July 22nd, 2016
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Happy Friday Readers

This week's edition of the NAMI-NYS E-Newsletter features some follow-up from last week including video of NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's acceptance of the NAMI Distinguished service award and NAMI's new report on engagement. We also feature stories about new DSRIP resources, how tragic news stories impact our mental health and the potential of getting mental health legislation through the U.S. Senate.

We also have a correction from last week's edition. We stated that all of the New York State House of Representatives delegation voted yes on HR: 2646, which was not correct. While no New York Representative voted in the negative, two Representatives, John Katko and Jerrold Nadler, were not present for the vote.

As always, we want to know about the work you are doing. Please email  Matthew@NAMINYS.org with details and pictures about your work. This way we can feature it in the E-News and the upcoming Summer Newsletter. Showcasing your work will allow others to learn from you and that's the best way we can grow together as an organization. 

Hope Starts With You!
NAMI-NYS Participates in the 2016 NIMH Outreach Partner Program Meeting
(clockwise from upper left) Matthew Shapiro with Dr. Robert Heinssen,  Acting Branch Chief, Adult Treatment and Preventive Intervention Research Branch, NIMH. Dr. Heinssen will be presenting at this year's Education Conference; Dr. Bruce Cuthbert, Acting Director of NIMH visits NAMI-NYS partner sharing poster display;  our poster display detailing Mental Health Now.

The 2016 NIMH Outreach Partner Program (OPP) Meeting took place July 18-21 at the Porter Neuroscience Research Center on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) campus in Bethesda, Maryland. NAMI-NYS serves as the one of the two Outreach Partners for New York. The annual OPP brings together the partners from all 50 states to hear from leading national researchers as well as those conducting work on the NIH/NIMH campuses.

The meeting also features partner sessions where the partners detail unique projects we are working on. NAMI-NYS detailed our Mental Health Now TV program. We also had the opportunity to show our poster exhibit and explain the show to NIMH Acting Director, Dr. Bruce Cuthbert. Members from the NIMH team will be featured on the November episode. 

Next week's E-Newsletter will feature a full summary from the NIMH OPP meeting. 

Click here to view the poster used in out partner sharing display.

Click here to view the NAMI-NYS Media Page with links to each Mental Health Now episode.

The NAMI-NYS Nomination and Election Committee is Seeking Candidates for the Board of Directors

NAMI-NYS election season is upon us. In 2016 we will have five Board positions open for election. Those elected would serve from 2016-2019. There was a slight mistake the last time when we included the nomination form as it stated that nominations cannot be emailed. Nominations CAN BE EMAILED and we included a corrected form below.

Click here to read the nomination letter.
Click here for the corrected nomination form.

NAMI of Central Suffolk Partners with Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team 

NAMI of Central Suffolk is working with the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team (NOT ASSOCIATED WITH THE WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT!) to promote NAMI Homefront and to spread the message of the need to provide mental health support to veterans and military family members.

The Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Teamâ„¢ (WWAST) is a 501(c)(3) public charity whose mission is to inspire and educate others while enhancing the health and welfare of Wounded Warrior Amputees.

Click here to learn more about WWAST.

NAMI Releases Engagement: A New Standard for Mental Health Care Report

In last week's E-News, we mentioned the new NAMI Engagement report featuring  Oscar Jimenez-Solomon, M.P.H., Research Scientist and Research Coordinator, New York State Center of Excellence for Cultural Competence at New York State Psychiatric Institute and Columbia University Medical Center. This week we bring you more details and a link to the full report.

NAMI is pleased to release a new report titled "Engagement: A New Standard for Mental Health Care."  The information in this report is based on a fascinating expert listening session that took place in Fall, 2015, along with interviews of key informants, many of whom are quoted in the report.

Many people who seek mental health care drop out, and 70% of those dropping out do so after a first or second visit.   As the report shares, there are many reasons this happens, but the focus of this report is on relationships between people with mental illness and service providers, their families, and the community as a whole.

Although diverse views were expressed at the listening session, one common theme emerged.   As a society, we can do far better engaging people with mental illness, particularly at times when help, support and compassion are most needed.
The report sets forth principals for advancing a culture of engagement in mental health care, including:

-Communicating hope rather than hopelessness;
-Supporting individuals, whenever possible, to be active participants in their own care;
-Focusing on the strengths of individuals rather than their deficits;
-Including family and other close supporters as essential partners in care and recovery; and
-Recognizing the role of community, culture, faith, sexual orientation and gender identity, age, language and economic status in recovery.

Click here to read the report.

New York State News
Watch NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's
Acceptance Speech for 
NAMI Distinguished Service Award

In last week's E-News, we informed you that New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman received the 2016 NAMI Distinguished Service Award, honoring his work to enforce insurance parity in covering mental illnesses.This week, we are proud to bring you the video of Attorney General Schneiderman's acceptance speech, where he discusses the history of the insurance parity fight in New York State going back to his tenure as a New York State Senator where he was instrumental in the passage of Timothy's Law.

