April 3, 2018

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"Being able to share your diagnosis can help to dispel myths and reduce stigma. Talking about mental health, just as one would talk about physical health, sends a powerful message that it's OK to get help."-Barbara Ricci

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This edition of the NAMI-NYS E-News provides details of the New York State budget agreement as well as our support of Extreme Risk Protection Orders. You will also find information about NAMI-NYS's involvement in an historic advanced CIT training and our establishing a new fund to advance mental health recovery in young adults. NAMI Board Member Barbara Ricci writes about discussing mental health in the workplace. Plus, you will also read how Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson is the latest celebrity to discuss his personal connection to mental illness. 

NAMIWalk season is about to start and this issue details  kick-off events and the NAMI-NYS Strong Body, Strong Minds challenge. 

As always, we want to know about  the work you are doing.
Please email  Matthew@NAMINYS.org with details and pictures about your work. This way we can feature it in the E-News and print Newsletter. Showcasing your work will allow others to learn from you, and that's the best way we can grow together as an organization. 

Hope Starts With You

NAMI-NYS Provides Insights on NYS Budget Agreement

Last Friday, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Legislature reached an agreement on the state budget. As is usually the case the final budget presented a mixed bag of results for the issues NAMI-NYS had advocated for. The advocacy voice of NAMI-NYS and our members helped contribute to several key investments, however we were disappointed that there was not a significant investment in mental health housing. 

Mental Health Parity: NAMI-NYS is very enthused that $1.5 million was added to the budget to create a ombudsmen program to monitor insurance parity violations and network adequacy. Many people continue to struggle to find mental health providers that accept their insurance and we hope that this program will help improve this barrier to treatment. 

Click here to watch the Mental Health Now episode on Insurance Parity. 

Mental Health Housing: Despite the hard work and passionate advocacy effort of the Bring it Home Campaign, the final budget failed to increase the $10 million investment that was originally contained in the Governor's proposal. While this is a disappointment, the fact remains that there is an investment in mental health housing and hopefully this is a foundation that we can build on in the future.  

Click here to watch the Mental Health Now episode on Mental Health Housing. 

CIT: The budget contains an additional investment of  $925, 000  for expansion of Crisis Intervention Teams across the state. This is a positive development.

Prescriber Prevails: Prescriber prevails language will be fully restored.

School Mental Health Resource and Training Center: We want to congratulate our friends at the Mental Health Association of New York State for successfully advocating to fund a school mental health resource and training center. 

We want to thank all of you who contributed your voices to our advocacy efforts. Your dedication has led to a more mentally healthy New York State. We will continue to need your voice to help advance key legislative bills as the session continues. 

NAMI-NYS Co-Produces Historic Advanced CIT Training

On Thursday, March 29th, NAMI-NYS partnered with the Albany County Department of Mental Health, the Albany Police Department, the Epilepsy Foundation of Northeastern New York, CIT International and Sunovion Pharmaceuticals to produce an 8-hour advanced CIT training. The training is designed to provide  officers who were previously trained in CIT  with enhanced  comprehension of how to properly intervene with people with mental illness, as well as teach them about Epilepsy. 

This was only the second time this pilot program has been offered in the United States. A previous training was held in Miami and two more are planned for Chicago and Columbus, Ohio. Forty-five officers participated in the training and many high ranking members of the police force also attended. 

The morning session focused on Epilepsy. It was interesting to learn that some types of Epileptic seizures mirror the symptoms of psychosis. During lunch a keynote presentation was delivered by Major Sam Cochran who founded the CIT program and Don Kamin, Director, of New York State's Institute for Police, Mental Health & Community Collaboration and Vice-President of CIT International. NAMI-NYS's Associate Director, Public Affairs, Matthew Shapiro participated in the afternoon panel session alongside Lt. Willie Flack (recipient of the 2017 NAMI-NYS Criminal Justice Award), Katie Flanagan Supervisor of Albany County Mobile Crisis Team, Major Cochran, Harvey Rosenthal of NYAPRS, Pam Dolacky, RN, Program Director of the Capital District Psychiatric Center's Crisis Services and Tanya Stevens of the Mental Health Empowerment Project.  

Click here to see pictures from the training. 

Click here to watch the Mental Health Now episode on CIT featuring Lt. Flack and Don Kamin. 

NAMI-NYS Participates in the New York 
Extreme Risk Protection Orders Coalition

NAMI-NYS has joined a broad coalition advocating for Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs), which would remove guns from the homes of those deemed by a court to be a danger to themselves or others. 

"Government and society must do everything possible to ensure the safety and well-being of those living with psychiatric disorders -- and the removal of firearms during vulnerable times is certainly a step towards this goal,"  said Wendy Burch, Executive Director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness-New York State . "This bill will help keep all New Yorkers -- including the one-in-four New York families impacted by mental illness -- safe. It will help reduce gun violence of all stripes, including suicide. That's why we look forward to working with our partners to ensure this law is enacted in the budget, and that police and judges have the training and information they need to safely implement these lifesaving orders."

Click here to learn more about ERPOs
Click here to read our support memo for ERPOs

NAMI-NYS to Establish Dustin Mele Memorial Fund

A few weeks ago, the E-News detailed NAMI-NYS  and NAMI Rensselaer's participation in the Dustin Mele Memorial Concert. Last week, NAMI-NYS's Matthew Shapiro and Tina Lee met with Dustin's father Joe and sister Lindsay to discuss how we plan to use their  generous support. 

NAMI-NYS will be establishing the Dustin Mele Memorial Fund which will be used to provide scholarships for young adults to attend our education conference as well as increase our activities in schools. As Dustin lost his life as a result of mental illness at a young age, the Meles want to help provide tools to help other young adults achieve recovery from mental illness.   

It was a real pleasure meeting the Mele family and learning more about Dustin. Like many NAMI-NYS families the Meles are bravely using their painful experience to help others. W e are deeply proud  to partner with Joe and Lindsay to honor Dustin's memory.

Barbara Ricci Writes in the Harvard Business Review:
When You Need to Take Time Off Work for 
Mental Health Reasons

NAMI-NYC Metro and NAMI board member Barbara Ricci just published an article in the Harvard Business Review providing strategies on how employees can discuss their mental health issues and with their bosses and colleagues.

Barbara writes, " if you want to have a conversation with your boss or colleagues about your health, do it on your terms, when work is going well and you are in an unemotional state. You might make yourself more vulnerable with those you trust, but being able to share your diagnosis can help to dispel myths and reduce stigma. Talking about mental health, just as one would talk about physical health, sends a powerful message that it's OK to get help."

Click here to read the full article. 

NAMI Westchester and NAMI Queens/Nassau Hold Their 
NAMIWalks Kick-Off Events

The NAMI Westchester event featured Joe Glazer, Deputy Commissioner for the Westchester County Department of Community Mental Health, and Westchester County Executive Ken Jenkins. Marion Walsh, partner with kick-off Sponsor Littman Krooks, LLC and NAMIWalks team captain, spoke about the company's commitment to NAMI's mission. The Community Spirit Award was presented to Whole Foods Market. Blaine Bradley, Metro Marketing Team Leader-Westchester County, accepted the award and assured those assembled that Whole Foods Market and he personally will continue to support NAMI Westchester's endeavors.

The Queens/Nassau event featured a presentation by Jason Paden who discussed how NAMI has helped him advance his recovery and supported his family. Andrew Malekoff of North Shore Children and Family Guidance Center also spoke.

You can learn more about all the NAMIWalks taking place in New York State in the NAMIWalks Section below.   

You Can't "Pray Away" A Mental Health Condition

A new NAMI Blog focusses on how the African-American community views mental health and suicide. The author explores the role of stigma and other misconceptions that are prevalent  in the African-American community and cause many people not to seek the psychiatric help they may need.

Click here  to read more. 
New York News
 New York Daily News Editorial-Mentally Ill, Nowhere to Go: There are Increasingly Few Places Where Those in Need of Serious Psychological Help can get Treatment

On April 1st, the New York Daily News editorial staff wrote an exceptional editorial detailing how despite the success of the New York City Thrive initiative, too many people with serious mental illness are sill having issues accessing long-term services as hospital's continue to reduce psychiatric beds. 

The editorial concludes that "advances in drug technology, outpatient treatment (including court-ordered care under Kendra's Law) and supportive housing all combine to make hospitalizations less necessary now than once upon a time. But when patients show up at the ER in acute distress, many will need somewhere to spend many more nights under medical care. Never, ever forget them."

NAMI-NYS is grateful to the Daily News for giving those with serious mental illness and their families the attention we deserve. We also want to express our gratitude to the Daily News for showcasing this issue in a non-stigmatizing manner. While many in the media continue to scapegoat those with mental illness and discuss issues impacting our community in a way that invokes fear among the general population, this editorial demonstrates that the vital discussion highlighting the failure to provide proper psychiatric care can take place without resorting to tactics that perpetuate misconceptions about people living with a mental illness.

