May 1st, 2019
By Jeff Adair, Editor

Artificial intelligence (AI) gives companies and organizations the ability to make use of vast amounts of data to improve operational efficiencies and drive top line growth. Given the capital intensive and detail intensive nature of vending, it stands to reason that AI brings an invaluable tool to the table.

While AI is finding application in a wide range of industries, Australia based Hivery has recognized the benefits AI can bring to vending and developed a vending focused package called Vending Analytics. For the second year in a row, the NAMA show at the Las Vegas Convention Center featured a presentation on how the Hivery AI tool has made vending operations more efficient and improved profitability.

Vending Analytics uses a vending company’s own sales data to learn the most profitable product assortment, space-to-sales and prices for each individual machine at a given location. 

The Nayax VPOS Fusion payment device adds a cash payment option via third party bill validators, including ICT Pyramid Technologies and  Innovative Technology .
The VPOS Fusion also accepts credit and debit cards, mobile app payments, QR codes, prepaid cards and Monyx Wallet , Nayax’s own payment app .

The VPOS Fusion, which has a voice interaction feature and a color touchscreen, provides access to telemetry and consumer engagement promotions, remote monitoring, and cash accountability and digital marketing.

365 Retail Markets recently displayed a prototype of its PicoMarket hardware to control access to vending machines and coolers. The technology offers the opportunity to expand service to semi-public areas and to offer extended hours of operation. The interactive touchscreen display connects to ADM, offering consolidated reporting and promotions.

The system allows machines to be unlocked by a swipe, insert, tap or mobile app. Once the customer removes the product, they can scan the product and the cooler locks quickly since the technology is compatible with cooler locks. The lock can be used for various types of micro market coolers.

DEX and MDB compatible, the PicoMarket connects to cellular, Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks and accepts global market accounts as well as credit cards and near-field communication contactless cards.

Avanti Markets has taken the unattended retail experience to another level with its new line of AI smart technology markets called Express by Avanti Markets. Express will allow consumers to grab their items and walk out of the market without having to wait in line for a cashier or a kiosk. Shoppers will only have to swipe their registered Express app to walk into the smart market.

Consumers will be able to pick out their products and they will be automatically added to their virtual cart through artificial intelligence technologies with computer visions, deep learning capabilities and sensor fusion. Even if the shopper decides to put an item back, the technology will recognize their behavior and delete it from the cart. Once consumers have all of their items, they can exit the Express market and the system will send a receipt to their phone after payment processing. .

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