Click here to watch the video.

New York State Department of Health Releases 

The New York State Department of Health has released a new set of most frequently asked questions and answers relating to the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program.

The document is meant to benefit both providers of health services as well as the people who receive services.

Click here to view the document.

National News
While the House Passes the Most Significant Mental Health Reform Bill in Decades, Passages Through the Senate Remains a Challenge

Last week, we told you about the House of Representatives passing The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act with broad bi-partisan support. While this was a major victory, a tougher battle has emerged in the Senate over the politics of guns and hopes are dimming for passage of a mental health bill in the Senate this year.

Click here to view an article from NBC News about the House Bill. Please note that this link also contains video to an excellent news piece on the lack of mental health supports on college campuses. 

Click here to read an article detailing the Senate struggle from
The Hill.

CNN Health Reports on When Bad News Gets to be 
Too Much

Recently, we all have been inundated by tragic and disturbing news stories whether it be an incident of terrorism, a mass shooting or violence involving or against police. CNN reports how "this constant churn of harrowing news is physically and psychologically unhealthy, and you don't need to be directly involved in a tragedy to feel its effects. To the concerned viewer, this pain can feel unavoidable or even necessary. It might be a little bit of both. The truth is, in an age of unfettered access to the worst of humanity, we have to act as our own gatekeepers if we want to stay sane."

As the article details this constant barrage of tragedy is a type of trauma, and though experts disagree on its severity (it may never be on par with the experiences of those at the scene), it can be damaging nonetheless.

This type of trauma is magnified when viewers have an existent mental illness.

Click here to read the article.

Let's Take Our National Mental Health Crisis Out of the Emergency Room

For too many people in a psychiatric crisis, a hospital emergency room is the place they find themselves in to get treatment. Unfortunately, many of our nation's ER's are not equipped to properly treat psychiatric emergencies and many people in such a situation can spend literally days in the ER waiting to be treated; this wait only exasperates their illness. 

Market Watch recently featured an opinion piece stating, "The issue of mental-health patients being 'boarded' in emergencies rooms, whether they arrive there themselves or are brought by police unable to handle a mental-health crisis, is endemic. It's an economic imperative to solve this problem because it wastes resources and, since behavioral treatment has better outcomes the sooner it begins, it's also a moral one."

The piece argues that, "The ideal community structure would ensure that all of our patients have access to mental-health services...In a perfect world, patients in need would present at the emergency room, and we could expediently house and triage them appropriately. But right now ERs are deluged."

One of the factors contributing to this crisis is the IMD exclusion, which NAMI and NAMI-NYS have been fighting to reform. "The IMD exclusion had been in place for decades and severely limits the ability of Medicaid patients to receive mental-health services in most any setting other than a crowded hospital ER." 

Click here to read the full piece.


Connectome Map More Than Doubles Human Cortex's Known Regions

Researchers have mapped 180 distinct areas in our brain's outer mantle, or cortex - more than twice the number previously known. They have also developed software that automatically detects the "fingerprint" of each of these areas in an individual's brain scans. Funded by the NIH through its Human Connectome Project, this software correctly mapped the areas by incorporating data from multiple non-invasive brain imaging measures that corroborated each other.

Click here to learn more.

National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities Releases New Toolkit Designed to Encourage African-American Men to Talk About 
Mental Health

The Brother, You're on My Mind toolkit provides Omega Psi Phi Fraternity chapters, partners and the public with the materials needed to educate fellow fraternity brothers and community members on depression and stress in African American men. Use the toolkit to plan and execute community education events and build strategic community partnerships to advance initiative goals. 

Click here to view the toolkit.

Electroconvulsive Therapy Lifts Depression, Sustains Remission in Older Adults

An individualized program of follow-up treatment with electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) combined with an antidepressant was effective in preventing relapse in patients 60 years and older who had had a successful initial course of treatment for severe depression. These findings add to evidence of the effectiveness and safety of ECT for depression treatment in this age group, and show, moreover, how ECT can be beneficial as a follow-up treatment to sustain recovery.

The following institutions in New York State recruited patients for the PRIDE study: the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai; Columbia University/New York State Psychiatric Institute; Zucker Hillside Hospital/Northwell Health System; and New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center

Click here to learn more.

NIMH Looking for People to Participate in a 
Research Study

Bipolar Disorder (Pediatric) Research Study:  Treatment of Severe Mood Dysregulation, (SMD)  (Inpatient: 12- to 15 weeks) 

This study tests the efficacy of different treatments for decreasing irritability in children with severe mood and behavioral problems. Participants have symptoms of severe irritability and are not doing well on their current medications. The child must be currently in treatment with a physician, medically healthy and not currently hospitalized, psychotic or suicidal. The study includes day or full hospitalization to discontinue medication, followed by either methylphenidate plus citalopram, or methylphenidate plus placebo. Recruiting ages 7-17. 