Click here to read the editorial. 

When You're 16 and It's Your First Time in Solitary

The Marshall Project recently shared the harrowing experience of a young man who at sixteen years old had to serve time in solitary confinement at the Onondaga County Justice Center in Syracuse.

This is how the young man identified as Jordan explains his experience in solitary: "You're just surrounded by four walls with a dim light, with no cellmate, no commissary, no pictures of your family. And that's day after day after day. Before long, your emotions get pushed to a limit you didn't even know they could be pushed to. It was enough to push me to the brink of not wanting to live...I felt unbearable pain, and it changed me; I felt like I aged 10 years just by doing 20 days in there."

Click here to read the full article. 

OMH Family Care Program

Family Care is a residential service sponsored by OMH for persons who have been diagnosed with serious mental illness. The program places individuals in need of community placement (residents) with persons certified to deliver residential care in their own homes. Family Care providers receive training, support and financial reimbursement for their services. Residents receive the kind of support, guidance and companionship that naturally occurs in families and communities.

Click here to learn more. 
National News
Kaiser CEO Bernard J. Tyson on Mental Health Issues: 'Nobody Wants to Talk About It'

In response to increased conversations around  teen suicide  and mental health, Bernard J. Tyson, chairman and CEO of Oakland, California.based Kaiser Permanente,  argues  a significant portion of America's mental health problems is due to the fact that no one talks about these issues. In an effort to improve the health of patients at Kasier, one of the country's largest nonprofit health plans, Mr. Tyson implemented "Find Your Words," which aims to fight the stigma around mental health issues and shows people there are ways to ask for help with these problems.

Beyond just speaking about it, Mr. Tyson suggests Americans work on improving the language used to discuss mental health. Mr. Tyson encourages people to adopt new terms for discussing mental health, such as "brain health" or "mental wellness."

Click here to read more. 

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Details How Mental Illness has
Impacted Him and His Family

Famed actor and former professional wrestler Dwayne 'the Rock" Johnson is the latest celebrity to discuss how mental illness has impacted both him and his family. He explains how both he and his mother have battled depression and recounts how when he was sixteen years old he had to thwart a suicide attempt made by his mother. 

Click here to read more. 

NIMH Update

Click here to read the latest Update from NIMH.

Director's Message:
Towards a Genomic Psychiatry: Recommendations of the Genomics Workgroup of the NAMHC

In his latest Director's Message, Dr. Joshua Gordon discusses how a Genomics Workgroup of the National Advisory Mental Health Council has issued a report with recommendations for NIMH's ongoing support of genomics research. Dr. Gordon offers highlights of the report with his reflections.

Click here to read more. 

New Clinical Trial Now Seeking Recruits
Depression and Brain Function
(Inpatient and/or Outpatient study: 8 weeks, and 3 once-a-month follow up visits or phone calls.) This depression research study tests the effects of the combination of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and psychotherapy on brain function. Participation includes research evaluations, brain scans, and  active TMS and psychotherapy, or inactive TMS and psychotherapy .  
Recruiting ages 18-65 with major depressive disorder, who are free of other serious medical conditions. If you are currently taking anti-depressants, you may still be eligible. (17-M-0147). Click here for more information or Call: 1-877-MIND-NIH, (1-877-646-3644), TTY: 1-877-411-1010, or email  moodresearch@mail.nih.gov.
NAMI Walks

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NAMIWalks NYS: Strong Body, Strong Mind 2018
NAMI NYS invites You to join the movement...
Tina Lee and Christine Rickeman Share Their Week 1 Goals

NAMI NYS challenges you to participate in our Strong Body, Strong Mind Fitness Challenge. Every week the NAMIWalks section of the E-News will feature Strong Body, Strong Mind tools including healthy recipes, fitness challenges, and mindful exercises.

This week, NAMI-NYS Community Education and Outreach Manager Tina Lee and Helpline Coordinator Christine Rickeman share their Strong Body, Strong Mind goals as well as the recipe and exercise tip of the week. Click here to read.  

We also encourage you to post on your social media why you support NAMI-NYS and are participating in the walk. Send in your posts and we will feature the posts in our upcoming newsletter.
Start your walk team now and join us to change attitudes and save lives!
Come Walk for Wellness on Saturday, September 29th, at Jennings Landing, Albany NY. This inspirational community event will have a full day of live music, informational tabling, and family friendly activities.
Healthy Minds = Healthy Communities

Learn More About the Other NAMIWalks Taking Place in New York State

Click here for NAMIWalks Rochester, taking place May 5th at Village Gate.

Click here for NAMIWalks Long Island/Queens, taking place May 5th at Jones Beach.

Click here for NAMIWalks New York City Metro taking place May 12th at the South Street Seaport. 

Click here for NAMIWalks Westchester taking place May 19th at Rye Town Park.
Save the Date

Click here to register for the A Brighter Day Event taking place on May 4th. This free event will also serve as the kick-off for NAMIWalk NYS 2018. 

APRIL 3 - Capital District Psychiatric Center Family Services Presents: An Overview of Talk Saves Lives Sponsored by American Foundation Suicide Prevention (A.F.S.P.) presented by Holly Briggs, CDPC Social Worker. Tuesday, April 3, 2018, from 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm in the CDPC Family Resource Center, 75 New Scotland Ave., Albany, NY. For more information or to register contact: Frank Greco, Director of Family Services (518) 549-6816.

APRIL 9-The New York State Office of Mental Health will be holding a Regional Advisory Committee Meeting for Consumer and Families from 8:30 am-4:30 pm and will be available to all via statewide video teleconference.

Click here to learn more.
APRIL 19-20-NYAPRS will be hosting their 14th annual Executive Seminar-New Strategies and Partnerships to Support the Most Challenged New Yorkers. The conference will feature presentations by Elinore McCance-Katz, HHS Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance Use, and renowned author and family advocate Pete Earley. NAMI-NYS will be exhibiting at the event and we hope you can join us.
Click here to learn more. 

April 20th- NAMI-NYS Young Adult Network member Olivia Case will be hosting a screening of Suicide: The Ripple Effect at the Regal Theatre in Victor, NY. The film chronicles Kevin Hines, who at age 19 attempted to take his life by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. Seventeen years later, he still struggles with many of the same symptoms that led him to attempt to take his life, but he is on a mission to use his story to help others stay alive. The screening will benefit NAMI-NYS.
Click here to learn more and register. 

APRIL 25- While a student at SCCC, NAMI Rensselaer County member Stephen Piorkowski began a project in conjunction with CREATE Studios to create a wall of tiles to raise disability awareness. Tiles would be painted by those whose lives have been affected by disabilities (including mental illness); CREATE would fire them and affix them to a column where they would be seen to raise awareness.
We welcome those living with a disability, as well as caregivers and anyone whose life has been affected by a disability to participate.

Materials will be provided and this is a free event.
Wednesday, April 25th, 11:00am--1:00pm
Schenectady County Community College
78 Washington Ave, Schenectady, NY
Click here to sign up 
MAY 1- Capital District Psychiatric Center Family Services Presents: An Overview of Mental Health Services in Rensselaer County by Kirstein DonVito, Rensselaer County Department of Mental Health Deputy Commissioner - Clinical AOT Coordinator and SPOA. Tuesday, May 1 2018 from 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm in the CDPC Family Resource Center, 75 New Scotland Ave., Albany, NY. For more information or to register contact: Frank Greco, Director of Family Services (518) 549-6816.

MAY 4-NAMI-NYS will be hosting the 6th Annual A Brighter Day event. The free event which will also serve as the NAMIWalks NYS Kick-Off event will be taking place from 5-7:30pm at Glennpeter Jewelers Diamond Center, located at 1544 Central Avenue Albany. 

Click here to learn more and register.

May 8-Join NAMI-NYS for What's Great in Our State 2018: A Forum to Celebrate Children's Mental Health Awareness. The event which will feature NAMI-NYS Young Adult Network Member Dianna Paige delivering the Young Adult Voice of Recovery address will be taking place from 1:30-4:30pm at the New York State Museum. There is no fee to attend the event. 

Click here to learn more and register. 

Signature Programs
MARCH 28 - NAMI Huntington Family-to-Family. Wednesdays, March 28th-June 13th  7:00pm. -9:00 pm  at the Northport VA Medical Center, Building 200-A1-5, 79 Middleville Rd. , Northport, NY 11768. To register contact: Jill Ryan (516) 695-0389( quiltanp@aol.com ), Barry Goggin(631) 261-4400 Ext 2785 (  Barry.goggin@va.gov ), Jane Dovi  (631) 835-2277 ( janedovi@icloud.com ).

APRIL 3-NAMI Orange County Family-to-Family .Tuesdays, April 3rd - June 19th , 6:30 pm- 9:00 pm at the First Presbyterian Church, 33 Park Place, Goshen, 10924.To register contact NAMI Orange County namiorangeny@warwick.net  / (845)956-6264.

