Monthly Update | November 2019
NAMLE is Hiring!

Program Assistant

NAMLE has an exciting opportunity for a highly motivated, emerging media literacy professional who is interested in joining our expanding team. The position, which provides the opportunity for substantial professional growth, is full-time with flexible hours but may require some evenings or weekends. The position is remote with the possibility of occasional travel. Learn more or submit your letter of interest and resume to by Friday, December 6th.
Media Literacy in the News
Fox Business : Lawmakers propose $60M to teach students to evaluate the media
In October, l awmakers  introduced the  "Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy Act"  in the House of Representatives which proposed  spending  $60 million over five years to teach students as young as kindergarten how to evaluate the media. The bill charges the Secretary of Education with overseeing the program, which would give grants to state media literacy advisory councils to work with local education agencies on developing curricula, training teachers and evaluating "student learning in media literacy." [ read more ]
WGCU: The Critical Importance of Media Literacy in Today's World
In celebration of the 5th annual U.S. Media Literacy Week, WGCU's Julie Glenn sat down with Florida Gulf Coast University journalism professor  Lyn Millner, one of her teaching assistants, Lauren Miceli, who is studying journalism at FGCU, and  Maryann Batlle , the editor of  The Banner, to discuss the importance of media literacy in today's world . [ read more ]
Hawaii Students Learn about Media Literacy at Global Vision Summit
Hundreds of high school students from across the state of Hawaii attended The Global Vision Summit on media literacy, hosted by The Pacific and Asian Affairs Council and held at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. The goal of the conference was to teach students the difference between news and opinion and to look closely into news stories and research for themselves. [ read more ]
M-Passioned: Meet Our Members
Peter Adams
Senior Vice President, Education
News Literacy Project

"We are getting ready to launch three really exciting projects. First, we spent the spring and summer totally reworking our interactive lesson about news media bias — drawing the complexity of the concept into focus for students by giving them new ways to think about different types of bias and the possible forms they can take in coverage, and by reminding them that their own biases get mixed up in the process. Second, we’re adding a really cool digital verification sandbox area to Checkology in October called The Check Center, which will feature a toolbox of digital verification skills tutorials — like how to do a reverse image search, or how to use Google Street View to geolocate a viral photo — and a collection of verification challenges that students can take on that require them to use these skills to solve. Finally, we are launching our first-ever mobile app: a news literacy brain-trainer called Informable that gives users a series of examples and forces them to make fast decisions about them." [ read more ]
New: Journal of Media Literacy Education 11.3
NAMLE is pleased to announce the publication of the latest issue of the  Journal of Media Literacy Education  (JMLE)! Volume 11.3 of JMLE has been prepared by the new team of editors, Maria Ranieri and Elizaveta Friesem, with the help of visual designer Elena Gabbi. Special thanks to copy editors (in alphabetical order): Mary Dindorf, Olga Gould, Samantha Stanley, Kate Maloney Williams, and Tamar Wilner. Read the full issue  here.
Video Course: TV News and Local Politics
The Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY launched a new episode of their free video master class series, "TV News and Local Politics" taught by Errol Louis. The course includes tips for journalists and students, and real life examples from his opinion columns, live interviews with elected officials, and moderation of political debates. This class is appropriate for journalism students, professional journalists, or members of the public curious about the behind-the-scenes of journalism. [ learn more ]
End User License Agreement Posters
The Association for Media Literacy worked with two sets of volunteer law students to produce an ongoing series of End User License Agreements (EULA) in plain language. For each of the identified most-used media apps or services, the students were asked to identify and translate EULA passages that put users at risk into plain language. The passages were re-written in Q&A formats and designed as infographics by Graphic Arts students at Toronto’s Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts. Seventeen infographics are now available. [ learn more ]
Course: Quick Start to Verifying
Online Media
In this course, First Draft teaches the first steps of verifying online media—including basic provenance, source, and time and location checks. The course is designed as an introduction that anyone can use to improve their digital literacy skills. The course takes approximately one hour to complete. [ more info ]
Lesson: Help Students Analyze the Impact of Political Ads
This lesson from Frank Baker provides classroom ideas for engaging students in the process of deconstructing political advertisements. Resources include a Political Advertising Analysis Worksheet, a classroom activity, instructions for locating the cost of political campaigns, and links to databases of political television commercials to use in media literacy lessons in your classroom.
[ read more ]
ABC Teacher Resources
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has created a webpage with resources for teachers including a list of global media literacy projects, classroom activities, curriculums, and resource links. [ learn more ]
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