulations to Erin Matthews, Books with a Past, who read the Fine Print in last week's newsletter and won free membership to NAIBA!
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The following letter was sent to President Obama by NAIBA:

Dear President Obama,


An Amazon warehouse in Chattanooga, TN is not the place to highlight the needs of middle class families and jobs creation. Your decision to use them as a model is insulting to the retailers on Main Street, and especially the members of our independent bookselling community.


Amazon is the very embodiment of so much that is wrong with our economy. The often-substandard working conditions at their warehouses around the world have been well documented. Their business model is based on fighting those states that have required them to collect and remit sales tax while driving Main Street brick and mortar stores out of business through predatory pricing. As we write, they are slashing prices of bestselling books in yet another price war where independent and brick and mortar businesses will be collateral damage. We cannot believe this is your vision of job creation and the future of American middle class.


The day may come when you will not have the pleasure of shopping at our stores, such as Politics & Prose, Kramer Books or One More Page.  We would hope that your administration would be standing with Main Street, and investigating the monopolistic practices of Amazon, rather than either explicitly or tacitly endorsing those practices.


We urge you to rethink using Amazon as a beacon of hope for the American economy and middle-class. Nothing could be further from the truth.




The Board of Directors and Members of

The New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association


Conference Update
The most valued part of the NAIBA Fall Conference is education, and "What's In Store" for you is an incredible line-up of workshops.  We will start the Conference with the eye-opening "Reimagining Your Store" with the team from Paz & Associates, and end the Conference with a panel of booksellers who will explain how they implemented and transformed their stores with the ideas they took away from our Spring Paz workshop.

In between, we will hear from editors about the great titles they have for us, and our fellow children's booksellers will share the best kids titles. Kenny Brechner, DDG Booksellers, and Kathy Faber, HarperCollins will walk us through Common Core, and ABA will give us concrete ways to deal with the Affordable Health Care Act. 

Nothing is off-limits when a panel of industry experts, led by Lissa Muscatine, Politics & Prose, along with Ruth Liebmann, Random House, and Dennis Johnson, Melville House talk perceptions, influence and the realities of what's coming.  I can't wait for that one.  And there's even more, but this article is already getting too long.

Join the hundreds of booksellers and publishers who gather together to learn, share, and foster friendships and business at the NAIBA Fall Conference.

Everyone: Register Now!  Ticket prices go up on August 1.
Publishers: We can't sell your books if we don't know about them - so sign up now.
Loving the Holiday Catalog Title List
2013 cover
The title list for the Holiday Catalog is available on our website.  I heard from Jackie Inman of Bethany Beach Books, who is excited about quite a number of titles, including:
All of the Dork Diaries! 
Not for Parents; The Real Wonders of the World
One Summer
Lego Play Book
Ladybug Girl, but we obviously sell a lot of the "at the beach"
WE LOVE!!!!! - Snatchabook!  We have storytimes centered around this book and are trying to think of some holiday games to involve kids with home and the store.
And ...The Mountains Echoed 

Order forms for this free, fantastic marketing piece are due August 5. Get the form here
Some Faces at the NYC NAIBA Social
NYC Christine Alexis Carson Jason
Christine Onorati, Alexis Akre, Carson Moss, Jason Rice
david gilbert
David Gilbert, & Sons (Random House)

It was so nice to see so many frontline booksellers at the NYC Social, and so many booksellers from outside NYC who also came to visit that night. That is what we are all about - a community of booksellers. Next up - the Fall Conference.
And I spent my Saturday as an irate citizen writing to all my elected officials and the White House to complain about President Obama's appearance at Amazon's warehouse. Let your voice be heard too.

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