By Karen Scott, Publisher

Every year, more exhibits at the National Automatic Merchandising Association show feature products higher in nutrition and fiber, containing less sugar and artificial colors. But besides being concerned about personal health and wellness, today’s consumers want to know the products they buy are not harming the environment. They want product labels that explain the nutritional content, where they are sourced from, and what causes the company supports, such as animal rights and child welfare.

Consumers today want more information about food products than ever before, according to a panel of experts speaking on nutrition and wellness at the recent NAMA show in Las Vegas.

Panel moderator Sylvia Rowe, president of SR Strategy LLC, a food policy consultant, said concern about nutrition and wellness is greater than ever because of issues related to health that are not strictly about health. For example, improved health awareness has driven increased production of fruits and vegetables, but consumers are now concerned about how agriculture impacts the environment.