The Not-So Quiet Ocean Part 2
We are inundated with noise every day from automobiles, planes flying overhead, television, radio, lawn mowers, leaf blowers and more along with the natural sounds of our world.  Luckily, we have the ability to turn it off, lower the volume, or close the windows when noise levels get too loud.  Unfortunately, inhabitants of the ocean do not have those same luxuries.  

Sound travels farther and is amplified in water.   Simply go underwater and listen – you will be rewarded with the sounds of snapping and crackling of invertebrates and fish going about their daily lives and if lucky, the far-off sounds of marine mammals singing as they communicate with one another. Marine species rely on sound for survival and any noises that inhibit or overpower their ability to hear disrupts their lives and have the potential to cause severe consequences, including death. . . READ MORE