June 20, 2018

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At the 3rd Annual NAMIWalks-NYS
September 29th 2018
8:30 am Registration
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Jennings Landing
1 Quay Street, Albany NY

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"Team Walk and Talk About it"

 Pam Slotsky
I'm walking for those who deal with mental illness. I'm walking for people you and I know.
One in five people in America experiences major mental illness so it's very likely that you know someone whose life has been affected by it. I certainly do. Maybe it's a family member, maybe it's a friend, maybe it's you. Mental illness affects not only the person with the illness but also their loved ones.
This is where NAMI comes in. The National Alliance on Mental Illness supports those affected; it educates, it advocates. It is an association of hundreds of local affiliates, state organizations and volunteers who work to raise awareness and provide support and education that was not previously available to those in need.
NAMI Rensselaer County not only helped me find resources to assist my loved one, it provided, and continues to provide, support and education for me.
I now volunteer to teach a free 12-week educational class for families affected by mental illness; I'm a facilitator for a support group; I'm treasurer for NAMI Rensselaer County.
I'll be walking in our third local NAMIWalks on September 29, 2018 to raise awareness and raise funds to help support our local NAMI affiliate, NAMI NY and NAMI(national).
Please consider a donation. Every penny helps.
Donating to NAMI through my page is easy, fast and secure. Your donation will make a difference and help people and families affected by mental illness right here in our region. Thank you for your support! 

"Squirt's Squad"

Lindsey Snide
Please come join my team, Squirt's Squad, for our 2nd annual NAMIWalks event! We are walking to raise awareness of mental illness and raise funds for the important work of NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness.
My name is Lindsey aka "Squirt."  I have struggled with a couple of Mental Health Illnesses since I was around 4 years old.  With the consistent support and advocacy from my parents and those closest to me, I have finally received the correct diagnoses.
Although I continue to struggle every day, I continue to get through my day by "Just Keep Swimming." Please come and "swim", I really mean walk, with me on September 29th to support my swim through life.  If you can join us, please let us know so we can make sure you have a team shirt.  My mom's (Julie) email is  gimp7722@hotmail.com or text/call her at (518) 337-6252.
Please JOIN MY TEAM and walk with me or SUPPORT ME by making a donation to one of my team members.  All funds raised directly support the mission of NAMI.  Donations can be made to my page directly at  https://www.namiwalks.org/team/23625 
Your participation and support mean a lot to me and my team!
Thank you everyone, Lindsey


NAMI-NYS Peer-to-Peer Training

Congratulations to the newest Graduating Peer to Peer teachers! The class was held June 15th -17th at the NAMINYS office with State Trainers Cynthia Scott and Donna Isreal.

NA MI Rensselaer and NAMI-NYS attend Capital Pride

On June 10th, NAMI Rensselaer's Mary Beth Honsinger and Mary Crowley, along with NAMI-NYS Bill Wallace(not shown), attended the Capital Pride Festival at Washington Park in Albany.

NAMIWalks Kickoff Party

The 3rd annual Kickoff Party for NAMIWalks-NYS took place June 18th at the Crossings in Colonie. All who came participated in the start of our NAMI-NYS Quilt of Hope! We had a great time getting geared up for the the Walk in September!

Make sure to keep reading the E-newsletter as we will be starting to feature each affiliate during the up coming weeks!

Have you been infected by stigma?

As May was Mental Health Awareness Month NAMI started the
#curestigma campaign.  Each year millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental illness. During May, NAMI and the rest of the country raised awareness of mental health. Each year we fight stigma, provide support, educate the public and advocate for policies that support people with mental illness and their families.
In 2018, NAMI will promote the theme of of  "CureStigma" throughout all awareness events, including Mental Health Month.

Why this cause is important: One in 5 Americans is affected by mental health conditions. Stigma is toxic to their mental health because it creates an environment of shame, fear and silence that prevents many people from seeking help and treatment. The perception of mental illness won't change unless we act to change it.

Campaign manifesto: There's a virus spreading across America. It harms the 1 in 5 Americans affected by mental health conditions. It shames them into silence. It prevents them from seeking help. And in some cases, it takes lives. What virus are we talking about? It's stigma. Stigma against people with mental health conditions. But there's good news. Stigma is 100% curable. Compassion, empathy and understanding are the antidote. Your voice can spread the cure. Join NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Together we can  #CureStigma.
Click here to see full campaign and videos

NAMI And Partners Release New Report On Inadequate Health Plans 
People with mental illness shouldn't have to worry about sky-high insurance premiums or being denied health care coverage because of a pre-existing mental health condition. Fortunately, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) currently requires health insurance to cover mental health and substance use treatment services at parity with other health care. But there are new threats from the federal government that would weaken insurance protections for people with mental illness. 

