NAMI Pomona Valley
National Alliance on Mental Illness

May Newsletter 2022


Tues. May 3rd

Please join us on Tuesday May 3rd
6:15pm - 7:30pm

Claremont United Church of Christ
233 Harrison Ave
Claremont Ca, 91711

Location: Sumner Room

***Masks will be required ***
Please make sure to social distance

If you are feeling ill, we also have a Zoom option.

Link to Zoom meeting: 


Family Support Group is here to connect you with families and friends who also have a loved one in their life that is suffering from a mental illness. We are here to support you!

We are in this together!

Nami Pomona Valley Te inivitamos a nuestro evento:
Grupo de Apoyo Familiar! Martes 3 de Mayo

Pagina Web para mas informacion:

El Grupo de Apoyo familiar esta aquí para connectarte con familias y amistades de personas que sufren de una enfremedad de salud mental. Estamos aqui para apoyarte. 

Juntos se puede!

**Family Support In Person offered in English & Spanish**

Why Is NAMI Important to YOU?

Member: Steven Wakimoto shares with us his WHY.

  The reason why I feel that NAMI is important to me is the fact that with all the crisis that is occurring everywhere, along with those stressors that are impacting me, I can help others to inspire and motivate others that we're not alone. Truthfully, we're all in the same boat together as we're both struggling mentally and emotionally.  In light of all those crazy things that are unfolding these days...crises such as the COVID Pandemic coupled by the outbreak of the war in Ukraine instigated by Russia triggering severe inflation and its economic setbacks, we're all hurting psychologically. 

NAMI organization has taught me that we all have our share of character weaknesses. It's imperative that we need to be mindful that we need to still monitor our emotional and psychological well being on a regular interval. In short, I'm able to say to myself that it's okay for me to say that everything is not okay for me at all. 

Over the years as I got in touch with my emotional and mental diagnosis...that being depression, I've had great success in all my endeavors over the past 25-30 years. It made me aware that aside from the hard work, my success hinges on great organizational skills; that being great time management skills, experience, techniques and practice are necessary in fulfilling my goals and endeavors on a regular basis.  

My experience can be helpful to others in their quest for recovery and that they can achieve their goals and endeavors. NAMI has helped me to work with others in terms of group sessions so that we're not alone and that we can help others find solutions for overcoming our setbacks,hurdles and obstacles. NAMI has helped me to work collectively so that we can all come to the realization that attaining our tools and skill sets (achieving our goals) that nothing is impossible and nothing is insurmountable. NAMI has taught that with a good head on our shoulders, it's for all of us to always work hard along with believing in ourselves with determination and perseverance each and every day. The skills that I've attained through
NAMI working with everyone there has helped me to reach my highest potential for
achieving success everyday.
!!Volunteers Needed!!

We need new presenters and are looking for other volunteers, who are willing to be trained; positions hopefully will be posted soon.
More details to follow soon on our website.

You may also contact the office for more details.
Phone: (909) 399-0305
Official NAMIWalks Logo
Join us as we step into
NAMI Walks Your Way 2022,
which promises to be our most meaningful event ever.
It’s a new day for mental health and we will embrace it together on:
May 21, 2022 at Grand Park
200 N Grand Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Time: 8am - 11am

You won’t want to miss it — a vibrant gathering where inspiration can shine
on all of us.

We’ll cheer each other on while raising our voices to be heard, united in our commitment to raise awareness of our cause, funds to drive
NAMI’s free, top-rated programs, and build community in every sense
of the word.

NAMI Walks Your Way will be here before you know it, so register today!
Let's open up doors for everyone from every walk of life to have access to the mental health resources and community they deserve.

What can you do?

Volunteers needed for the day of the walk, for traffic control
please contact: Davi Weber - Walk Manager:

Register to Walk or be a Captain
Join our collective team
NAMI Pomona Valley - Super Team
or create your own team.

Help us at NAMI Pomona reach our Goal of $17,000!!!
NAMI Pomona Valley - Super Team

Other Ways to Support
Share our NAMI PV donate link above with family, friends, co-workers, local business' etc. Send it in emails or post to your social media accounts. Check out our Facebook and Instagram accounts and share with your friends to raise awareness and support!!!

Feel free to share your story of WHY.
Why is NAMI important to you?
Why do you walk or support this worthy cause?
Why is Mental Health important to you?
Please post these stories to our FACEBOOK Social Media Site or email us.
or email:

Thank you all for your continued support. Now is the time to spread the word about NAMI and continue to help those in need of Mental Health Support and resources within the community.
There is no need to suffer in silence. Hope and Help are available!!!

NAMI California

Town Hall meetings cover an array of topics within the Mental Health Community to help you and your families. Covering topics such as Health Insurance, Students in the Classroom, Mental Health Services, Suicide and many other topics.

March 8th Most recent Town Hall is posted:

Learn about telehealth with Alliance for Patience Access (AFPA)!
AFPA presented information regarding the background and future of mental health telehealth services. AFPA included the following panelists: Dr. Rimal Bera and his long-term patient George Ventura to present and discuss an in-depth perspective on finding a balance between telehealth and in-person care for mental health treatment.

