January 20, 2022
Hello Nonprofit Leaders and Supporters, 
Unfortunately, the continued machinations between the political parties in Washington DC and here in Oregon often leave communities – and the nonprofits that serve them – feeling the pain. Last night’s defeat of the landmark voter rights bill is only the latest in a in a series of policy decisions that leave common sense people scratching their heads. While politicians do, well, what politicians seem to do these days, our communities are continuing to be battered by too many issues and challenges. And in the middle of that, it is nonprofit organizations that those communities look to for support, reasonability and solutions. As we head into the opening of the Oregon Legislative Session here in just a few weeks, I wanted to make you aware of several important actions NAO is taking to ensure your voices are heard and to support the important missions you serve.
Like for-profit entities, the impacts of economic downturns like the 2008 Great Recession and the Covid pandemic play havoc on the nonprofit sector challenging both our mission delivery and business models and straining critical services in our communities. As employers and providers of services to so many, the sustainability of the nonprofit sector is of great national and local importance, yet there is no dedicated Federal office at the Executive level that is working on issues that are specific to our sector. Federal Government provides significant support to for-profit businesses through the Small Business Administration and other agencies and programs, but as we saw with PPP, EIDL and even ARPA funds, these are not well designed for, or in some cases accessible to, nonprofit organizations.

Rep. Betty McCollum (DFL-MN) has drafted legislation in support of the nonprofit sector having a greater voice on the national level. The Nonprofit Sector Strength and Partnership Act (NSSPA) is an important step in getting the voices of our sector heard at a high enough level that it will matter and create systemic change. The NSSPA creates mechanisms that leverage the mission, knowledge, and impact of nonprofits to help government and the sector work together more effectively in pursuit of shared goals. I encourage you to learn more about the NSSPA and join NAO in signing on. We are proud to be a part of this work and thank our colleagues at the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits and Independent Sector for their leadership with Rep. McCollum’s office. So, please sign on to this important piece of legislation!
Additionally, I wanted to let you know that NAO is ready to engage in the Oregon Legislative Session and our board has passed our 2022 Public Policy Agenda. We have also taken the step to create a Director of Public Policy position at NAO! This is a first in our history and in direct response to the requests of our members and stakeholders across the state to give even greater emphasis on the important work of public policy and advocacy the full-time attention it deserves. If you or someone you know may be interested in public policy work, please check out the details below and apply!
Stay healthy and be safe, 
Jim White 
NAO Executive Director 
Join Our Team!
NAO is excited to be adding two full-time, regular, exempt positions. NAO is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to hiring staff that represent the communities we serve. We offer a generous benefits package that includes: health, dental, paid vacation and personal leave time, and participation in a 403(b)-retirement plan with an employer match.
Director of Public Policy 
Are you skilled at organizing or training coalitions of nonprofits to engage in the public policy process at local, state, or national level? We are looking to hire a new position, Director of Public Policy! When filled, this role will work with the Executive Director to lead four key components of NAO’s work: Public Policy Planning and Development, Network Development, Public Policy Education and Public Policy Communications. This position is the driving force behind NAO’s Public Policy work ensuring that the “voice” of the nonprofit sector is heard by policy makers and considered in lawmaking, regulations changes and public funding considerations. Starting salary is $80,000. Learn more here
Nonprofit Education Specialist  
Are you a nonprofit professional with experience in curriculum development and delivering high-impact experiential education? If you answered yes, you might be the ideal candidate to become a Nonprofit Education Specialist! This role plays a critical part in helping NAO to meet our mission by providing top-notch training to todays and tomorrow's nonprofit leaders. This position is based out of NAO’s office in Portland and requires some travel to provide on-site training mostly in the Portland Metropolitan area and occasionally in rural communities in Oregon. Starting salary is $60,000. Learn more here
At the State Level
KPTV reported on the National Council of Nonprofits recent workforce report and highlighted the impacts this staffing shortage is having on Oregon nonprofits. This coverage is a direct result of the nonprofit sector (especially NAO members) responding to our request to fill out the National Council of Nonprofits workforce and staffing survey. Thank you for taking the time to make your voice heard and ensuring that Oregonians are aware of how nonprofits are being affected by this crisis.  We are working on an additional companion to the National Council of Nonprofits report to look at some specific aspects of the Oregon data such and reflect that back to you all. Look for that coming soon!

