November 18, 2021
As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday next week, I have been taking the time to reflect on all that I am thankful for. I know this is a cliché sentiment, particularly at this time of the year. But, the last few years have been so devastating and so exhausting to so many, it feels especially important to take the time this year to really think about all the good things that I’m grateful for.

For those that know me, it should come as no surprise that I am incredibly thankful for all the hardworking nonprofit leaders, volunteers, and donors throughout Oregon. I can not imagine what our communities would be like without all of your dedication, passion, and commitment to serving your missions. Oregonians rely on your work and I know how lucky we all are for what you do. 

Thanksgiving is a time to be with friends, family, and your community – I continue to be grateful that COVID-19 vaccines and masks allow us to gather together more safely this year. While the pandemic is not over, getting vaccinated, wearing masks in indoor public spaces, and keeping our gatherings small will allow many of us to have a much brighter holiday this year. 

While Thanksgiving is a time for me to spend with loved ones and reflect on the good things happening in my life and throughout Oregon, it is also important to remember that Thanksgiving can be a difficult time for Indigenous people throughout the country. If you aren’t familiar with the complete narrative of Thanksgiving – I recommend taking some time to read about the Wampanoag tribe to start understanding an accurate history of this holiday. 

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and get some much-deserved rest and relaxation in the days to come. 

Stay healthy and be safe,
Jim White 
NAO Executive Director 
Nonprofit News
Save the Date and Mark your Calendars for ONLC 2022!

The 2022 Oregon Nonprofit Leaders Conference (ONLC) will be held virtually on Tuesday, April 12, 2022. With ONLC now a program of NAO, we are thrilled to be working with ONLC’s Advisory Committee, who will continue to support the planning and delivery of this virtual conference. As we near April 12, NAO will share updates via email, social media, and on the ONLC webpage.

Federal Funding Survey Opportunity for Rural Nonprofits

The Ford Family Foundation is partnering with Sequoia Consulting to learn more about the resources that could best help rural communities secure federal funding in 2022. The Foundation intends to use this information to inform its strategy in the near-term. Please complete this short survey by November 26.
The Ford Family Foundation se está asociando con Sequoia Consulting para aprender más sobre los recursos que puedan ayudar a las comunidades rurales de mejor manera para asegurar financiamiento federal en 2022. La Fundación tiene la intención de usar esta información para informar su estrategia en el corto plazo. Su organización fue mencionada por The Ford Family Foundation como un socio importante para informar este trabajo.Por favor, complete esta corta encuesta a más tardar el 26 de noviembre.
Win Six-Months of Pro Bono Reputation Management Support! 
For a third year, we are partnering with NAO Business Verified Affiliate member, ReputationUs to offer the Nonprofit Reputation Program! One lucky NAO nonprofit member will be selected to win six-months of pro bono reputation management support (a value of $14,000). Enhance, protect, and defend your valuable reputation, thereby building and keeping trust within the communities your serve. Nonprofit members are encouraged to apply. Applications must be submitted by Friday, December 10. Learn more
At the State Level
More Optimistic Revenue News

Oregon economists continued to deliver optimistic news about the state’s budget picture. They expect more than $700 million more in tax revenue than they projected only a few months ago. If this projection holds, this means that Oregonians will receive another tax kicker in 2024 in addition to the kicker slated for 2022. Economists are keeping their eye on inflation as that can become a concern when revenues are running this high. Additionally, Governor Brown has noted that the economic boom has not been equal to all Oregonians, particularly those who are struggling with finding affordable housing. She is continuing conversations with legislative leaders throughout the state to find ways to address the state’s houselessness and affordable housing crisis. 
At the Federal Level
OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard: This is breaking news – the many federal lawsuits seeking to block the OSHA standard were consolidated in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. The likely next step is for the Department of Justice to petition for a “stay of the stay” issued by the Fifth Circuit panel last week. This means Justice will ask the new court to lift the Fifth Circuit stay pending further briefing and order of the court. We expect the Sixth Circuit to rule quickly on the motion to lift the stay. Whatever the outcome, however, this dispute will likely move up to the Supreme Court. 
Infrastructure: President Biden signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act on Monday in a White House ceremony. The $1.2 trillion law retroactively repeals fourth quarter eligibility for the Employee Retention Tax Credit. Yesterday we sent the attached letter to the IRS urging the agency to announce that employers will not be penalized for using the ERTC in the first half of this quarter (that started on Oct. 1) and provide other relief. We’re still pushing for restoration and improvements to the ERTC, but thought it necessary to promote corrective action by the IRS.

Build Back Better Act: Good news, bad news, and ugly news. The Congressional Budget Office is likely to produce a complete score (cost estimate) of the current version of the Build Back Better Act by the end of the week, enabling the House to take it up and pass with just Democratic votes. Democratic moderates had refused to vote until they knew what the bill costs. On the downside, the CBO score is not expected to show that the bill will be fully paid for. That will cause heartburn and hesitation by the moderates and could force changes to the legislative text. See our summary of the current version in the House.

But the ugly news has to do with year-end timing. Asked by a Politico reporter when the Senate will complete its business for the year, Senator Tester (D-MT) said, “New Year’s Eve. Do you have plans for Christmas? You can spend it at my house, because my plans are screwed up too. I think it’s going to be very late into December by the time we get everything done.” We doubt Senator Tester’s crystal ball is any better than others, but his prediction is disturbing. 
Support the Universal Charitable Deduction: The universal charitable (non-itemizer) deduction will expire at the end of the year unless Congress takes action to extend it. The giving incentive for individuals who take the standard deduction was created on an bipartisan basis in the early days of the pandemic to generate additional resources to support the work of charitable organizations. It was increased at the end of 2020 to the current level of $300 for individuals and $600 for couples, but is set to expire on December 31, 2021. The Charitable Giving Coalition encourages nonprofits to sign onto a letter urging congressional leaders to support expanding and extending the universal charitable deduction in year-end legislation. Go here to read the letter and sign on.
NAO's Upcoming Learning and Convening Opportunities
Virtual Rural Convening Opportunities

Yamhill County Learn at Lunch: Finance Fundamentals
November 23, 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. | Presenter: Jenn Clemo, NAO
Join us for an overview of basic financial principles, including board member responsibilities, understanding restrictions, reviewing your statements for key financial indicators, and internal controls. More details and registration information, click here.

Clatsop County Nonprofit Resource Roundup
December 9, 12 p.m. – 1:45 p.m. | Panelist: Representatives from The Ford Family Foundation, The Collins Foundation, and The Roundhouse Foundation
Participants will learn about funding resources and grant opportunities from foundation representatives; have an opportunity to virtually network with other nonprofits in your area; connect with NAO resources; and explore current policy and proposals that impact Oregon nonprofits. More details and registration information, click here.
NAO Webinars

Effective Supervision Practices for Advancing Equity and Inclusion (Two-Part Webinar)
December 1 and 8, 3:30 p.m. – 5 p.m. | Presenter: Cliff Jones, Capacity Building Partnerships
Employees are your organization’s greatest resource. Effective support and direction for your staff, as well as understanding ways to work across differences will help create an environment where people can fully contribute and advance your organization’s mission and goals. In this two-part series, we’ll explore the most essential elements of a supervisor’s role with a diversity, equity and inclusion lens. Cliff will offer insight into the specific challenges of supervision in the nonprofit environment to help you identify concrete goals and changes that you can implement with individual staff and teams. Participants will also examine strategies to address unclear expectations between staff and supervisor, ambivalence about authority, low pay, and heavy workloads. More details and registration information, click here.
Virtual Networks

Due to the continued rise of the Delta variant, all NAO networks will be virtual only through the end of the year. We will continue to prioritize the safety of our communities, monitor COVID-19 cases, and hospital capacities on a regular basis – we're hopeful that we can convene in person safely in 2022.
Envision Your Roadmap to HR Success in Challenging, Changing Times
December 1, 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. | Presenter: Christine Frazer, Christine Frazer HR Strategist
Remote working arrangements are quickly becoming our new normal. In this virtual network session, Christine Frazer will discuss remote work policies that will set you up for success and help you learn how to manage employees with greater flexibility while fostering shared accountability as we settle into these long-term working conditions. More details and registration information here.
If you have any questions or difficulties registering, contact NAO's Training team at
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