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August 2015 Newsletter
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Thanks For Giving Us Your Input!  

Thank you again for another great month in our ongoing 30 second survey! Last month, we talked about the greatest challenges in emergency care and here is a sampling of what you told us.  
On the subject of what you thought providers didn't understand about Mental Illness:

  • We heard people felt there is a lack of understanding providers had of the patient and family experience
  • Many of you felt that providers didn't understand that recovery was possible and that many of us will have ups and downs in the journey to recovery as will our families
  • Amongst many others
On the subject of what could make crisis treatment better, here are some of the changes you'd like to see:
  • Improved communications from law enforcement and first responders
  • Sensitivity training for treatment providers
  • Better communications from providers with family members to help their loved one 
This month's questions will dig a little deeper into this topic, since we had such a great set of responses to really look at the experience in an emergency room setting.

El programa De Persona a Persona de NAMI es un curso gratis compuesto de 10 sesiones para adultos que viven con los retos de una enfermedad mental. De Persona a Persona de NAMI ofrece un ambiente educativo que se centra en la recuperación brindando respeto, comprensión, motivación y esperanza. El programa educativo De Persona a Persona de NAMI:
  • Es gratis y confidencial
  • Toma lugar (una vez) por semana para dos horas
  • Es impartido por mentores capacitados que también se encuentran en proceso de recuperación
  • Es una magnífica fuente de información acerca de la salud mental y la recuperación
boardGet to know your Board of Directors
Dorothy Hendrickson, Second Vice President
Dorothy Hendrickson has been a member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) since 2006. Anxiety-Panic Disorder and substance use runs in her family.  Her eldest son lives with a chronic mental illness.
Dorothy served on the NAMI Orange County Board of Directors from 2006-08, the NAMI California Board from 2008- to present, and the NAMI State Presidents Council from 2012-14.  She served as the President of NAMI California from 2010-14 and currently holds the position of Second Vice President.
Dorothy held the position of Administrative Manager for an Orange County Board Supervisor and the county's Heath Care Agency from 1998-2014.
For over 30 years, Dorothy has volunteered on numerous public and private advisory committees, boards, and commissions. She has been an active volunteer in her local and faith-based communities.   During her tenure, as a volunteer and paid county employee, she developed, managed, and implemented many effective and lucrative projects, programs, services. 

Dorothy was elected to the NAMI Board of Directors at their annual convention in July and plans to utilize her experience, knowledge, and expertise to expand NAMI's mission, meet their strategic goals, and ensure mental health parity.

Lynn Cathy is a native Californian.  She holds a BS degree in Secondary Education and until her husband's retirement from the Navy in 1998, she was a military wife for 18 years.  Upon his retirement, she, her husband and two sons moved to Sacramento.  She has been involved with NAMI since 2001, volunteering in different capacities in her local NAMI Sacramento chapter and became part of the NAMI California staff in 2007.  She currently holds the title of Family and Peer Programs Supervisor.  She and the Family and Peer Program Coordinator, Erik Villalobos, coordinate the Family and Peer education and support group programs.   

As part of her position with NAMI California she has coordinated over 90 trainings.  One of the things Lynn likes best about working for NAMI California is the amazing people that she meets.  These are people who have met the challenges of mental health either as a family member or a person with lived experience and become motivated to train in one of NAMI's programs to help others. Lynn is active in her church and enjoys swimming, yoga and a good movie!
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