?Need Information?
NAMI Pomona Valley Helpline
Is here for YOU!!
(909) 399-0305

Support Groups

Classes, Support Groups, and General Meetings. In-person or Virtual meetings via the Video conferencing platform Zoom. You can also contact the office for more information.

Connection Support Group Online

Connections Support Via Zoom
Every Friday at 6:30 – 8:00 PM

Family Support Group Online
1st Tuesday of every month at 6:15 – 7:30 PM

Spanish/Español Family Support Group
1st Tuesday of every month at 6:15 – 7:30 PM

If you have any questions please feel free
to call the NAMI Pomona Valley Helpline: (909) 399-0305
Available 9am to 9pm
Why Is NAMI Important to You

6 Steps to Change Your Thinking and Change your Life

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), is the forerunner of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). It was developed by Dr. Albert Ellis, a pioneer in the field. REBT emphasizes that irrational beliefs, as opposed to situations themselves, are at the root of our emotional disturbance. When you feel stressed, guilty, depressed, resentful, or act in self-defeating ways with procrastination and addictions, your demands (musts, shoulds, supposed tos, have tos, and got tos) are the primary cause of your problem.

This is the fundamental and powerful principle for effective psychological change. If you dislike having a particular maladaptive emotion, then change your thinking. That is the culprit.

The 3 major demands people disturb themselves with:

Demand #1: Because I desire to, I absolutely must do well and get approval or else I'm a total loser. This demand leads to anxiety, stress, depressionshame, and guilt.

Demand #2: Because I prefer you to, you absolutely should treat me well with kindness, understanding, patience, and acceptance. If you fail you're a louse, a horrible person. This demand is a major cause of anger, resentment, and hostility.

Demand #3: Because it would be lovely if the world were fair, easy, and hassle-free, it absolutely must be otherwise it's horrible and I can't stand it. This demand leads to procrastination and addictions.
Once you identify your demand, question, challenge, and contradict it. Instead, reinforce and act on passionate desires and preferences.
With little consideration for his employees, at 5 PM your manager announces, "finish the project before you leave work today please." You resent your manager for his inconsiderate behavior.

Unfortunately, resentment, anger, and hostility eat you up inside, tend to alienate others, and do not solve your dilemma. How do you address the situation without such a self-defeating emotion? Use an A-B-C-D-E-F flowchart, which I call a Three Minute Therapy Exercise (TME).

Source: Psychology Today
Better Together

NAMI Pomona Valley is joining NAMI Greater Los Angeles County (NAMI GLAC)! Recognized by NAMI California and NAMI National, NAMI GLAC is comprised of six chapters coming together to serve approximately 70% of the Los Angeles County area. By uniting the San Fernando Valley, Glendale, San Gabriel Valley, South Bay, Pomona Valley, and Long Beach areas, NAMI GLAC gives each chapter the freedom to best represent and serve their respective areas while combining resources and providing a singular vision to address the mental health needs of Los Angeles County residents.
What does this mean for NAMI Pomona Valley? We will retain our web address, helpline number, and social media accounts. Our support group location will be the same as well as our mailing address. We will still have the same local leadership, staff, and amazing volunteers to continue providing you our existing mental health services. We are still a nonprofit but will ultimately lose our 501c3 status as we will be represented by GLAC
as the official NAMI affiliate (don’t worry, your donations are still tax-deductable!).
There may be some changes down the line but ultimately we will keep everything you know and love about NAMI Pomona Valley.

We look forward all the new opportunities, partnerships, and support that comes with being part of NAMI GLAC! We hope to grow our membership and expand our programs to uderserved populations within our local community. Now is an incredibly exciting time to formally join NAMI Pomona Valley and help us shape the future making mental health for all a reality. We are better together, #together4MH

NAMI Membership Dues:
Are you Current? Donations and membership are actually tax deductible!

Membership benefits include:

  • Our flagship magazine, The NAMI Advocate
  • Membership with NAMI National, NAMI California, and our Pomona Valley Affiliate
  • Voting privileges 
  • Discounts at the NAMI Store and on registration at the NAMI National Convention
  • Access to all the information and features on the website and more

NAMI education classes and training programs are held throughout the year. Class seating is limited and fill quickly. Training programs are offered upon availability. Please fill out this contact form to be notified when registration for classes become available or for training program availability.

Support groups will continue as scheduled and info can be
found on our website. 

For more information on any class, please contact the helpline:
Phone: (909) 399-0305 Email:

If you Need Help Reach out

Call 911 or your local emergency number immediately.
1-800-273-8255 (TALK)

Other Resources Check the link below

 Legislation Spotlight

Help Support

We need your help.

Several critical bills have been introduced in the California State Assembly and State Senate that can improve the lives of individuals, families and communities impacted by mental illness.

What can you do?
Find out about the legislation under consideration and sign our letters of support;
links below.

NAMI POMONA VALLEY | P.O. Box 53, Pomona, CA 91711
Helpline (909) 399-0305 | Email: