October 2020
RAIN Newsletter
Pasadena City College, in collaboration with the Edmonds Community College, Portland Community College, and the Northwest Vista College, lead the ATE funded Micro Nano Technology Education Center (MNT-EC). Full Story
Here at the University of New Mexico's MTTC Cleanroom, we have the ability to etch very deep, and very straight patterns into crystalline silicon wafers with the use of an Alcatel DRIE tool. Full Story
Teaching and learning in this new Covid-era is a challenging task for teachers and students, alike. Utilizing hands-on tools becomes even more daunting with many of RAIN's labs being closed or restricted. However, these challenges can lead us to exploring new remote learning experiences, too. Full Story
In a year where remote communication and learning has become a necessity, delivering hands-on activities has remained a challenge. During this webinar we will present methods in which students can operate advanced scientific instrumentation without ever needing to leave their home. Full Story
June Almeida (née Hart) was an internationally renowned virologist who developed innovative methods for the identification of viruses under an electron microscope. Fifty-six years have passed since she first saw a coronavirus and her work is more relevant than ever in the midst of the pandemic. Full Story
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The NACK Support Center, in the Penn State College of Engineering, is committed to supporting the development of two-year degree programs in micro and nanotechnology across the country by offering academic and educational resources.
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