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Eating Disorders and Mental Health
National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (Feb. 26- Mar.4)
Dear NAMI Families and Friends,

Happy February,

My heart was touched reading this powerfully moving article "New Year, New Resolve" shared by Stanford graduate and NAMI El Dorado County member/friend from the Placerville (Western Slope) area, V.A.

Did you know that Anorexia is the deadliest mental illness? Prior to neuroscientists and psychiatrists understanding how to study and interpret MRI's of the brain the masses believed those of us living with obesity or thinness just needed to eat more or eat less. Today we know that those living with eating disorders are also living with co-occuring anxiety and depression in nearly all cases. Myths and mis-information are still plentiful so if you or a loved one are dealing with self-image issues get as much education as possible for yourself and your support system about mental health. points out that 1 in 20 will be affected by an eating disorder at some point in our lifetime. features Dr. Carrie McAdams, in this replayable webinar "The Social Brain in Anorexia Nervosa." While the title includes "Anorexia" I found this webinar relevant to any of us with an eating disorder. Dr. McAdams, neuroscientist and psychiatrist suggests empathy and support and considering words such as "Nutritional Rehabilitation" rather than stating "just eat more" or "just eat less!" - National Eating provides this screening tool apporpriate for age 13+ Chicago-Med, Season 3, Episode 8 : Lemons and Lemonade highlights a case of Anorexia and the hospital and family's struggle to provide help.

NAMI in partnership with Lake Tahoe Community College now has monthly peer-led drop-in office hours at the El Dorado County main library in South Lake Tahoe (second Wednesday of each month 1-3 p.m. - thank you NAMI peer leader/volunteer Michael T.) Thank you Barton and the entire Community Mental and Behavoral Health Co-op for your on-going support in the community. Thank you LTCC's Julie Booth and the approximately 100 students and staff that attended our mental health awareness event last month!

Together we are making a difference. Our annual NAMIWalks is 5-May-2018. Thank you to those in our community working collaboratively towards whole person care and specifically greater evidence-based services and supports based on brain science.
On behalf of our entire board of directors and volunteers let us each be the change we want to see in the world.

Cheers, Jeanne Nelson, President, NAMI El Dorado County
Family Support Groups designed for family members and/or caregivers/friends supporting a loved one living with a mental health condition. 

3 Support Groups in El Dorado County:

Click here for meeting dates and details.

3 Warm-lines that offer non-judgemental experienced support to members of the community that want support, education or advocacy.

Placerville / Western Slope: 530-306-7710
South Lake Tahoe: 650-740-5776
Spanish Warm-line: 775-407-0306.   

In Need of a Crisis Line?
If you or your child needs information, resources or someone to talk to during difficult times:
County H&HS Crisis Hotlines:
  • Placerville/Western Slope: (530) 622-3345
  • South Lake Tahoe: (530) 544-2219

NAMI California offers free trainer training; free webinars; and supports our volunteerism!

FREE Workforce/Education Webinar - by NAMI CA

NAMI Homefront - registration open

NAMI El Dorado County's first Peer-to-Peer education in SLT starts in March! registration open
We are delighted to see progress towards improved care coordination that is aimed at a more seamless experience. Our community leaders (including NAMI El Dorado County) are working towards a more robust referral system with better resources for our providers.
Thank you Michael Ward for your leadership and facilitation.

February 1 update:
The Stepping Up Initiative in our county:

El Dorado County's Stepping Up Program Vision and Mission established and ideas shared with Chief Probation Officer, Brian Richart. Read details here
People with severe depression are experiencing hopeful results with brain-stimulation treatment according to Dr. Nolan Williams, a psychiatrist and neurologist and director of the Stanford Brain Stimulation Laboratory. Learn more about TMS here. NAMI El Dorado County found TMS available through Sutter in Sacramento and TMS Solutions but not in Reno or through more local providers. We are hopeful that Sierra Hospital, Sparks, NV (which is slated to open in the spring 2018 may provide such services.)

