September 19 2017

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-Be a part of NAMIWalks NYS and tell the world why you walk and why mental health awareness is important to you."

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NAMIWalks NYS Taking Place This Saturday!

This issue of the NAMI-NYS E-News comes to you as we approach our NAMIWalks NYS. We hope you can join us in raising awareness for mental health and support the mission of NAMI-NYS. 

This issue also contains the latest featured speaker announcement for the 2017 NAMI-NYS Education Conference. We also remember Senator Pete Domenici, a true advocate for individuals and families impacted by mental illness who passed away last week. As we remember Senator Domenici, we also have an action alert regarding the newest health care bill introduced in the Senate which would negatively impact those living with a mental illness. 

We also want to wish all of our readers who observe the Jewish holidays a happy and healthy new year. 

As always, we want to know about the work you are doing.
Please email with details and pictures about your work. This way we can feature it in the E-News and print Newsletter. Showcasing your work will allow others to learn from you, and that's the best way we can grow together as an organization. 

Hope Starts With You!

NAMI-NYS is thrilled to announce that Keris Jan Myrick will present at our 2017  Education Conference- Intervention, Engagement, Implementation: Three Pronged Approach to Sustainable Mental Health Recovery.  

Keris is a past NAMI President and is currently the Director for the Office of Consumer Affairs and Center for Mental Health Services at SAMHSA. Keris is a leading mental health advocate and executive, known for her innovative and inclusive approach to mental health reform and the public disclosure of her personal story. She was featured in the New York Times series: Lives Restored, which told the personal narratives of several professionals living with mental health issues. Keris' belief in the strength of relationships to aid in recovery was featured in an interview in the Psychiatric Times: Advocate Attributes Recovery to Strength of Therapeutic Alliance. With her unique combination of executive skills and personal lived experience in the mental health system, Keris is an in-demand national trainer and keynote speaker. She is known for her collaborative style and innovative "whole person" approach to mental health care.
Keris will be joining the already distinguished panel for Saturday afternoon's featured session: With Intervention, Engagement, Implementation, Recovery is Possible. Unfortunately, Dr. Fred Frese, who was originally scheduled to appear, will no longer be presenting due to a medical issue from which he is recovering. We will be announcing his replacement shortly and they will join Keris, John Allen and Hakeem Rahim for an informative and inspirational session that will benefit both individuals living with a mental illness and families. 

Click here to learn more about the conference. Click here to register. Click here for a scholarship application. Click here to learn about the marketing opportunities at the conference. 

NAMI-NYS's Wendy Burch and Matthew Shapiro
Receive Awards from NYAPRS

On September 15th, the New York Association for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (NYAPRS) presented NAMI-NYS's Executive Director Wendy Burch and Associate Director, Public Affairs Matthew Shapiro with their Partnering with Families Award. As Wendy and Matthew stated in accepting the awards, it is very meaningful and humbling to be recognized by NYAPRS as our two groups do not always agree on how best to serve those affected by mental illness. However, we disagree respectfully and listen to each other's opinions. More importantly the award honors the NAMI-NYS advocacy voice on issues we do agree on such as the need for housing with wraparound services, investments in the mental health workforce and introducing reforms to improve the criminal justice-mental illness interface. We look forward to working with NYAPRS and our other advocacy partners on these issues during the upcoming legislative session.

We want to thank Harvey Rosenthal and the board of NYAPRS for presenting us with the award. 

Busy Week for NAMI Westchester Includes Film Screening and First Bridges of Hope Presentation 

The past week was a busy one for NAMI Westchester. On September 14 th they hosted the latest in their film series. This evening was designed to educate attendees on how to proactively reduce the risk of suicide in your community.  The event included a screening of
Man of the House followed by a panel discussion featuring the film's producer, clinical psychologists, a family member, and a survivor
On September 16th Chris Guar gave his first Bridges of Hope presentation to the New Rochelle Seventh Day Adventist Church. 

NAMI Mid-Hudson Holds Annual Gala

On September 13th, NAMI Mid-Hudson hosted their 3rd Annual Gala. The event featured keynote speaker Kevin Hines, author of Cracked Not Broken. Kevin told his inspiring story of being one of only 36 people to make a suicide attempt by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge and surviving. More important than the attempt is how he has embraced recovery and uses his story to help others.   

