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Friends and Neighbors of North Avondale:
Com·mu·ni·ty - a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.
I’m so proud of how our neighborhood has come together in so many ways this summer as a community through multiple events that were heavily attended by all that live here as well as coming together passionately to overcome challenges that many of us felt may try to alter everything that so many of us have worked towards over the years.
In my 20+ years in North Avondale, I can’t remember a time when the feeling of fellowship has been stronger because I believe almost all of us in North Avondale share common attitudes interests and goals.

Heather Herr, President NANA
 Tuesday, September 14, 7:00 pm

IN PERSON! at the North Avondale Recreation Center
617 Clinton Springs
Passcode: 45217

Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 12, 7:00 pm


Thanks to all the neighbors who worked tirelessly together to stop the 3980 Rose Hill request for Conditional Use Permit. Two weeks after the four hour long hearing the decision was made turning the request down.


North Avondale Litter Report
Hey neighbors –
I wanted to thank everyone that came out to our Reading Road Cleanup at the end of July. We had fifteen volunteers including seven children and it was lovely seeing kids getting out and cleaning up! Judicial candidate Elizabeth Tye stopped by and did the Dana-Clinton Springs-Reading triangle with her husband. It was great to see a political candidate that lives and volunteers in our neighborhood! After consolidating the bags, we collected around seven 30-gallon bags of trash which is a pretty good haul. Some of the volunteers took home Don’t Trash the ‘Nati yard signs with them and I also put a few up around Reading – I’ll be honest, it doesn’t seem to have made a dent in how often people litter on Dana and Reading so if anyone has any thoughts or recommendations on how to reduce littering or have more effective clean ups please reach out! Special thanks to Elizabeth Tye, Kevin Bristol, Jolene Struebbe, Jim Miller, Marian Miller, the Wolfenberg Family, the LaNiear Family and Paul Harten.
Another way that we can reduce litter in North Avondale: moving our cars when the street sweepers come! Not every street in North Avondale has the same street sweeping date so I’m including instructions on how to check your address. Go to and enter your address in the right-hand side text box (pictured right). You’ll then be able to see what day the street sweeper will be on your street and move your car to a driveway or a different street that’s not getting swept that day. Make sure to also tell your neighbors and friends to “Show their pride, move their ride” on street sweeping days! (Not my slogan by the way, that’s straight from the Department of Public Services 😊).
Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns via email at [email protected] – I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Your neighborhood Litter Chair, Coral Weigel
NANA Community Gardens

North Avondale gardens are still in bloom. A big thank you to those who volunteer in our community gardens, and to those who have captained our beautiful gardens, some for many years.
We have 8 gardens that our NANA gardeners maintain. Our garden at the triangle of Clinton Springs and Washington is in need of a captain and volunteers to refurbish and help us transplant plant materials. The committee and nearby residents would be appreciative of any help you might be able to provide. We have a new plan for this garden and hope to get started this fall, if we have volunteers to assist.

Please put October 23, 2021 on your calendar as a workday in our gardens – more information to follow.

Please reply to our email [email protected] if you are able to work in our Washington Triangle garden.
Judy Evans, NANA Community Gardens
September 2021 NANA Featured Garden- 413 E Mitchell Avenue

Welcome to the backyard patio at 413 E. Mitchell Ave, at the corner of Lowry and Mitchell Avenue, and home of Michael Marsh and Melvina ChapmanMike and Melvina moved to North Avondale 16 years ago from Walnut Hills and didn’t even know their new home had a back yard when they moved in. There was a very small patio and seating area and lots of very tall (10 foot high) honeysuckle. Mike wanted more places to sit, so they began cleaning out and enlarging the space. In 2018 they redid the hardscape by having these three-dimensional pavers installed.
In addition, they choose all of their plants by themselves. These include: crimson pygmy barberry, moon shadow euonymus, Japanese barberry, Green Velvet and Winter Gem boxwoods, Colorado Blue Spruce, dwarf red oak, Montgomery dwarf spruce, and purple leaf sand cherry to name a few!

This generous space is perfect for hosting large gatherings, but still feels intimate. In fact, neighbors on Park, Dickson, and Lowry were treated to the space when Mike hosted the Lowry Street Block Party recently. As a fellow conifer lover, this garden caught my eye. Be sure to slow down when you are out for a drive and take a look!

Jolene Struebbe. Beautification Chair

Rupel House - 3864 Reading Road
We met with members of the Port last week for an update on 3864 Reading Road. No agreements have been signed as of that time. They will keep us informed on any forthcoming activity. Rosemary’s Babies Company has also reached out to NANA and the NA JSDC seeking further community engagement. To view the letter we received from them, Click Here
The NA JSDC will reach out to City of Cincinnati Administration and ask for a representative to join in an upcoming NANA meeting to explain the purchase and community engagement process for the property. Our understating through the Port is that the City will have the final say on sale of the property after any Port purchase requirements have been met. North Avondale will be engaged for the City purchase approval process and we will also involve any potential purchaser in that discussion.
Jeff Herr and Beth Ewing on behalf of the NA Joint Strategic Development Committee

Be sure to join the North Avondale Social Events Page on Facebook or North Avondale Parents and Friends Facebook page for updates and information. 

If you are interested in planning or chairing a future event in North Avondale, please contact Events Chair, Morgan Rottinghaus. Please note, all NANA sponsored events or partnership events must be reviewed and approved by the NANA board. We look forward to your input and ideas! 

Events Chair Contact: Morgan Rottinghaus:
Phone : 917.683.0349

Keeping Community Strong,
Morgan Rottinghaus, Chair

Update: Double STOP signs have been painted at the new "all stop" area, Clinton Springs and E. Mitchell. The city is going to change the corner near the stop sign to make it a sharper L shape, so it's more difficult to roll through. The message board is going to take a while to receive. There is a global shortage of LED lights. 
Clinton Springs Bump outs were installed at Clinton Springs/Leyman, Clinton Springs/Dickson. Bump Outs are added to intersections to narrow the crossing distance for pedestrians & encourages the drivers to slow down. They are great but there have been some complaints because it is hard to see at night and cars have gone over the curb where it comes out into the road. (see the image) As a result, we have requested the City help solve this problem with curb reflectors or an other alternative to solve the problem.
 Carolyn Gillman, Chair 
Updates to the Rose Hill, Beechwood, Betula, Red Bud Ave/Place, and Avon Fields Lane/Place Neighborhood Directory are now complete. This project began in April and has taken about 5 months to execute. During that time, my committee has figured out how to get a new map of the neighborhood from the Auditor's office, complete with household names, and has canvassed all 184 households in this part of North Avondale. We are so pleased to report that of the 178 occupied homes, we achieved a 93% response rate! And, all but 5 of these households provided email addresses, so we now have a very up to date network to keep neighbors on top of things! Other data that was collected included cell phone numbers, landline numbers and names and ages of children under 19 living at home. Printed directories and maps will be available at the block party on September 18 and emailed invitations for that event will be the first use of the updated directory information. 
 I would like to extend a warm thanks to my very dedicated committee: Mike Huber (excel spreadsheet master extraordinaire), Kim Hubbard (super duper canvasser), Carol Trainor and Lois Nizny and our additional canvassers: Jim Miller, Marian Pitcairn, Stacy Tilford and Tracy Connor. We could not have done this without the help of everyone!

Jolene Struebbe (Beechwood) [email protected]
Good afternoon, my name Elizabeth A. Tye, I have resided at 820 Red Bud Ave for over 12 years with my Husband Kevin and our children. 

I am running for Municipal Court Judge, here in District 2.

I am having a meet and greet social hour at my home for my neighbors on October 1, 2021 from 5pm to 7pm. I will serve light refreshments and/ or food truck. 

If questions, please contact me directly by phone or text at 641.4600. 

Elizabeth A. Tye 

Because the neighborhood was addressing the potential rezoning of 3980 Rose Hill Avenue and has experienced burdensome but essential water line repairs, I have hesitated to point out one problem Richard and I have encountered for some time - dog poop left on the sidewalks and in the grass. This morning there was a large poop on the walk in front of our driveway, reminding me to speak up. Even owners of small dogs need to be reminded that a tiny bit of poop imbedded in the soles of one’s shoes is extremely annoying.
Most dog owners who live on the Rose Hill-Beechwood circle are responsible citizens and dog owners. The few who aren’t may not even live in the neighborhood.
 In addition to the need to remind dog owners to pick up dog poop, they should probably be reminded that dogs require updated licenses and vaccinations (esp. for rabies). Perhaps if there is sufficient support from the community, NANA could invest in dog poop bags and holders for them.
Best regards,
 Judy Harmony (Rose Hill Avenue) 

 More Information from the City Municipal Code:
  • Sec. 701-30. - Dog Excrement Removal.
  • No person shall allow a dog under his or her control to be upon public property or upon the property of another, absent the consent of the owner or occupant of the property, without some device for the removal and containment of such dog's excrement; nor shall any person fail to remove any excrement deposited by any dog under his or her control on public or private property.
  • This section shall not apply to guide dogs under the control of a blind person.
(Ordained by Ord. No. 123-1982, eff. May 7, 1982)
(Ordained by Ord. No. 123-1982, eff. May 7, 1982)

  • City of Cincinnati Animals and Pets
Zoning Issues
I call upon NANA to learn why SF 20 zoning permits the "family" option to exist and how to have it eliminated as it is a timebomb that can destroy any Cincinnati single-family neighborhood.
Currently, SF 20 use is limited to a family (of whatever size) plus 4 people unrelated by blood or marriage (ie strangers) plus one renter. I assume that means unrelated to the property owner.
The "family" option permits not more than 10 (Catholic) nuns or monks (who by definition live in a monastery), expanded to include priests or 10 people over the age of 60 to purchase/occupy a single- family property.
And why is Cincinnati zoning code permitting any reference/special opportunity for any "religious" group.? That should no longer be the business of Cincinnati government, started long ago.
I have submitted my views on this matter, NANA must push for change BUT not until after November Council election. It is unlikely to gain any support before then.
Thank you,
Mel Nizny, MD (Rose Hill)
●Cincinnati residents can receive a free tree this fall through the Fall ReLeaf program. Through support from the Cincinnati Parks Foundation, Macy’s, and MadTree Brewing. Nine species of tree are available, each worth $75.
According to the Park Board, the program was first established "to provide shade trees for homeowners whose curb lawns were too narrow for tree planting or with overhead utility lines. The program has blossomed to include community and school involvement, a more diverse tree species selection and backyard planting."
Trees can be planted anywhere in your yard except between the street and sidewalk. If you don’t know what sort of tree is best suited to your space, the City’s Department of Urban Forestry will advise you – just call 513.861.9070.
Applications are being accepted now (you MUST know the first three numbers of your parcel ID number, which is on your tax bill or online through the County Auditor’s Office) and the trees will be available for pickup Oct. 23 and 24 at MadTree in Oakley, or Oct. 25 from the Park Board. Residents of the neighborhoods with the fewest trees (North Avondale is not one) get first dibs, but trees are available as long as supplies last. For information or to apply click here

We eat more sugar in the U.S. than any other country, much of it in processed food. What's the environmental impact of all that sugar?
Alexis Nikole Nelson, known to her 1.7 million Twitter followers as the Black Forager grew up on Rose Hill and went to TNSM? She is Kym Nelson’s daughter. Her Tik Tok videos are awesome!
How Black Foragers Find Freedom in the Natural World
Carol Joyce Harten, 90, of North Avondale passed away peacefully at home surrounded by her family and loved ones on July 6, 2021 after a long illness. Carol was born on February 22, 1931 to William and Dorothy Hinds in Silverton, Ohio. After graduating from Regina High School, Norwood, Ohio, she studied at the College of Mount St. Joseph, graduating in 1953. Later in life she earned her Master of Community Planning degree in 1969 and a Doctorate of Education in 1982 from the University of Cincinnati. Carol was an amazing woman who raised eight children and provided a home for many others while teaching full-time at UC and completing her advanced degrees. All who knew her were made to feel special and exceptional. She was a strong mentor and leader to family, friends and community. She is survived by her husband, Raymond David Harten and her eight children, Mary Teresa Harten (Frank Newbauer), John P. Harten (Emily), Paul F. Harten (Amy), Sarah H. Koucky (Walter), Thomas D. Harten (Annamarie), Maura H. Wolf (J. Miles), Jennifer A. Harten and Christopher D. Harten (Allison). She leaves behind twenty-two grandchildren and fifteen great-grandchildren. During Carol's career she served as the interim Dean of the College of Community Services, directed the Department of Community Planning/Administration, and served as Associate Director of the School of Planning. As Associate Professor, Carol participated in the Sister City Health Care Exchange with Kharkov, Ukraine in 1991. Carol served as President, Cincinnati Catholic Women's Association, 1998-2000; 2003-2005 and President, Woman's Club of the University of Cincinnati, 2000-2001; 2009-2010. Carol retired in 1992 as Associate Professor Emerita of Health Planning/Administration after 23 as a faculty member and academic administrator. Her final years were spent focused on family and civic activities. She helped two sons with the revival of Mecklenburg Gardens Restaurant, and loved spending time with friends and family at her Rocky Fork Lake House. A Celebration of Life service was held at Bellarmine Chapel on Saturday, July 10th at 1:00 pm. In lieu of flowers, the family encourages donations to the scholarship fund at either Cincinnati Catholic Women's Association or the Woman's Club of University of Cincinnati. Condolences may be expressed at
Minette Cooper, Former Cincinnati Vice Mayor, passed away at the age of 73, on August 8, 2021. A long time North Avondale resident, she lived on Washington Avenue for over 20 years and then at the Belvedere for the last 10 years.

A memorial service will be held on Saturday, September 25th 2021 at 3:00 pm at the Joy Christian Ministries (3220 Central Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH 45225).
For more articles on her:

Keep dancing with us (or return!!!) as Contemporary Dance Theater merges into Mutual Arts with 16 classes, featuring new teachers!

New classes
New management
New faculty (and returning favorites!!!)
New schedule
New streamlined registration system
New drop-in procedures

Contemporary Dance Theater merges into Mutual Dance Theatre and Arts Centers effective 8/31. Mutual Arts is committed to sustaining the legacy of CDT and founder Jefferson James while re-invigorating Cincinnati's love for dance and movement. We will continue Adult Classes at CDT's College Hill Town Hall at 1805 Larch Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45224!
Classes start Tuesday, September 7!

All students (including drop-ins) must register BEFORE coming to the studio.
September 11 at Spring Grove Cemetery with Pete Wagner's Band for the annual Lighting of the Lanterns beginning at 5 until dusk. A very special day where families gather to remember those they love and want to commemorate. People bring Lawn Chairs to set up along the lake, Families are of course welcome, food is available, materials available to create the Lanterns with messages and pictures, the names of all of our loved ones are read aloud... And at Dusk, we perform Amazing Grace and the Lanterns people have created are launched into the beautiful lake of Spring Grove. It is a very touching moment and a very memorable day. We would love to share this 9/11 with all of you!
The Longworth Anderson Series
Wasson Way Updates
  • On September 15th at 4:30pm join Mayor Cranley and many others to officially open the next section of the WW !!! Come join us as we celebrate the next piece of this amazing urban trail. This is the Ault Park piece of the Trail. This is history! This will be around for a hundred years! Children are VIPS so be sure to bring them. Coffee Emporium is providing free beverages and Busken a special treat. Hope to see you at the Marburg entrance to the WW as we celebrate

  • On October 2nd we celebrate with the Avondale community the future WW. We are so excited to work with our Avondale partners to present a community celebration on October 2. Join us as we dedicate the renovation of Blair Park at 4:30pm, the Artworks Cincinnati Police Department Mediation Mural at 5:30pm and a WW nonprofit hosted free community cookout and input session at 6:30pm at Hirsch Recreation Center. This is the first of many collaborations between WW and the Avondale community.

  • On October 9th we plant 120 trees along Wasson Road. Yes that is correct ...120 trees. That is a lot of trees! We will change the appearance of Wasson Road as we plant giant Sycamores and Oaks. As the Chinese say the best time to plant a tree is 40 years ago. Let's get started.
  • We are hard at work on the Avondale/Norwood/Evanston/Walnut Hills section of the WW. This will be the best piece yet as it connects to Xavier University, Walnut Hills HS, Kings Record, new NIOSH Center, UC Innovation Center, hospital district, 2nd largest EPA Center in the US and more. Our goal is the best urban trail in America and we are on our way.
Eden Urban Gardens Community hosting 2 events
We hope you are well and staying cool with these hot temperatures. We would like to invite you to 2 events we are hosting. First, a fundraising yard sale at our Field A location to raise funds for building a walk in cooler to store all the bounty of produce. We have had several additional donations from friends & neighbors and will have a wide variety of items. Secondly, we are hosting field tours with refreshments- there are 2 tour times- rsvp is required with your name and number of people coming with you. The tour will be of our Field B & Field D locations and will end at Field D with light refreshments. We will have pictures of our Field A & Field C for you to see.  Please see details of both below. Thank you and hope to see you soon!

Fundraising Yard Sale for Walk in Coolers-Sat. Sept. 18th 7:30am-4pm, Parkview Avenue, 45213- middle of the road, yard sale signs will be posted
*Cash & Card payments will be accepted
*Free Coffee & other refreshments 
*Electronics, garden tools/equip, household items, clothes, toys, crafts, other random items
*All proceeds will go toward walk in cooler material costs
Eden Urban Gardens, LLC Field Tours-Thur. Oct.21st- Pick 1 tour time:
*Option One- Begins at 4pm
*Option Two-Begins at 6pm
*RSVP by email to us: your name and total number people coming with you
*Address detail information will be provided upon RSVP
*Light refreshments will be served at the end of the tour
April Pandora, Urban Farmer
The Best Way to Experience the Mill Creek 
Paddling with the seasoned guides of the Mill Creek Yacht Club is the best way to experience the wonders of the Mill Creek while learning about our long-abused but surprisingly resurgent urban stream.
Two upcoming opportunities are available while seats last
Invite a friend and sign up early to reserve your spot! 
September 25
3rd Annual
Run the Riffles
You do not want to miss out on this year's kayak race, mini urban stream adventure, upstream paddle, bioblitz, urban hike, and other exciting activities! 

October 16
Urban Stream Adventure
Travel by water with us through the city you love. This mid-fall trip will begin at Salway Park and will rock your boat 4 miles downstream to the Yellow Bridge! 

Corryville Farmer & Artisan Market
Goat Yoga + Coryville Farmer & Artisan Market! We are very excited to announce the Coryville Farmer and Artisan Market at the historic Mecklenburg Gardens in their massive Bier Hall. This will be held every last Saturday of the month STARTING September 25th. We will kick off the morning with Goat Yoga and end the day with an FCC away game watch party. Do a little shopping and enjoy the beautiful Bier Garden!

Want to attend goat yoga or vend? Go to or HUE YOGA and see events.
At the benefit of Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, we cordially invite you to party among the plants and toast to what makes Cincinnati beautiful. Word of caution: do not feed the plants!
Date: Friday, October 15th
Time: VIP Hour from 7-8 PM | General Admission from 8-11 PM
Location: Benken Florist Home and Garden
Tickets: $125 VIP | $75 General Admission

We're back and better than ever with our annual Cincy Block Party! This year we're expanding to include both indoor and outdoor festivities, with games and merriment at every turn. Enjoy our silent auction, boozy ring toss, light bites, and more. Are you in? Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for our formal invitation and a ticketing link. 
The Keep Cincinnati Beautiful team