What to say when calling 9-1-1  
for a Mental Health Emergency: click here

Mental Health Kiosks locations

Grievance Filing Tips/Links:

Communication Tips :

Psycho-Education is Core to Recovery: Recommended Reading

Which Way to Compliance? Ask about Long-lasting injectables

Spanish language resources are here

Genetics, Genetics, Genetics: Do you really know your family history? family-tree

Community Health Directory is on-line a nd our county has where data illustrates health by zip code, age, etc.

NAMI On Campus in El Dorado County : Learn more here

I n-Home-Support Services; Disability Benefit Information; and Legal Assistance: click here
By NAMI El Dorado County Member, V.A.

It’s a new year, HALLELUJAH! 2017 came with so many hard times that I’m glad to have it behind me. And there’s something about a new year that gives me new hope and new resolve. Something has to change this year; things can’t go on the way they have been…Trying to help loved ones with mental illnesses has taken its toll. I take a long, deep breath and think about the lessons I learned in 2017 and how they can help me in 2018…

The biggest lesson I learned is that things don’t magically get better on their own. My family has been hoping for many years for a miracle – that my brother and sister would “figure it out” and get help and turn around. I have watched in horror as things went from bad to worse. My youngest brother died suddenly in July at 50; he struggled with many demons and, in the end, mental illness took its toll. My youngest sister has lost everything and is rapidly deteriorating from lack of sleep, caffeine abuse, and the constant stress from severe anxiety and depression. No, 2017 has been no picnic.
I often find myself wondering what I could have done differently to help them. Exploring this question has led me to my resolutions for 2018:

Complimentary NAMI Peer-to-Peer Program starts in South Lake Tahoe this Spring. Are you living with mild-to-moderate mental health issues or learning to manage a serious mental health condition? This class is for you! Free snacks and lunch and copyrighted materials included.

The 2018 NAMI California Annual Conference will take place June 1-2 at the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel & Spa on Del Monte Golf Course in Monterey, California. Register today and take advantage of special pricing!
NAMI Walks Northern California,
Saturday 5-May-2018 -
Mark your calendar!
Modern Brain Research - click here

Teenage Brain and Addiction: learn more here

BBRF Webinar - Psychotic Disorders: Current Concepts and Therapeutics
Tuesday, Feb 13, 2018
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Caring for the Patient with Schizophrenia: Nursing, Pharmacy, and Social Work Perspectives
Virtual Forum | Feb 5, 2018
9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. 
  2018 Board of Directors

Board Meetings: Are open to the public - we meet every other month on the 1st Tuesday of the month.
Date: 6-Feb-2018
Time: 5:30 p.m. - 6:45 p.m. Conference Room C at the County Offices on Fairview Lane, Placerville

Future board meetings: 03-Apr, 05-Jun, 7-Aug, and 02-Oct-2018.

Have you been wait-listed to see a Psychiatrist?  Make an immediate appointment with your Primary Care Physician and openly share symptoms and seek a referral to tele-psychiatry in the interim.
BHC (Behavioral Health Commission) next meets Wed., 28-Feb 5 p.m. Open to the public!
Thank you BHC volunteers!
2 locations - both connected via video-link. Agenda/Minutes/Reports click here
  • Health and Human Services Agency, 3057 Briw Rd., Sierra Room, Placerville, CA 
  • South Lake Tahoe at the Wellness Center 1900 Lake Tahoe Blvd 

Key Takeaways from last month:

1) Volunteers voted in to continue or begin Behavioral Health Commission roles.
2) Stepping Up in our county ( ) not off to an efficient start but Brian Richart, Chief Probation Officer to make this a priority in January 2018 some 2.5 years after Board of Supervisors signed a resolution to implement. Updates sought monthly. John Hidahl, BOS, commits to ensuring this is a priority.
2) County H&HS monthly reporting package continues to improve. The % of cases served by slope is in line with the % population in SLT and WS respectively.
Community Mental Health Events

SMART Recovery weekly support group is back Tuesdays 6 p.m. in South Lake Tahoe and receiving positive reviews. Have anxiety or depression? This group may be for you.

Click here for list of other upcoming Mental Health events (this list excludes NAMI programs).

NAMI Programs/Groups - here
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