NAN Embassy - Mogul
The Non-Aligned Nations (NAN) Embassy is one of City of Titan's mogul buildings. It is used as an outpost of any unaligned foreign nations.
The site of the current NaN Embassy was originally a wooden building built in 1887 as an “Embassy of Avalon” by a shyster called Mr Baltimore who claimed rights to the Palatinate of Avalon located on Newfoundland during the 1600s. Mr Baltimore’s credentials proved fake after he used city funds to upgrade the site to the current building, modeled on the British Legation of Sofia, Bulgaria, after 1908.
Independent nation states from inconspicuous corners of the world use the embassy as an embassy for their representation in the United States. The facility mostly processes visas, although its charter includes maintaining small nation sovereignty and increasing their representation in global forums. Behind the embassy, sitting above the Embassy subway station, stands a statue in the garden.