The evening also saw award presentations to Margaret Hirst, LCSW-R Deputy Commissioner DBDBCH Director of Community Health, Jeremy Wilber, Woodstock Town Supervisor and volunteers of the year, Mary Evans,  Suzanne Thing, & Margorie Tortorella. NAMI-NYS Board member Rob Laitman, MD and Associate Director, Public Affairs Matthew Shapiro attended the event. 

NAMI-NYS Holds Homefront and In Our Own Voice Trainings

This past weekend featured two state trainings for NAMI Signature Programs. Cynthia Scott and Michael Andersson trained eight new In Our Own Voice presenters at a training in Westchester and Pam Solomon and Geraldine Burton trained the six graduates for the Homefront program in our offices in Albany. Congratulations to all the graduates and thank you to Cynthia, Michael, Pam and Gerry for leading the trainings. Hope starts with you!
NAMI Mourns the Loss of Senator Pete Domenici

Last week, we lost one of the greatest champions for mental health reform when former Senator Pete Domenici of New Mexico passed away. Senator Domenici served in the U.S. Senate for 35 years. Along with his wife Nancy, the senator worked tirelessly to educate his colleagues about mental illness and the need to improve mental health services and supports.
NAMI Chief Executive Officer Mary Giliberti expressed her heartfelt sorrow to Mrs. Domenici and the entire Domenici family: "Today, we mourn the loss of one of our staunchest allies. Senator Domenici has been a longtime advocate fighting for equal treatment for mental illness. He leaves behind a legacy in Congress on behalf of people with mental illness and their families that will never be forgotten. NAMI offers our deepest condolences to Nancy and their family."
Senator Domenici had a remarkable capacity to work across the aisle with Democratic colleagues on legislation of mutual interest. Perhaps the best example of this was the federal mental health and addictions parity bill in 2007. Against great odds, Senator Domenici reached out to his Democratic colleagues-Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota and Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts-to pass this landmark federal law. It is fitting that the law's title is "Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008."
"Parity of insurance is almost a civil-rights issue," Senator Domenici once said. "We take care of people with heart trouble, we operate on them, we have great learning centers where we study all there is to know about the heart. And insurance companies have paid for all those surgeries. And yet, if you have schizophrenia, which is an illness of the brain instead of the heart, because we started off early on saying it wasn't an illness, we kept it and they wouldn't let us change it."

Click here to learn more about Senator Domenici and his legacy of mental health advocacy.

Suicide Prevention as a Social Justice Issue

In a recent NAMI blog, clinical psychologist Sally Spencer calls for suicide prevention to be tackled as an issue of social justice, rather than being pigeonholed into the arena of mental health issues. The article points out that suicide prevention embodies the traditional hallmarks of social justice: fighting for human rights, eliminating discrimination toward certain individuals, and reducing stigma.

By calling the lack of mental health care a social injustice, Spencer opines that it will gain more traction in the media and public. With traction follows the interest of those who are willing to learn more, who will then take action. Raising interest is crucial to reforming the mental health care system, infamous for its "quick fixes" for long-term care of mental illnesses.

Click here to read the article in full.

Cassidy/Graham Health Care Bill Hurts People with 
Mental Illness

Just a few months ago, you helped defeat health reform efforts that would have left millions without insurance and cut insurance protections. But Senators Bill Cassidy (R-LA) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) just introduced a new bill that could be dangerous for people with mental illness.
The Graham-Cassidy bill:
  • Allows states to drop the requirement to cover mental health care. Today, Exchange plans are required to cover essential health benefits, which include treatment for mental health and substance use conditions. Under this bill, each state will have the freedom to drop or change these requirements, putting mental health benefits at risk.
  • Shifts Medicaid funding to a "per capita cap" system.Shifting to per capita cap funding (a fixed amount of funding per person) may sound reasonable, but would not keep up with growth in costs and needs. This would result in states being forced to cut Medicaid services and eligibility, which could harm children and adults with mental illness.
  • Effectively ends Medicaid expansion. One in three people covered by Medicaid expansion plans lives with a mental health or substance use condition. Under this bill, Medicaid expansion would be converted to a smaller, temporary block grant that states could use for health coverage or any other health purpose, with no guarantee of mental health coverage.
  • Reduces help to purchase health insurance. Block grants would provide a fixed amount of temporary federal funding to replace insurance subsidies, severely cutting federal help for people to buy insurance. This will leave many people unable to afford the coverage they need for mental health treatment.
Click here to send a message to your Senators telling them not to support this hurtful legislation. 

