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Made in the USA
Happy 4th of July
We hope you have a happy and safe Fourth of July. In celebration of our nations Independence Day here is a list of Companies/Brands carried by NAO, that support U.S. production of some or all of their products or product parts.  
Footwear: Danner Boots, Peet Boot Dryers, Keen Portland Boots, Nortrade felt insoles
Socks:  Darn Tough, Fox River, Smartwool and WigWam
Base Layers: Guy Cotten fleece and long underwear,  
Clothing: Filson, Ojai, Karen Kane, Stonewear Designs
Accessories: Pendelton Blankets,  Suspenders by Welch, Hold Up and Filson, Purses, belts and carrier bags by Alchemy Goods.
Camping Gear: Pelican Cases, Alpine Aire Foods, Cascade Designs-Therma Rest, Aqua Bound, Nalgene, Aquaseal,  Princeton Tek, Surefire, MSR,

Just for the fun of it we have attached a pdf of the American flag that you can print out and display.

Backpacking Stoves
What to look for when purchasing a backpacking stove.

First decide what you plan to use your stove for. Do you plan to eat only prepackaged freeze dried foods that only require the addition of water or do you like to cook an assortment of goodies? Some stoves such as the Jetboil SOL and Zip stoves and the MSR Reactor stoves work great for heating up water fast, they are light weight and relatively inexpensive. These stoves come with containers that are perfect for heating water, but they are not so great for creating gourmet delights.  


Do you plan to use the stove at high altitudes or for winter camping?  Canister fuel and liquid fuel stoves run on pressurized fuels. Canister fuels come from the factory at about 60psi., both temperature and the volume of fuel left in the canister, are going to affect the performance of the stove by decreasing the pressure. With canister fuels, make sure you get the right thread count and accurately attach them to the stove, so that you can avoid fuel leakage. Volume and temperature also affect liquid fuel stoves, but since liquid fuel stoves come with a pump you can increase the pressure as needed, making these stoves ideal for winter and high altitudes. Many liquid fuel stoves such as the MSR WhisperLite and Dragon Fly can be filled anywhere in the US. The Universal and International WhisperLite's can be refilled practically anywhere, since they both burn a range of different fuel types. When traveling by plane you are not allowed to carry any pressurized fuel canisters, so you will need to buy them once you reach your destination. You can carry a brand new, empty MSR fuel bottle, but after the bottle has been filled with fuel, you will have to discard it before your return flight.

The last thing you want to look for is weight and size. The MSR Pocket Rocket is probably the smallest stove available. Jetboil stoves come in a variety of sizes to accommodate varying numbers of hiking buddies. MSR stoves are small and light weight, but you must also figure in a fuel bottle and cooking gear.


When starting a liquid fuel stove turn the gas on just enough to get the bottom cup wet. Then turn the stove OFF completely, so no more fuel is coming out. Light the bottom cup and let the fire burn until it is almost out, then turn the gas on again and adjust it to the intensity you need for cooking. If the stove gutters or flares up, turn it off completely. For guttering, try pumping more pressure into the fuel tank. For flaring, wait until the flare has burned almost out and try turning the gas on again.


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