  • Lauren Elizabeth Gilmer & Michael Graham at 778 Avon Fields Ln.
  • Jesse Branham Brumbaugh & Jennifer Leigh Foster at 4057 Beechwood Ave.                
  • Luis Balladares & Vanessa Galloza at 4064 Beechwood Ave.                                      
  • Michelle R Dcruz at 53 Burton Woods Ln.                 
  • Three Guys Properties LLC at 528 Camden Ave.
  • Justice Roderick Bertrand & Ian Garrett Woodmansee at 3885 Dakota Ave.                    
  • Tracee Porter & Amanda M Key at 957 Dana Ave.
  • Primroseusa LLC at 3617 Eaton Ln.
  • Aci Properties LLC at 685 Fred Shuttlesworth Circle
  • Lily Thane Maynard at 3968 Lowry Ave.
  • Anthony J Cortese & Helen Kourlos at 611 E. Mitchell Ave
  • Ryan Glasheen & Stephanie Lam at 729 E. Mitchell Ave.                  
  • Patricia Ann Anderson at 3900 Rose Hill Ave. Apt. 102 B
  • Bryan J Andress & Katherine Hoover at 4075 Rose Hill Ave.
  • Kevin Jr & Cynthia Corby at 4153 Rose Hill Ave.
  • Geoffrey Pinski & Brittany Arde at 1024 Valley Ln.
Mumbai Entertainment International Film Festival has invited you to submit your work via Film Freeway!

The call for entries for Mumbai Entertainment International Film Festival is now open!
Here's a special code that you can use for 20% off your entry fee: INVITE2LOU6L

We can't wait to see what you've been working on, and we hope to see you at this year's festival!
Mumbai Entertainment International Film Festival
I Love My Librarian Award
During the Aug. 10 meeting of the Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library Board of Trustees, board members agreed to end the practice of issuing fines for overdue items. Fines for late items had previously been suspended at the start of the pandemic, and then this practice was later extended through 2020 by the Library Board of Trustees. This latest decision makes the suspension of late fines permanent, with a few important changes customers need to know about. This change goes into effect Sept. 26, 2021.

Details about borrowing Library materials can be found in our online FAQ, but some key points are:
  • Reminders to customers that their item is overdue are sent by phone, text, or email at five days and 12 days overdue.
  • At 30 days overdue, customers receive a bill for items that have not been returned and have been classified as “lost.” Previously, customers did not receive a bill until an item was overdue for 45 days.
  • The Library locks a customer’s account if any item is 12 days overdue, meaning no additional print items can be checked out until either the overdue item is returned or the customer has paid the replacement fee for it.
  • Once unpaid replacement fees reach $50 and remain at $50 or above for 30 days or longer, customers are referred to a collection agency.
These changes do not apply to library cards that have never had late fees associated with them, such as Child-Only, Teen-Only, Adult-Only, Educator, and Book Club cards.

We are looking for a Homework Helper at the St. Bernard Branch Library.

Position Summary: This position is responsible for working with youth to provide homework support through the Homework Help Program, as well as engaging youth in a variety of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) activities during non-academic periods (winter break, summer, etc.) to help prevent academic loss.

North Avondale Recreation Center - 617 Clinton Springs Ave. 513.961.1584 

  • Hours: open Monday thru Friday 9 am to 8 pm
  • Weight Room is by reservations 
  • Masks must be worn unless you are vaccinated and your temperature must be taken upon arrival.
  • Senior Fitness Starts Monday, September 13 at 10:45 to 11:15 $2 per class plus membership
  • Senior Knitting & Social Group Starts Monday, September 13 at 12:00 to 1:30 membership required
  • Soccer FC Cincinnati Foundation opened mini pitch for kids on July 19!
  • Soccer Unites partnership with FCC: 6 to 8 week program; games Thursday Afternoons at the new mini pitch; teaches basic soccer skills and character building; Fall and Spring Sessions
  • Adult Fall Volleyball: For registration go to
  • Adult Fall Kickball at Oakley ballfields on Tuesdays
Congratulations to all students that attended Summer classes and were promoted to their next belts at NARC. The students performances were amazing after working hard to achieve their goals! NARC Dojo was home to students at HPS and Sands Montessori while their school dojo's were closed due to COVID19. 7 Star Dragons Karate appreciates North Avondale Recreation Center’s staff and CRC for the opportunity to serve these youth.
Registration is open for new students at North 
Avondale Recreation Center. Classes are continuous and registration, and program information is at:

