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Audio Newsletter #12
Product News Update
January 5, 2012



Since I can't be the first, let me be the last to wish you a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2012 from your friends at Eventide!  C'mon, let's make this year a total love-fest!!


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The Wait is Over - Eventide Native Plug-ins Are Available NOW!!
Happenings at Eventide Booth 5791
Can You Keep a Secret?
 Omnipressor and 2016 Stereo Room NATIVE Available NOW!!!


 Omnipressor - Dynamics Processor With an Attitude! Omnipressor is available in both mono and true stereo, with sidechain capability. 


2016 Stereo Room - Heard on Hit Records Spanning Three Decades
2016 Stereo Room

Compatible with AAX (OS-X 10.6-7, Windows 7, AU (OS-X 10.5-7), VST (Windows XP, 7).  Special limited time introductory special pricing of only $99 and $149!! (regularly $149 and $199 respectively)  Get them here or from your authorized Eventide software dealer.


Happenings at Eventide Booth 5791

Thursday January 19 at 10:30am get a brief how-to tutorial on setting up a pedalboard with Pedaltrain and Ted McCann of Bullet Cable.


Ronnie Montrose 


Friday January 20 at 3pm and meet legendary guitarist, Eventide aficianado, and all around nice guy, Ronnie Montrose.

Mike Kerr

Saturday January 21, at 3pm Mike Kerr with Special Guest, Kristen Capolino

More announcements to follow.  Check here for the latest appearances at NAMM.

Can You Keep a Secret?

At the NAMM show we are going to unveil the following new native plug-ins (sorry, we can barely contain ourselves)

Blackhole from the acclaimed Space Stompbox (with its DNA from the DSP4000/H8000 studio processors).  Available in March for a special limited time intro price of only $99! (regularly $199).

And the H3000 Factory from ModFactory 1, 2, and PatchFactory from the venerable H3000 D/SE.  It includes the numbered factory presets from these algorithms and a whole lot more.  Available in March for a special limited time intro price of only $149! (regularly $299).

Don't Miss the Fun! Would You Like to Attend NAMM for Free?
If so, we would love to see you!  Come by our booth in Hall B, booth 5791.
Click here to get your free badge compliments of Eventide.


There are a limited number of free passes and the cut off time is 5pm EST TODAY, January 5th, so don't delay!!  After that, we will be unable to help you with passes to this event.  Also, each request must have a unique email address or the NAMM system will reject the request.

See you there!

Thanks for tuning in. I  hope to see you at NAMM!  Please stop by and say hello.
Until next time,

Ray Maxwell

 Infinite Freeze for Space

Space small

V4 for ModFactor, TimeFactor and Space to be Released to Beta by the end of January


The new Infinite Freeze feature will be added to the reverb section of nine of the 13 algorithms in Space. For example, in ModEchoVerb, the reverberation can be frozen into infinite hold while the modulation and delay section continue to work independently.


Check out the reviews for Space.

Quote of the Day

"... the biggest difference between me and other guitar players is that I don't use effects to color my guitar parts, I create guitar parts using effects ... they're a crucial part of what I do ... I don't consider effects a crutch ... they're part of the art..."

- The Edge - U2 

Heard it Here First
Eventide users spanning all corners of the sonic spectrum:


The Knife is using an H8000FW on their new record.

Ninja Tune sensation Emika is using Eventide Stompboxes.

Yeasayer is using Eventide Stompboxes.

Jason Schwartzman is using Eventide Stompoxes on some upcoming film score projects.

My Morning Jacket has expanded their use of Eventide Stompboxes.

Passion Pit is using Eventide Stompboxes.

Pucifer is using Eventide Stombpoxes.

The Moody Blues is using Eventide Stompboxes.

The Blueman Group in New York City and Las Vegas are using Eventide Stompboxes.

An unnamed music star, whose real name is Ciccone recently used the H8000FW on her new album project in progress (sorry, I am not at liberty to be more specific).

Listen closely to the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo soundtrack for the immistakable sound of Space.
Quick Links
Christine Wu with EclipseRig Rig of the Day
Badass Christine Wu with her Eclipse V4 set-up