Click here  for full article
New York News
The Largest Health Disparity We Don't Talk About - The New York Times
The New York Times recently published an article about the relationship between mental illness and death. Although hidden and commonly unknown to the general public, individuals with serious mental illness, such as depression and bipolar disorder, die fifteen to thirty years younger than individuals without mental illness. Interestingly, individuals with mental illnesses are more likely to die from the same things everyone dies from including common illnesses like cancer and heart disease as opposed to unnatural causes. In order for hospitals and clinics to help the mentally ill, the two processes, therapeutic pessimism and diagnostic overshadowing, need to undergo a series of reforms. When individuals with mental illness portray symptoms of physical illnesses, they are unlikely to receive the necessary care and treatment they deserve because of the faulty behavior clinician's display when putting the mental health needs of a client before the physical health needs.
click here  to read the full article.

The Crazy Talk About Bringing Back Asylums
An article from the New York Times discusses the possibility to bring back mental asylums. Due to the shortage of psychiatric beds available, people that favor institutional care, believe mental asylums are necessary in order to protect people from mental health conditions, homelessness, and becoming criminals. To contrast, others favoring community based care, are solely concerned with the little that has been done since the apparent shortage. Both sides agree that mental health institutions cannot act alone in solving this dilemma; many options must exist to satisfy the needs and desires of those with mental illness.
Click here to learn more
National News
What It Means for Kanye West to Open Up About Bipolar Disorder

Kanye West's recently opened up about having bipolar disorder in an article featured by the Daily Beast. The song "Yikes" from West's album Ye brings some much needed positivity and light to bipolar disorder by describing bipolar disorder as a superpower as opposed to a disability. Similarly to Kanye West, many famous individuals are starting to discuss their personal mental health struggles including Prince Harry, Kevin Love and DeMar DeRozan. It is so important to remember that several individuals are impacted by mental illness. Even though stigma exists, it is evident that mental health awareness is making a huge difference in the world.
Click here to read full article.

Time To End New Hampshire's Shameful Practice Of Putting Individuals With Mental Illnesses Into A Maximum Security Prison To Save Money

Pete Earley recently wrote an article to address the harmful and inappropriate actions New Hampshire has taken against the mentally ill in to avoid the necessity for a secure wing within the state's hospital to be built. To save money, New Hampshire created a law in the 1980s that made it legal to send anyone with a mental illness who possesses violent behavior to the state's maximum security prison. One person affected significantly by this was Andrew Butler. According to Sandra Bloomenthal, Butler's attorney, Butler was "Held as a mental health patient without being in an accredited hospital, denied contact visits with his father, denied contact visits with his attorney, and is forced to wear prison clothing. He is locked down 23 hours a day. He has been tasered. The treatment he has received is cruel and unusual punishment without having been convicted of a crime and with no pending criminal process." Individuals with severe mental illness deserve to be treated in a mental health hospital as opposed to inside a prison that will create further damage to ones mental health.
click here to read full article.

Genes associated with infantile forms 
of schizophrenia identified
Scientists at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital (The Neuro) and McGill University have identified novel genes associated with a specific form of schizophrenia.
Schizophrenia is a major psychiatric illness affecting one per cent of the population worldwide. Patients suffering from schizophrenia present delusions, hallucinations, abnormal behavior, impairment in daily life and cognitive deficits. Current treatments are insufficient in addressing all of these symptoms.  The heritability of schizophrenia is estimated at 80 per cent, but the identification of genes associated with this illness has been challenging.
Click here to read more. 

Tackling bullying could help reduce depression in autistic teens
Teenagers with difficulties in social communication, including autism have higher rates of depressive symptoms, especially if they are being bullied.
Researchers at the University of Bristol, using questionnaire, clinic and genetic information on 6091 young people from the Children of the 90s longitudinal study, found that children with autism and those with autistic traits had more symptoms of depression when they were 10 years old than their peers and that this continued at least up to the age of 18.
Children with difficulties in social communication were also more likely to have a diagnosis of depression at 18 and the findings suggest an increased risk for those who suffered from bullying. The researchers did not find any link between having higher genetic tendencies towards autism and depressive symptoms.
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NIH Launches the All of Us Research Program

The Update above has a lot of details about the new NIH All of Us Research program. The mission of the All of Us Research Program is to speed up health research and medical breakthroughs. To do this, NIH is asking one million people to lead the way to provide the types of information that can help NIH create individualized prevention, treatment, and care for all of us.

What Does This Mean?

NIH is creating a research community of one million people who will share their unique health data. This will include answering survey questions and sharing electronic health records (EHR). Some participants may also be asked to provide blood or urine samples. The program will ask participants to answer more questions from time to time. It's up to you to decide how much information you want to share.