New York News
Senator Gillibrand Backs Medicare for All Bill

New York Junior Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has come out in support of Senator Bernie Sanders' (I-Vt.) "Medicare For All" bill. As we reported in August, Senator Gillibrand discussed this issue often at a recent town hall in the Capital Region. Senator Gillibrand is quoted as saying "health care should be a right, it should never be a privilege. We should have Medicare for all in this country." Senator Gillibrand is among a list of democratic senators from California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts to come out in support of Sanders' healthcare reform bill based on single payer system.

Click here to read the article in full. 

The New York State Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs to Host
"Strengthening Our Capacity to Help Others"

The New York State Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs is hosting an upcoming training, titled "Strengthening Our Capacity to Help Others," on October 27, 2017 from 8:00am-1:00pm at Hilbert College in Hamburg, NY (about 20 minutes from Buffalo). At this training, Laura van Dernoot Lipsky of the Trauma Stewardship Institute will offer a compelling mix of personal insight and cutting edge research regarding vicarious trauma/compassion fatigue, and will offer tools to help participants regain their focus and purpose.
For more information, click here.

The Justice Center will be one of the state agencies presenting an Update on New York Initiatives during Sunday morning of the 2017 NAMI-NYS Education Conference

National News
When Athletes Share Their Battles with Mental Illness

As most of our readers know, one in five people will be diagnosed with a mental illness. The USA Today recently featured an article that states athletes may be at more risk. The article profiles eight athletes detailing their battles with mental illness. These include, Michael Phelps, the most decorated U.S. Olympian in history, New York Giant Brandon Marshall and NBA Hall of Farmer Jerry West.  

Click here to read more. 

The NAMI-NYS Honors Leaders in Awareness Banquet on the Friday night of our 2017 Education Conference, will honor another athlete battling mental illness, Super Bowl Champion Keith O'Neil. Keith documented his bi-polar disorder in his new book Under My Helmet-A Football Players Life Long Battle with Bi-Polar Disorder

From The Mental Health Wreckage Of Katrina, Lessons To Help Harvey's Victims

The recent hurricanes have brought destruction to peoples' neighborhoods, homes, and ultimately disrupted their health-both physically and mentally.
Back in 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana and in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, similar patterns of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) development have been noted among survivors.
A study conducted in New Orleans found that the rates of probable mental illness doubled after a massive hurricane hit. Many emergency workers in shelters found themselves treating both adults and children who developed PTSD. In addition to new cases, individuals who have a history of mental illness are trying to find ways to obtain their medications. 

Click here to read the article in full.

Abuse Claims, Arrests Mount at Connecticut 
Psychiatric Hospital
The Boston Globe reports on how at Connecticut's only maximum-security psychiatric hospital, staff members put a diaper on a patient's head, threw food at him, poured water over him, put salt in his coffee, kicked him and placed a mop on his head after cleaning a floor, according to a state report.
Thirty-one staff members at the Whiting Forensic Division hospital in Middletown have been suspended, and nine have been arrested. More arrests are expected, police say, and calls are pouring in with more allegations of misconduct and abuse, according to a state lawmaker who is calling for legislative hearings.
Click here to read more. 

Director's Message-Suicide Prevention: Next Steps

September is National Suicide Prevention month; focusing on the benefits of collaborations, Dr. Gordon outlines recent research results as well as future directions.

Click here to read Dr. Gordon's message. 

NIMH Update

Click here to read the latest Update from NIMH.

Suicide Prevention Resources from NIMH

To support suicide prevention awareness activities this month, NIMH is promoting its suicide prevention resources through a series of messages on social media. We encourage our readers to help promote the availability of these resources including NIMH suicide prevention brochures.

To Support Suicide Prevention Month
  • Facebook/Google+ post linking to NIMH suicide prevention webpage:
    • Over 40,000 people die by suicide each year in the United States; it is the 10th leading cause of death overall. Suicide is complicated and tragic, but it is often preventable. Knowing the warning signs for suicide and how to get help can help save lives. Learn more for Suicide Prevention Month:
To Support National Suicide Prevention Week (September 10-16, 2017)
    • Suicide does not discriminate. People of all genders, ages, & ethnicities can be at risk. #NSPW
    • Suicide is complicated & tragic, but it's often preventable. Know the warning signs: #NSPW
    • Suicidal thoughts or actions are a sign of extreme distress and should not be ignored #NSPW

As is our tradition, the 2017 NAMI-NYS Education Conference, will once again feature an Update on NIMH research. This year, we are thrilled to welcome  Kathleen R Merikangas, Ph.D, Chief of NIMH's Genetic Epidemiology Research Branch. Dr. Merikangas will present on her landmark community-based family study of affective spectrum disorders and their overlap with other mental disorders and medical disorders such as migraine and cardiovascular disease.

Click here to register for the conference. 


If you are one of the thousands of people who received education and/or support from NAMI-NYS past year or if you believe in NAMI-NYS's of providing help and hope to communities in all corners of the state, then we ask that you please support our NAMIWalks Efforts. 

There is still time to sign up to walk and raise funds by clicking here.  

If you can't join us in Albany this Saturday, then please consider making a donation to our NAMIWalks effort by clicking here

Read the Latest Edition of the 
NAMIWalks NYS Newsletter

Click here to read the latest edition on the NAMIWalks NYS Weekly News. This week's issue features new contests and highlights the 2017 recognition program

NAMI-NYS looks forward to building on the success of our inaugural NAMIWalks NYS. The 2017 NAMIWalks NYS will be taking place on Saturday, September 23rd, at Jennings Landing in Albany. You can click here to start your team and/or donate to the walk.  For more information you can email  

Save the Dates

Click here to learn more and register for the 2017 NAMI-NYS Education Conference- Engagement, Implementation, Internvention: Three Pronged Approach to Sustainable Mental Health Recovery, taking place November 10-12 at the Desmond Hotel in Albany.

SEPTEMBER 20- The Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center 2017 Mental Health Summit will be taking place in the main auditorium (Building 5) at the Northport VAMC, 79 Middleville Rd, Northport, NY, 11768
The purpose of the Mental Health Summit is to enhance the mental health and well-being of Veterans and their family members through increased collaboration between the VA and the community.  Thr goal is to engage in active dialogue on how we as a community can address the mental healthcare needs of Veterans and their families.  After the Summit the VA we would like to invite you to tour their grounds and join them in participating in the Annual Harvest Festival with food and fun at building 92 with the Veterans and their families. Please make sure to tour the Wall of Wars Courtyard to honor all Veterans who have served out nation in time of War.
Please RSVP to Barry Goggin at  or Northport VAMC/Psychiatry Service, 79 Middleville Rd 116A, Northport, NY 11768 with the name of your representative.
 If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us by phone (631-261-4400 ext. 2785) or email. 

SEPTEMBER 22 -Northern Rivers presents the first part of their two-part symposium on psychosis, Who Said the Voices Aren't Real?
Part 1: Living with Psychosis
Friday, September 22
8:30 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.
Franklin Terrace Ballroom
126 Campbell Ave, Troy, NY 12180
This one-day symposium will enable behavioral health care providers, medical providers, human services professionals, individuals in recovery and their families, academics, and stakeholders to support those with psychosis live well. This recovery-oriented symposium consists of a keynote speaker who has lived experience with psychosis, a panel discussion on early intervention services, as well as six workshops led by experts on a range of topics including cognitive behavioral therapy for psychosis, psychopharmacological interventions, and Supported Education and Employment.
$60 for Part 1 (includes continental breakfast and lunch) 
Register for both Part 1 and Part 2 by September 22 for $80
Click here to register

SEPTEMBER 24th -NAMI Syracuse will be hosting their Harvest Hoopla benefit. Click here to register. 

OCTOBER 5 - The 2017 In My Mind: A LGBTQ Peoples of Color Mental Health Conference will be taking place October 5 & 6th in New York City. 
Over the course of two days, with 30 presentations in five Sessions, 14 of which qualify for Continuing Education Credits, the conference brings mental health professionals, clinicians, advocates, consumers, students and activists together for a cross-pollination, sharing ideas, research, experiences, and to examine the many issues contributing to mental health destabilization affecting LGBTQ peoples of color, and to learn healing, in a 75-minute yoga and meditation session, guided by Nanda Mahadeo, a Hindu priestess.
Click here to learn more about the conference

OCTOBER 10 -The Brain and Behaviroral Research Foundation hosts their free monthly Q&A webinar series: Psychosocial Interventions for Maternal Depression:Impact on School Age Children
Presented by: Holly A. Swartz, M.D., University of Pittsburgh, 2006 Young Investigator
Moderated by: Jeffrey Borenstein, M.D.
2:00pm-3:00pm EST
Dr. Swartz will discuss findings from a randomized trial comparing two brief psychosocial interventions as treatments for depressed mothers of children and adolescents with psychiatric disorders. She will focus on the effects of maternal depression treatment on children.
Join by phone or on the web:

OCTOBER 11-NAMI NYC Metro Seeds of Hope: Ending the Silence. Wednesday October 11th from 6:00pm to 9:30pm at the Metropolitan Pavilion West. For more information regarding Sponsorship or Ticket/Table Sales, please email  Sarah Sheahan or call her at 212.684.3365 x 207. Click here to purchase Tickets/Tables

OCTOBER 17-NA MI Rochester hosts the 16th Annual Jessica Henderson Memorial Event. NAMI Rochester is thrilled to welcome Mike Veny as the 2017 Jessica Henderson Event featured speaker. Mike Veny is one of America's leading mental health speakers and a high-energy drum circle facilitator. He has delivered educational, engaging, and entertaining presentations to audiences throughout the world. As a 2017 PM360 ELITE Award Winner, Mike is recognized as one of the 100 most influential people in the healthcare industry. He starred in several OC87 Recovery Diaries documentary films, two of which were featured at Rochester's own 2017 Reel Minds Film series.
Doors open at 6:00pm | Program begins at 7:00pm
Penfield High School Auditorium
25 High School Drive, Penfield, NY 14526

Click here to learn more and register.

OCTOBER 27 -Northern Rivers presents the second part of their two-part symposium on psychosis, Who Said the Voices Aren't Real?
Part 2: Hearing Voices: An Experiential Learning Workshop
Friday, October 27
9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (If demand warrants, a 1:00 p.m. workshop will be added)
Sidney Albert Training and Research Institute (SATRI)
60 Academy Rd, Albany, NY 12208 
The workshop is limted to 40 participants.
In this 3 hour workshop, participants will learn about the experience of hearing distressing voices through didactics and using headphones to listen to a specially designed recording. During this simulated experience of hearing voices, participants undertake a series of tasks including social interaction in the community, and mock psychiatric interview. The simulation experience is followed by a debriefing and discussion period. Watch a video clip of Pat Deegan, the developer of the hearing voices simulation, describing the process.
*Please note that this training is not recommended for individuals who hear voices as the simulation experience can be triggering.
OCTOBER 28-Healthy Minds Empowerment Conference. from  8:00 AM-2:00 PM at  Medaille College 18 Agassiz Cir, Buffalo, NY 14214. For Teens (7th-12th grade), Parents & Teen Leaders.Questions about this event may be directed to Ann Venuto, President of NAMI Buffalo / (716) 689-1159, or Josephine Cross, Chairman of the Health Promotion Committee of AKA Gamma Phi Omega Chapter  / (716) 636-3014. Click here for more information . Join us for a day of free workshops to explore the emotional and mental well being of youth and to empower youth and adults who care for them. *Free Breakfast & Lunch

NOVEMBER 14th-The Brain and Behaviroral Research Foundation hosts their free monthly Q&A webinar series: Research Updates: Improving Functioning in Schizophrenia
Presented by: Stephen R. Marder, M.D. University of California, Los Angeles  Professor, Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, Director, Section on Psychosis,  2016 Lieber Prizewinner for Outstanding Achievement in Schizophrenia Research
Moderated by: Jeffrey Borenstein, M.D.

