June 24, 2022
Hello Nonprofit Leaders and Supporters, 
Today, the Supreme Court threw out decades of legal precedent and “settled law” by overturning the 1973 ruling Roe v. Wade – this decision will have profound short and long-term impacts on millions of Americans across the country. The Nonprofit Association of Oregon believes in the right to healthcare for all Oregonians, especially for those that cannot afford access. We strongly support Oregon’s historic efforts to increase access to healthcare that include longstanding laws protecting reproductive care and abortion services for all Oregonians.

The court ruling is expected to have significant ramifications across the nonprofit sector. Nonprofits that provide childcare, foster care, healthcare, domestic violence counseling, youth services, houselessness, mental health, food insecurity, and many will see operational service and financial impacts as a result of this decision. Some of these impacts may be immediate while others will build over the coming weeks, months, and years. NAO will evaluate these impacts and assist nonprofits in preparing for this new reality. We will share this information with all of you as we gather it.