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Monthly Update
September 2018

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Monthly Update

Donnell Probst

Executive Director

Michelle Ciulla Lipkin

Board of Directors

Erin Reilly
Sherri Hope Culver
Past President

David Kleeman
Vice President
Joanne Parsont

Tony Streit

Kristi Avram

Steve Hargadon

Alicia Haywood

Tori Horton

Gonca Latif-Schmitt
Cynthia Lieberman

Lynette Owens

Daniel Rhone
Nicole Starr

DC Vito

Leadership Council

Rachel Arteaga

Emily Bailin Wells

Caitlin Barry

Catherine Burgess

Natasha Casey

Belinha S. De Abreu

David Cooper Moore

Elizaveta Friesem

Yonty Friesem

Kelsey Greene

Jaclyn Kahn Siegel

Emily Keating

David Magolis

Dee Morgenthaler

Tina Peterson

Donnell Probst

Theresa Redmond

Rebecca Reynolds

Laurie Chin Sayres

Evelien  Schilder

Julie Smith

Benjamin Thevenin

Jiwon Yoon

Student Leadership Council

Jimmeka Anderson

Nneka Gigi

Jasmin Goodman

Alexis Romero

Zoey Wang

core principles

The purpose of  media literacy education is to develop the habits of inquiry and skills of expression needed by critical thinkers, effective communicators, and active citizens in today's world.



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TopIn this issue...

Media Literacy Week

U.S. Media Literacy Week
NOVEMBER 5-9, 2018

U.S. Media Literacy Week is 6 weeks away!
2018 Media Literacy Week Toolkit
The  2018 Media Literacy Week Toolkit  is now available for d ownload  here.   The toolkit includes sample social media posts, memes, and graphics to help you promote your MLW events! 

Is your school or organization signed up to be a partner or supporter? If not, contact us at to get involved!


Conference 2019

Washington, D.C.
June 26-28

Call for Proposals
NAMLE is now accepting proposal submissions for the 2019 Conference to be held in Washington D.C. from June 26-28, 2019. The conference theme is "A Path Forward: Elevating Conversation, Unifying Voices."

Interested educators, researchers, practitioners, and students are invited to submit proposals through the online submission portal until November 1, 2018. Full details of the Call for Proposals can be found here.

Questions? Please email


Australia's Media Literacy Week
As part of Australia's 2018 Media Literacy Week, ABC featured a selection of short videos and interviews with NAMLE executive director Michelle Ciulla Lipkin who spent two weeks visiting various schools and organizations across Australia sharing information about media literacy efforts in the U.S.   [ read more ]

TIME for Kids: Making Sense of the Media
TIME for Kids featured an article, 
"Making Sense of the Media," which discussed the growing popularity of media literacy in response to the fake news epidemic. The article briefly outlines the state of media literacy legislation across the United States, and how progress is slow but steady. The article has versions for grades 3-4 and 5-6 and is available to students across the U.S. [ read more]

Helping Children Navigate,  Process in the Digital Age
NAMLE Leadership Council member Julie Smith and Marialice Curran, founder of the Digital Citizenship Institute, joined Don Marsh on St. Louis Public Radio to discuss how adults can use social media and online information to help children better connect to the world, develop authentic relationships and model acceptable behavior [ read more ]


CalendarMark Your Calendar

Media Literacy and Civic Engagement in the Digital Age
Texas A&M University
Sept 28 [ learn more]

Media Literacy Week 2018
U.S. and Canada
Nov 5-9, 2018  [learn more:  U.S.  and Canada ]

Northeast Regional Media Literacy Conference
Providence, RI
Nov 10 [learn more]

Media Education Conference 2018
Grande Bibliothèque
Montreal, Canada
Nov 9-10 [learn more]

