NAMI California Supports Proposition 2
Dear Team NAMI,

I wanted to write this letter to shed light on NAMI California’s deliberation process on Proposition 2 and the No Place Like Home program.

We are in support of this proposition which provides critical services to Californians who are experiencing homelessness and living with a severe mental illness.

However, we took time to move to a support position on Proposition 2. A few affiliates expressed concern to NAMI California staff that the measure, if passed, would decrease the amount of mental health funding received by county behavioral health departments.

We take these concerns very seriously, as our number one priority is ensuring that our membership and their family members get the care they deserve and need.

NAMI California staff conducted an in-depth assessment of the measure, including interviewing state agency personnel and coalition partners. From our independent research and these interviews, we reached the conclusion that Proposition 2 will likely increase the amount of funding that each county receives.

We believe this is a strong program that will shore up significant gaps in our current mental health system. Thank you for your patience during our assessment of this far-reaching legislation. 

For questions, please contact You can also visit our action center to learn more about NAMI California advocacy efforts.

Caitlin Shea
Advocacy Manager
NAMI California