April 15th, 2019
By Jeff Adair, Editor

Technology continues to evolve in the vending and refreshment services industry, and convenience service operators will have a chance to get up to speed on critical topics at The NAMA Show April 24 to 26 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Beginning with a pre-conference session on Tuesday, April 23, the technology educational sessions will continue through Thursday, covering everything from artificial intelligence to cloud hosting solutions to cashless solutions to logistics.

Session presenters include experts from technology providers as well as vending operators experienced in deploying the latest technology solutions.

Three Square Market’s newest kiosk, “The 46,” offers a self-contained, self-checkout kiosk built into a rectangular fixture designed for smaller locations. The fixture holds a 46-inch customer facing touchscreen, a mounted UIC credit/debit card acceptor including tap2pay, a headphone jack, a bill acceptor, a fingerprint scanner and a bar code scanner.

A kiosk camera sits above the touchscreen while customer facing product shelving sits beneath the touchscreen. The kiosk is ADA compliant.

Color options for the rectangular shaped fixture include black, white, chocolate apple, wild apple, linen onyx or hard rock maple.

A customer facing header sticker graces the top of the fixture which can be removed or customized. .

Byte Foods , a refreshment services company that developed its own technology to provide refrigerated glassfront merchandisers that allow customers to select product from the machine and pay with a payment card, has changed its name to Byte Technology to focus on providing its technology to food retailers.

Byte Technology allows food retailers to sell products in locations they've never before had access to by using Byte’s small footprint unattended storefronts,” Lee Mokri, co-founder and vice president of sales and marketing, told Vending Technology News in an email.

"Food retailers that have traditionally relied on pulling customers in, can now push products into customers’ lives by embedding their brands where people already spend their time at work, at school, and elsewhere,” he said.

OptConnect has announced   its Gemini antenna, which combines two antennas inside one small enclosure that doubles the strength with just one product. This Gemini antenna, referred to as a MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out), boosts signal quality, signal strength and more.

4G LTE connectivity works best with two antennas. A cellular connection can be made with just one antenna; however, the second antenna helps stabilize the connection, especially in low coverage areas. The Gemini antenna also improves upload and download speeds. When using two separate antennas, the spacing between the two is critical for optimal performance.

A major benefit of the new smart antenna technology is that the spacing between the two antennas inside the case has been engineered for maximum performance.

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The Tri-State Automatic Merchandising Council , a NAMA state council representing Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, held a technician training session earlier this month named in honor of the late Bill Buckholz, chairman of Goodman Vending Service Co. in Reading, Pa., a vending industry pioneer.

From his “Hug a Vending Machine” campaign to customer newsletters, Buckholz was always about bringing a more positive view of the industry. One of his greatest achievements was working with the U.S. Mint to ensure that the Sacagawea dollar coin, released in 2002, was gold in color and had the same electronic signature as the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin.

The technician training session was developed by Davis Haines, a vending electronics instructor from A. Philip Randolph High School, Philadelphia, Pa. Haines teaches the only vending repair program in the country.

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