2018 Information & Media Literacy Conference
University of Passau
Nov 23-24 [learn more]

2019 International Critical Media Literacy Conference
Savannah, GA
Feb 22-23 [learn more]

2019 NAMLE Conference
Washington, D.C.
Jun 26-28 [learn more]

MembersM-Passion ed: Meet our Members
Niki Warncke
Multimedia Artist

"I've always been driven by media literacy's ability to balance or redistribute power dynamics at several levels. For one, it's about deconstructing and speaking back to hegemonic powers that make mass media's messages very narrow and hurtful. We need to vary the kind of stories we create and consume, and we are seeing that better representation is possible if we diversify who holds the powerful positions behind the scenes. In addition, media literacy values content that isn't only commercial, and can serve as a way to strengthen creative confidence and help people reflect on their identities and habits as shaped by media. [ read more ]

Want to recommend an M-Passioned NAMLE member who should be in our next feature? Contact Evelien Schilder at

2018 Innovation Challenge
The National Association of 
Broadcasters (NAB) has announced the PILOT Innovation Challenge. The contest is accepting ideas from individuals, teams of individuals, companies, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations for innovative ways broadcasters and other local media can serve communities.
Submission deadline: Oct 19 [learn more]
PILOT Media Technology and 
Innovation Scholarships
PILOT has announced it will offer 
up to 10 scholarships of $5,000 each to current college sophomores, juniors, seniors entering graduate school, and continuing graduate students for pursuit of studies related to media technology and innovation.
Submission deadline: Nov 2 [learn more]
2019 BEA Research Symposium: Media Literacy:  What NOW?
This research symposium brings 
together top scholars in the field of media literacy and asks, "What does it mean to be media literate today?" The Research Symposium will take place in Las Vegas during the BEA2019 conference on Sunday, April 7, 2019.
Submission Deadline: Dec 1  [learn more ]
Disrupt the News Challenge
TVNewsCheck and the Broadcast 
Education Association (BEA) have announced the Disrupt the News Challenge. Teams of student journalists are challenged to develop unique ways of presenting news that sticks within the general programming flow of a TV station - but makes the traditional format more attractive to younger audiences, including millennials.  Submissions can include a mix of news, sports, weather, entertainment, advertising and promotion.
Submission deadline: Dec 15 [learn more]


A Citizens Guide to Fake News
The Center for Information Technology 
& Society at the University of California Santa Barbara released "A Citizen's Guide to Fake News." Created by fellow Joe Walther, the guide includes the history and impact of fake news as well as sections on ways to prevent ourselves from falling for fake news stories and information online. [ learn more]
Digital Civics Toolkit
The Digital Civics Toolkit is a collection 
of resources for educators to help youth explore and recognize the civic potentials of digital life. The Toolkit explores a range of civic opportunities and dilemmas through five different modules: Exploring Community Issues, Investigation, Dialogue, Voice, and Action. The modules were designed for high school students and contain a conversation starter, several activities, and a closing reflection.  [ learn more ]
Lesson Plan: "Fake News, 
Lies, and Propaganda"
Angie Oerhli from the University of 
Michigan has made available her course presentations for "Fake News, Lies, and Propaganda." The slides, entitled "Fake News, Lies, and a For-credit Class: Lessons Learned from Teaching a 7-Week Fake News Undergraduate Library Course" can be found on the weblink below. The materials include the lesson plans, slides, and homework assignments for each of the 7 weeks of the course.  [ learn more ]

Civic Media Literacies: Re-Imagining Human Connection in an Age of Digital Abundance
This new book by Paul Mihailidis, an 
Associate Professor of Civic Media and Journalism at Emerson College, explores the texture of daily engagement in civic life, and the resources--human, technological, and practical--that citizens employ when engaging in civic actions for positive social impact. Additionally, Mihailidis outlines a model for empowering young citizens to use media to meaningfully engage in daily life.
CID Video Competition 2018 Results
The Center for Intercultural 
Dialogue's first video competition asked college students to answer the question, "What does intercultural dialogue look like?" in a two minute video. Follow the link below to see a complete list of winners as well as links to their videos.  [ learn more ]

EmploymentEmployment Opportunities 

Adjunct Professor, Media Literacy
Grand Canyon University

Media Literacy Workshop Facilitator
New York, NY

For more listings, visit our organizational 
partner The Alliance's  job bank
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