2:00pm-3:00pm EST
Patients with psychotic illnesses are usually interested in treatments that relieve active symptoms and improve their abilities to function at work, school, and in their everyday lives. This webinar will provide an overview of recent research on pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches to improving functioning.
Join by phone or on the web:
DECEMBER 12-The Brain and Behaviroral Research Foundation hosts their free monthly Q&A webinar series: Robert Lowell: Courage, Genius, and Bipolar Disorder
Presented by: Kay Redfield Jamison, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine / Johns Hopkins Hospital, The Dalio Family Professor in Mood Disorders, Professor of Psychiatry, 2010 NARSAD Productive Lives Award
Moderated by: Jeffrey Borenstein, M.D.

2:00pm-3:00pm EST
Robert Lowell, one of the greatest of American poets, had particularly devastating bipolar disorder. The webinar will discuss his illness and its relationship to his genius, as well as the role Lowell's enormous discipline and courage played in his life and writing.
Join by phone or on the web:

Signature Programs

SEPTEMBER 17 - NAMI Orange Basics. Sundays, September 17th, 6:30 pm-9:00 pm at the First Presbyterian Church, 33 Park Place, Goshen, NY 10924. Teachers: Dhanu Sannesy and Marcy Felter. Contact: Dhanu Sannesy, (845) 956-6264; (866) 906-6264 or

SEPTEMBER 18- NAMI Queens/Nassau Family to Family Mondays  Sept. 18 THROUGH Dec 18, 6:30a.m.- 9 p.m. at the UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST CONGREGATION AT SHELTER ROCK  48 Shelter Rock Rd. Manhasset, NY 11030. To register: email  or call (516) 326-0797 or (718) 347-7284 or Leader Ellen Ritz (516) 330-9778 or

SEPTEMBER 20-NAMI Mid-Hudson Family-to-Family. Wednesdays, September 20th- December 13th, 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm at The MidHudson Regional Hospital, 241 North Road, Poughkeepsie NY. Contact: Tina Lee or (845) 206-9892.

SEPTEMBER 25-NAMI Queens/Nassau will be holding a Family-to-Family class on Monday nights September 25, thru December 12, 2017. The class will be held at North Shore Zucker Hillside Hospital
Ambulatory Care Pavilion,  263rd Street & 74 Ave., Glen Oaks, NY 11004 in Room 1237 from 7:00-9:30 PM

To register: Please contact NAMI Queens Nassau at (516) 326-0797 or (718) 347-7284 or email Co-Leaders: Janet Reilly (516) 238-1023 and Angela Babaev (718)490-9504
Registration and interview required. Classes limited to 25 participants 

Sponsored and funded by NAMI New York State and NAMI Queens Nassau

SEPTEMBER 27- NAMI Mid-Hudson Peer-to-Peer. Wednesdays, September 27th- December 6th, 4:00 pm-6:00 pm at the SUNY Dutchess Community College, Poughkeepsie NY. Contact: Tina Lee,  or (845) 206-9892.

OCTOBER 21-NAMI Mid-Hudson Basics. Saturdays, October 21, 28, November 4th, 9:30 am - 3:30 pm at the Arlington High School,  1157 State Route 55, Lagrangeville NY. Contact: Tina Lee,  or (845) 206-9892.

NOVEMBER 1-NAMI-NYC Metro Basics. Wednesdays, November 1st-December 6, 6:00 pm- 8:30 pm at 505 8th Avenue, Suite 1103, New York, NY 10018.  To register contact Deniece Chi (212)684-3365 x 203 /

NOVEMBER 2-NAMI NYC Metro Basics. Thursdays, November 2nd - December 7th, 10:00 am-12:30 pm at 505 8th Avenue, Suite 1103, New York, NY 10018.  To register contact Deniece Chi at (212) 684-3365 x 203 / 

NOVEMBER 3-NAMI-NYC Metro Basics (SPANISH SPEAKING) Fridays, November 3rd - December 8th, 10:00 am-12:30 pm at 505 8th Avenue, Suite 1103, New York, NY 10018.  To register contact Deniece Chi at (212) 684-3365 x 203 / 

Please contact your local affiliate program leaders for more information and how to enroll.
NAMI Family-to-Family Teacher Training
October 20th-22nd, 2017
Trainers: Pam Soloman & Geraldine Burton
Location: NAMI-NYS Office Albany

To have your events and Signature Programs listed in the E-Newsletter contact Christine Rickeman at   

NAMI-NYS | 99 Pine Street Suite 105| Albany, New York 12207 | (518) 462-2000