The health data gathered from participants will be stored in a database. Approved researchers can access this data to explore how factors like environment, lifestyle, and genetics, can impact health. This may help develop new medical treatments that are unique to individuals, and enable a future of precision medicine for all of us.

Click here to learn more. 

Hope Starts With YOU

NAMI Walks

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NAMIWalks NYS: Strong Body, Strong Mind 2018
NAMI NYS invites You to join the movement...
Helpline Coordinator Christine Rickeman Provides Update 
on Her Strong Mind, Strong Body Challenge 

NAMI-NYS challenges you to participate in our Strong Body, Strong Mind Fitness Challenge. Every week the NAMIWalks section of the E-News will feature Strong Body, Strong Mind tools including healthy recipes, fitness challenges, and mindful exercises.
Challenge update for Christine, the Resource and Information Helpline Coordinator NAMI-NYS. Week 2 of my second challenge to lose 10 more lbs only down one more pound...but not giving up! This next week will be a huge challenge for me as I will be at the National Convention in New Orleans and there is just to much good food to pass up...but if I walk instead of ride, drink my water and not go too crazy, with any luck, I won't be gaining any weight!
Here are the workouts and recipes for the week

Avocado & Mozzarella Stuffed Turkey Burgers

We also encourage you to post on your social media why you support NAMI-NYS and are participating in the walk. Send in your posts and we will feature the posts in our upcoming newsletter.
Start your walk team now  and join us to change attitudes and save lives!
Come Walk for Wellness on Saturday, September 29th, at Jennings Landing, Albany NY. This inspirational community event will have a full day of live music, informational tabling, and family friendly activities.
Healthy Minds = Healthy Communities

Learn More About the Other NAMIWalks 
Taking Place in New York State

Click here to support NAMIWalks Rochester, which took place May 5th at Village Gate.

Click here to support NAMIWalks Long Island/Queens, which took place May 5th at Jones Beach.

Click here to NAMIWalks New York City Metro which took place May 12th at the South Street Seaport. 

Click here for NAMIWalks Westchester taking place May 19th at Rye Town Park.
Save the Date

OCTOBER 9- The National Alliance on Mental Illness Champlain Valley will be sponsoring a free one day conference at Clinton Community College on October 9th titled, "Stand Up 2 Stigma." The conference will have a variety of workshops for peers, families, providers, and interested community members.
     Our keynote speaker for the event is David Granirer, a counselor, stand-up comic, mental health keynote speaker, and author of The Happy Neurotic: How Fear and Angst Can Lead to Happiness and Success. He founded Stand Up For Mental Health, a program that teaches stand up comedy to people with mental illness or mental health issues as a way of building confidence and fighting public stigma. Additionally, the NYS Office Of Mental Health Commissioner, Mental Hygiene Legal Services and many other speakers will be joining us. 
     The event is expected to provide education & awareness around the effects of stigma, opportunities for reducing stigma, and a chance to become a proactive community member that supports mental health; like one supports cancer and diabetes.
     Consider joining us! For those who may remember in 2014 we sponsored Keys to Recovery - 250 were in attendance creating one of the largest mental health conferences in our community. This time, we ask you to take a stand, be the hero, and Stand Up 2 Stigma.
     We sincerely hope that you will be able to attend. Registration can be done by going to our  website at nami-cv.org and clicking the Stand Up 2 Stigma tab. When you sign up for the conference you will receive periodic updates.  Feel free to forward this information to your friends, family, and colleagues.
Any questions regarding the conference can be addressed to info@nami-cv.org. 

Signature Programs
JULY 11 -NAMI Rochester Basics. Wednesday's July 11th -August 15th, 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM at NAMI Rochester (320 N. Goodman Street, Suites 102/103, Rochester, NY 14607). To enroll, contact Beth Winslow-D'Amico at (585) 423-1593 or beth@namirochester.org.

JULY 12- NAMI Queens Nassau Peer- to- Peer. Thursdays July 12th -August 30th from 6:30pm - 8:30pm at NAMI Queens Nassau, 1981 Marcus Ave. Ste. C-117, Lake Success, NY, 11042. To register please contact Robert Keller (516)326-0797/ rkeller@namiqn.org.

SEPTEMBER 5-NAMI Rochester Family-to-Family .Wednesday's September 5th - November 28th, 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM at NAMI Rochester (320 N. Goodman Street, Suites 102/103, Rochester, NY 14607). To enroll, contact Beth Winslow-D'Amico at (585) 423-1593 or beth@namirochester.org.
Please contact your local affiliate program le aders for more information and how to enroll.

NAMI Family Support Group and NAMI Connections
 June 22nd -24th
Location: NAMI-NYS Office

NAMI-NYS | 99 Pine Street Suite 105| Albany, New York 12207 | (518) 462-2000