Click here to learn more about this study.
Click here to find NIMH clinical trials by state.


Saturday September 24th, Jennings Landing Albany

Why I Walk:
Torie Keeton

The first in our "Why I Walk" video series is from our summer intern, Torie Keeton. Torie is a student at SUNY Potsdam and has become a great mental health advocate. As part of her internship with us, Torie is forming our Young Adult network.

Click here to watch Torie explain why she is walking for NAMI-NYS and Mental Health Awareness

Click here   to visit our NAMI-NYS NAMI Walks Page.
  • Start a team or join an existing team.
  • Become a virtual walker if you can't make it to the Capital Region on September 24th.
  • Donate to the NAMI-NYS NAMI Walks-Your support is crucial to NAMI-NYS's ability to continue meeting the demand for NAMI programming from communities throughout New York State.
Thank You to Our Newest Bronze Level Sponsor
NYSARC, Inc. Trust Services

NAMI-NYS would to thank our newest sponsor NYSARC, Inc. Trust Services and welcome them to our team.We deeply appreciate your support.

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Click here 
to watch a short video providing tips on how to be a successful team captain.
Save the Dates
July 29-Glenn Holsten's SAMSHA award-winning documentary HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY SALON opens theatrically in New York City. The "Hollywood Beauty Salon" is an intimate beauty parlor that happens to be part of the NHS Germantown Recovery Community, a non-profit mental health program in Philadelphia that is administered by NHS Human Services. Rachel "Hollywood" Carr Timms runs the beauty parlor, where staff and clients alike are all in the process of recovery from some form of mental health issue. By gathering together to get their hair done, share stories, and support one another, they find a way to rebuild their lives.

Click here for more information about the film
August 4- Capital District Psychiatric Center Family Services presents, Mental Health Legal Matters. Thursday at 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm in the CDPC Family Resource Center. As usual, there will be time for Questions and Answers as well as support services after the presentation. For more information or to register contact: Frank Greco, Director of Family Services (518) 549-6816

August 9 - Brain & Behavior Research Foundation presents; Meet the Scientist: Autism: Understanding the Causes and Developing Effective Treatments, presented by
Jacqueline N. Crawley, Ph.D. Robert E. Chason Chair in Translational Research, MIND Institute, Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of California Davis School of Medicine, Sacramento. Register now: bbrfoundation.org/webinar
September 13- Brain & Behavior Research Foundation presents; Meet the Scientist:  Living Well with ADHD: Scientific Guideposts to Improved Outcomes, presented by
Francisco Xavier Castellanos, M.D. Brooke and Daniel Neidich Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Professor, Department of
Neuroscience and Physiology, Professor, Department of Radiology, Dir Rsch Green Cohen Inst Prevent Sci, New York University Child Study Center. Register now: bbrfoundation.org/webinar

September 22-A
 Capital District Psychiatric Center Family Services presents The Power of Laughter. Thursday at 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm in the CDPC Family Resource Center. As usual, there will be time for Questions and Answers as well as support services after the presentation. For more information or to register contact: Frank Greco, Director of Family Services (518) 549-6816

October 7 -NAMI Rensselaer County will hold their 3rd Annual Recognition Dinner & Consumer Art Show. This year's honoree is Philip C. Nasca, PhD, Dean of SUNY School of Public Health. The event will take place from 6:30-9:00pm at Moscatiello's Italian Family Restaurant, 99 N. Greenbush Road (Rt. 4), Troy, NY

October 15The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention presents Out Of The Darkness Walk 10am, FDR Park in Yorktown.  Harbor Island Park in Mamaroneck.  They need volunteers or for more information contact Maria Idoni (914) 610-9156 or midoni@afso.org.
OCTOBER 18 - Brain & Behavior Research Foundation presents; Meet the Scientist: Schizophrenia, presented by Herbert Y. Meltzer, M.D.Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and of Physiology, Professor, Department of Neuroscience and Physiology Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Register now: bbrfoundation.org/webinar

November 1-4-The Association of  Community Living Agencies in Mental Health (ACLAIMH) will host its 37th Annual Conference - Housing is Healthcare (Open to All) - on Tuesday, November 1st-Friday, November 4th at The Sagamore Resort in Bolton Landing, NY. There will be many sessions that provide social work continuing education credits.  Association of Community Living Agencies in Mental Health, Inc., (ACLAIMH), SW CPE is recognized by the New York Education Department's State Board for Social Work as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed social workers.