Sensei Terrell Davis

Tim Johnson, Service Area Coordinator

Hirsch Recreation Center - 3620 Reading Road ● 751.3393

  • Hours: 10am to 8pm Monday thru Friday
  • After School 2:30-6:00pm - Cost: $62.50/child - accept vouchers for children
  • Spinning classes: Mon. & Wed., 6:15 – 7:00 pm. It is necessary to sign up before class. To register call 751.3393 or go to the front desk.
  • Yoga: Tuesday 6:00pm - call to reserve space.
  • Senior Program: arts & crafts, journaling, walking club, essential oils - calendar available at center
  • Gym Schedule  and a Program Schedule.
Blake Williams, Service Area Coordinator

North Avondale Montessori 
363.3900 ● 615 Clinton Springs

NAM Garden & Trails Cleanup
What To Expect:
NAM Garden & Trails Cleanup Day
8am to 11am September 18th, 2021.

We are seeking volunteers to assist (while practicing safe social distancing) in cleaning up our outdoor areas around NAM, including gardens, trails and other natural spaces. We will be removing invasive plant species, clearing trails, picking up trash and beautifying our school grounds. Volunteers should bring work gloves, a water bottle and face masks!

Volunteers are encouraged to signup at:

The New School Montessori (TNSM) 
● 3 Burton Woods Lane  281.7999 ●   
Sorting, tracing, scrubbing, exploring and puzzling – and that's just the first day!

Students in our (3-6) program have begun the year in a flurry of activity. The Montessori works on the shelves provide numerous opportunities for children to develop fine motor strength, a deep understanding of math, various degrees of sorting objects and solving puzzles. Students not only learn countries' shapes and where they are located on a map, but they also learn about the flora, fauna, exports, customs and culture as well.

Each day, children spend a significant amount of time exploring the outdoors, where they learn the practical properties of physics by climbing small trees, running within the preprimary woods and using the playground equipment and the sandbox to bring their imaginings to life.
Virtual Open House on October 10, 2021 - Click here to learn more about it and to sign up.

Ann Baumgardner, Communications Director

Virtual Community Town Hall Meeting
September 16, 2021
6:30 p.m.
Register in advance for this meeting:
More information about the meeting can be found at City's website
If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Cassandra Hillary, MSD Policy & Government Affairs Manager, at (513) 244-5133 or [email protected].
US Census Bureau 2020 Redistricting Data Release

Dear Greater Cincinnati Counts,
Yesterday afternoon the US Census Bureau released the 2020 Redistricting Data, which included total population count for cities and counties as determined by the 2020 Decennial Census.
We are very pleased to announce that both Cincinnati and Hamilton County saw population increases between 2010 and 2020! Cincinnati’s total population increased from 296,943 in 2010 to 309,317 in 2020, a gain of 12,374 people (4.2%) and the City’s first population increase since 1950. Hamilton County’s total population increased from 802,374 in 2010 to 830,639 in 2020, a gain of 28,265 people (3.5%).

 To read the complete letter, click here

More information can be found on the Census Bureau’s website here:

If you are technologically savvy and want to download the raw data yourself, you can find it here:
 The Greater Cincinnati Counts Leadership Team
President: Heather Herr
1st VP: Ethan Perry
2nd VP: Patrice Watson
3rd VP & Events: Morgan Rottinghaus
Corresponding Sec.:  Ryan Jarrell
Recording Sec., Sandesh Samdaria:
Treasurer: Robin Senser
Beautification, Jolene Struebbe
Block Watch & Law & Safety: Carolyn Gillman
Membership: Tristen Yarborough
NANA/NABA Joint Strategic Development
Jeff Herr - Chair
Beth Ewing - Vice Chair
North Avondale Neighborhood Association
PO Box 16152
Cincinnati, Ohio 45216