APRIL 5- NAMI Cattaraugus Family-to-Family. Thursdays April 5th - June 21st from 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm at the Directions In Independent Living, 512 West State Street, Olean, NY 14760. To  Register Contact Theresa Klice (716) 373-4602. Program Leaders: Theresa Klice and Lenny Ligouri
APRIL 5- NAMI Sullivan Family-to-Family. Thursdays April 5th - June 14th from 6:00 pm-8:30 pm at 20 Crystal St., Monticello, NY 12701. To register contact ( 845) 794-1029 / ( namiofsullivan@gmail.com). Co teachers Lori Schneider and Mary Moore.  

APRIL 9 - NAMI Staten Island Family-to-Family. Mondays, April 9th -June 25 from 7:00 pm-9:30 pm at the Holy Rosary Parish, 85 Jerome Ave., Staten Island, New York 10305.   Paulette and Keith will be teaching. Please contact us to register (718) 477-1700.
APRIL 9- NAMI Putnam County Family to Family. Mondays April 9th - June 25th from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at the Kent Public Library 
17 Sybils Crossing, Carmel Hamlet, NY 10512. To register please contact William or Wanda Crowley (914) 522-3812 / (wcrowley.708@gmail.com).  

APRIL 11-NAMI Rochester Family-to-Family. Wednesday's April 11th -June 27th, 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM at NAMI Rochester (320 N. Goodman Street, Suites 102/103, Rochester, NY 14607). To enroll, contact Beth Winslow-D'Amico at (585) 423-1593 or beth@namirochester.org.

APRIL 12-NAMI Saratoga/Schenectady Family to Family. Thursday's April 12 through June 28 from 6:15 pm to 8:45 pm at Four Winds Hospital 30 Crescent Avenue, Saratoga Springs, NY. Call to register Dotte Coon (518) 429-5047 e-mail ( dottecoon@aol.com) Or Cindy Seacord (518) 374-8071 e-mail ( cwseacord@hotmail.com)

APRIL 12-NAMI Rochester Homefront. Thursday's April 12th - May 17th, 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM at Rochester Veterans Transition Center (1867 Mt. Hope Avenue, Rochester 14620) To enroll, contact Beth Winslow-D'Amico at (585) 423-1593 or beth@namirochester.org.

APRIL 17- NAMI Columbia County Family to Family. Tuesdays April 17th - June 26th from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at the Niverville-Chatham United Methodist Church, 28 Church St., Niverville, NY 12130. To register contact Heather Llyod (914) 629-5299/ ( namiccny@gmail.com) or Nicole Corey (518) 931-4170/ ( thomco1@ix.netcom.com)  

APRIL 19- NAMI Rensselaer Family-to-Family. Thursday's, April 19th  - July 5th  from 6:00 pm-8:30 pm at the NAMI-NYS Office, 99 Pine St. Suite 105, Albany, NY. 12207. To register, please contact: NAMI Rensselaer County, (518) 588-6949/ email: namirensco@gmail.com or Christine Rickeman: (518) 462-2000/email: christine@naminys.org.  Co Teachers: Robin Cole and Christine Robinson-Cooley.

MAY 8- NAMI Orange County Family-to-Family. Tuesdays, May 8th -July 24th  , 6:30 pm -9:00 pm  at the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, 145 Benkard Ave., Newburgh, NY 12550. To register contact NAMI Orange County (namiorangeny@warwick.net)  / (845)956-6264. 
JUNE 3- NAMI Orange County Basics. Sundays, June 3rd -July 8th , 6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church, 33 Park Place, Goshen, 10924. To register contact NAMI Orange County ( namiorangeny@warwick.net)  / (845)956-6264.
JULY 11-NAMI Rochester Basics. Wednesday's July 11th -August 15th, 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM at NAMI Rochester (320 N. Goodman Street, Suites 102/103, Rochester, NY 14607). To enroll, contact Beth Winslow-D'Amico at (585) 423-1593 or beth@namirochester.org.

SEPTEMBER 5-NAMI Rochester Family-to-Family .Wednesday's September 5th - November 28th, 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM at NAMI Rochester (320 N. Goodman Street, Suites 102/103, Rochester, NY 14607). To enroll, contact Beth Winslow-D'Amico at (585) 423-1593 or beth@namirochester.org.

Please contact your local affiliate program le aders for more information and how to enroll.
NAMI Family-to-Family
April 6th -8th
Location: NAMI-NYS Office
NAMI Homefront
April 20th -22nd
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NAMI Basics
 June 2nd-3rd
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June 15th-17th
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NAMI Family Support Group and NAMI Connections
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