COVID-19 Update: The Oregon Health Authority reported 8,538 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 yesterday (Wednesday). There were 921 hospitalized patients with COVID-19 in Oregon. Only 7% of adult ICU beds remain available and 6% of adult non-ICU beds remain available in the state. While high vaccination rates are helping keep many of those infected out of the hospital, the pandemic continues to put significant strain on our healthcare system. If your employees are able to work remotely, we’d encourage nonprofit leaders to delay returns to the office in order to keep your staff, volunteers, and communities as healthy as possible. Additionally, if you haven’t ordered your free COVID test kits yet, you can do so here.
At the Federal Level
Voting Rights Act

Senate Democrats suffered a major defeat Wednesday night in efforts to pass voting rights legislation when the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act was defeated in the Senate. The bill had already been passed in the House. Additionally, after the bill was blocked by Senate Republicans, an attempt by Democrats to change filibuster rules failed amid opposition from moderate Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema D-AZ). It is important to note that the filibuster has a long history of racism dating back to the 1800s. The blockage of the voting rights bill - that honors Founder's intent of ensuring all citizen’s voices are heard and votes are counted - is another dark moment in that history.

Why are voters rights important to nonprofits? There are multiple reasons, perhaps first and foremost that people who serve with nonprofits (either as volunteers or staff) vote at much higher averages than nearly any other representative block. As one of the most trusted institutions in our communities, engaging in voting issues and participating in voting enrollment drives is an important way for program participants to have their voice heard and for nonprofits to build deeper relations with our communities. Find out more on how you can help engage the people you serve in voting and elections at Nonprofit Vote, a nonpartisan nonprofit advocacy organization.
Build Back Better Act

After an earlier defeat and with the midterm elections ahead, some Democrats are hoping to salvage whatever they can out of President Biden’s Build Back Better Act. Some Democrats want to forge ahead with a stand-alone climate bill, but their solution could mean abandoning other parts of President Biden’s agenda in order to pass with enough votes, Democrats will likely have to remove many of the child-care, health care, and tax overhaul provisions that are priorities in the earlier version. The New York Times asked each of the 50 Senate Republicans if they would support just the climate provisions in the Build Back Better Act if they were presented in a stand-alone bill. None said they would, so this likely not to pass in the short-term.
NAO's Upcoming Learning and Convening Opportunities
Virtual Networks

Due to the increasing COVID-19 cases and rise of the Omicron variant, NAO will be holding all upcoming programming virtually. You can access the network sessions you have come to rely on from the comfort of your home. With virtual access, you can participate any network session, from any network, from anywhere in the state! NAO will continue to watch the COVID-19 conditions and we hope to reconvene network sessions in-person as public health and safety protocols will allow. Stay tuned for more information.

Engaging and Empowering Stakeholders with Financial Statements 
January 27, 7:30 – 9:30 a.m. | Presenter: Erin Zollenkopf, Susan Matlack Jones & Associates 
Often times it can feel like financial and non-financial staff are speaking a different language. Similarly, board members with backgrounds in for-profit industries can struggle with the nuance of nonprofit financial statements. This session we’ll provide concrete examples of how to communicate your financial information with internal stakeholders – such as development or program staff, and members of the board. More details and registration information here
Fundraising Event Solutions 
February 15, 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. | Presenter: Samantha Swaim, Swaim Strategies 
As you prepare for upcoming spring events and launch planning for summer and fall events this session will be focused on solutions to keep things on track through the waves of COVID. We will provide you some simple strategies to move forward and get out of the "wait and see" mindset. We will talk about national trends, hybrid formats and opportunities to increase your audience participation and grow your donor base. If you need help with your upcoming event, this is a session for you. More details and registration information here
Black Exclusion in Oregon 
February 17, 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. | Presenter: Zachary Stocks, Oregon Black Pioneers 
Many know that Oregon is one of the whitest states in America, but fewer people are aware that this is by design. Zachary Stocks will reveal how the provisional, territorial, and state governments of Oregon created legal and social barriers to exclude Blacks from society, how Oregonians reinforced white supremacy with violence and intimidation, and how that history has been misunderstood over the subsequent decades. More details and registration information here
2022 Annual Nonprofit GAAP and Form 990 Update 
February 24, 7:30 – 9:30 a.m. | Presenter: Gary McGee, CPA, Gary McGee & Co. LLP 
In this session, we will review the many accounting challenges affecting nonprofit organizations in the current environment, and will present information about new and proposed accounting standards and how they will impact nonprofit entities in the future. Topics include Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) guidance and projects specific to nonprofit organizations, other applicable FASB guidance that will affect nonprofits, and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants accounting and auditing activities. More details and registration information here.
NAO Webinars

Board Bright: NAO's Quarterly Board Roles & Responsibilities Training 
January 26, 3 – 4:30 p.m. | Presenter: Jess Hampton, NAO 
In this 90-minute webinar, participants will learn about the fundamentals of nonprofit governance and gain an understanding of the board’s role in the management of the organization. This quarterly learning opportunity is designed for emerging and seasoned board members alike, and anyone else looking for a governance refresh! More details and registration information here
Enhance, Advance and Protect Your Nonprofit’s Valuable Reputation in 2022 and Beyond 
January 28, 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. | Presenter: Casey Boggs, ReputationUs 
Nonprofits want to tell their stories and support their causes. To do this successfully, nonprofits must, among many other things, take care of their valuable reputation. Health, social and economic impacts of the global pandemic and other recent crises on nonprofits have made reputation management all the more essential in building familiarity, establishing trust and fortifying confidence within your nonprofit and within the communities you serve and from whom you receive support. This webinar is for NAO members-only. More details and registration information here
What You Need to Know About Student Loans and Public Service Loan Forgiveness 
January 31, 12 – 1 p.m. | Presenter: Joanne Di Paola, DevNW 
The Department of Education recently announced some major changes to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program providing relief for millions of student loan borrowers. This will impact staff in the nonprofit sector as many people are now eligible for the program and for a limited period of time, borrowers may receive credit for past periods of repayment that would otherwise not qualify. In this webinar we will discuss how people in the nonprofit sector can take advantage of PSLF and who can go further to request repayment. More details and registration information here.
Nonprofit Learning Cohort

Getting Ready to Hire Your First Employee (Five weekly sessions) 
Dates: February 22, March 1, 8, 15, and 22 | Facilitator: Christine Frazer, Christine Frazer HR Strategist 
This five-session interactive series will help identify all the options you have when considering hiring your first employee. We’ll discuss the compliance, logistic, and practical decisions that need to be made from the moment you realize you need someone to the day they join your team. We’ll also talk through best practices and potential pitfalls. More details and registration information here.
Virtual Convenings
NAO’s 2022 Annual Meeting 
January 25, 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 | Free to NAO members 
Join your NAO network of colleagues from around the state as we talk about the impact that we have had in 2021 and outline the vision for NAO’s work to support you in 2022. You’ll meet NAO’s 2022 Board of Directors who provide leadership and guidance as well as NAO’s staff, who together are committed to serving all of YOU and Oregon’s nonprofit sector as a whole. NAO’s Annual Meeting is for NAO members only. More details and registration information here.

Oregon Nonprofit Leaders Conference
Save the date: Tuesday, April 12, 2022
Over the past three decades, the ONLC has brought together over 350 nonprofits, funders, and thought leaders to explore the challenges and opportunities of nonprofit management today. With this conference now a program of NAO, we are thrilled to be working with ONLC’s Advisory Committee, who will continue to support the planning and delivery of this virtual conference. As we near April 12, NAO will share updates via email, social media, and on the ONLC webpage.
If you have any questions or difficulties registering, contact NAO's Training team at training@nonprofitoregon.org.
Thank you to the following FUNDERS and SPONSORS who are supporting NAO’s online events and communications during these challenging times. Their support is vital in helping NAO to bring much-needed resources and information to Oregon’s nonprofits – thank you.