Click here for more information.
NOVEMBER 8 - Brain & Behavior Research Foundation presents; Meet the Scientist: Could We Someday Prevent Schizophrenia Like We Prevent Cleft Palate? Presented by Robert R. Freedman, M.D. Professor and Chairman, Department of Psychiatry, University of Colorado School of Medicine. Register now: bbrfoundation.org/webinar
NOVEMBER 11-13-2016 NAMI-NYS Education Conference-
New Horizons in Recovery: Breakthroughs in Research and Treatment. The Desmond Hotel, Albany. More details coming soon!

DECEMBER 13- Brain & Behavior Research Foundation presents; Meet the Scientist:  Neuroinflammatory Hypotheses of Depression, presented byYvette I. Sheline, M.D.
 Register now: bbrfoundation.org/webinar

Signature Programs
June 2 - July 7-  NAMI Basics classes at NAMI-NYC Metro. Thursdays, 10am to 12:30pm, NAMI-NYC Metro, 505 Eighth Ave., Room 1103, New York, NY 10018. To Register: Call our Helpline (212) 684-3264

June 6 - July 18 - NAMI Homefront classes NAMI-NYC Metro. Mondays, 6 to 8:30pm, James J. Peters VA Medical Center, 130 W. Kingsbridge Road, Room 1B-07, Bronx, NY 10458. To Register: Call our Helpline (212) 684-3264. 

June 7 - July 12:   NAMI Basics classes at NAMI-NYC Metro. Tuesdays, 6pm to 8:30pm, NAMI-NYC Metro, 505 Eighth Ave., Room 1103, New York, NY 10018. To Register: Call our Helpline (212) 684-3264.

June 15 - August 31 - NAMI Peer-to-Peer by NAMI-NYC Metro. Wednesdays, 1 to 3pm, NAMI-NYC Metro, 505 Eighth Ave., Room 1103, New York, NY 10018. To Register: Call our Helpline (212) 684-3264.

June 25&26- NAMI Family Support Group training to become a Facilitator.  NAMI-NYS.  This training is FULL and we are not accepting applications at this time.

July 12-NAMI of Central Suffolk presents NAMI Basics Course, July 12th- August 16th from 6- 8:30 pm. Farmingville Mental Health Center. Registration is required. Please contact Andrea for more information and to register (631) 2235030 andreatchr@me.com

July 13- In Our Own Voice by NAMI Staten Island. 2:30-4:30 pm. The Jewish Community Center of Staten Island  Bernikow 1466 Manor Road

  July 16&17 - In Our Own Voice Training to become a Presenter.  NAMI-NYS.  Contact your local affiliate. This training is FULL and we are not accepting applications at this time.
July 22-24 - NAMI Family-to-Family Training to become a Teacher.  NAMI-NYS.  Contact your local affiliate.
August 27 - NAMI Ending the Silence training to become a Presenter.  St. Vincent's in Westchester.
August 28 - NAMI Parent & Teachers as Allies training to become a Presenter.  St. Vincent's in Westchester.

August 30 - Family-to-Family by NAMI AMICO.  Tuesdays from 6;30 to 9pm, for 12 continuous weeks.  At First Presbyterian Church, 33 Park Place, Goshen, NY 10924.  Contact Catha Weiben (845) 551-1777.
September 1- NAMI Queens Nassau presents Family to Family classes September1st - November 17 th 2016. 7:00-9:30 pm at Walk in Love for Jesus Church. 906 Newbridge Road, Long Island NY 11710. To register email
namiqn@aol.com  or (516) 326-0797 or (718) 347-7284

September 8-NAMI Queens Nassau presents Family-to-Family classes September 8-December 1st at Congregational At Shelter Rock, 18 Shelter Rock Road Manhasset, NY 11030 and the classes will take place from 6:30-9:00. 
To register email  namiqn@aol.com  or (516) 326-0797 or (718) 347-7284

September 26-NAMI Queens Nassau presents Family to Family classes at North Shore Zucker Hillside Hospital Ambulatory Care Pavilion, room 1237. 263rd St. and 74 Ave. Glen Oaks, NY 11004. Classes will be from 7-9:30pm. To register email namiqn@aol.com or (516) 326-0797 or (718) 347-7284

September 19-NAMI Cayuga County presents Family to Family classes at Auburn Community College, 17 Lansing Street Auburn, NY 2nd Floor Assembly Room. Classes will be from 6-8:30pm. Please contact 2maestros@twc.com to register.

September TBD- NAMI Westchester will be starting a Family-to-Family class in Westchester, dates and location are to be determined. To enroll call Sharon McCarthy at 914-592-5458 or email her at sharonm@namiwestchester.org

October 7-9- NAMI Family-to-Family training to become a Teacher.  NAMI-NYS.  Contact your local affiliate.
To have your events and Signature Programs listed in the E-Newsletter contact Alicia Burns at Alicia@naminys.org

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