October 28, 2021
Hello Nonprofit Leaders and Supporters,
There is big news in the world of politics that I am sure many of you are already aware of, but I want to be sure to draw attention to it, as it will have significant impacts (although less than many first hoped) on the issues and communities that nonprofits care about and serve.

This morning, President Biden made his case for a $1.75 trillion framework of social and climate spending in a meeting with House Democrats. This is what may be his last chance to end a weeks-long battle to reach a compromise on the package before heading to the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow later today.

Biden is trying to convince members of his own party in the House Progressive Caucus to accept the framework as a final deal to clear the way for a separate vote on the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill that passed the Senate in August. Progressive members have insisted they need a full social spending bill and a plan for a vote before they will allow the infrastructure bill to move forward. Biden administration officials believe the policies they have agreed on can become a bill that passes both the House and the Senate.

The social spending package includes major priorities for Democrats including universal pre-K for all 3- and 4-year-olds, an additional year of the expanded monthly child tax credit payment, invests in affordable housing, premium reductions under the Affordable Care Act and significant investments to address climate change. The bill would also create a nationwide green jobs program known as the Civilian Conservation Corps.

The framework includes:

  • Universal pre-K for all 3- and 4-year-olds, for six years

  • Child care support for about 20 million children for six years — limits costs to no more than 7% of income for families earning up to 250% of state median income, as long as parents are working, seeking work, in training or dealing with a serious health issue

  • More than $500 billion in spending on climate, including clean energy tax credits for rooftop solar, electric vehicles, clean energy production; a civilian climate corps program; and investments in clean energy technology and manufacturing

  • Extending the expanded Affordable Care Act premium tax credits through 2025

  • Covering hearing costs through Medicare for seniors

  • $100 billion for reforms to reduce backlogs in the immigration asylum process

Notably absent from the framework are major party priorities, including: paid family leave; free community college; and measures to lower the cost of prescription drugs. Many blame Senator Manchin (D-WV) for the failure to reach a deal on paid family leave and free community college.

The means to pay for the program has been one of the contentious issues throughout the discussion, especially for Republicans who are objecting to a number of the taxes included in the legislation:

  • A 15% minimum tax for large corporations that report profits of more than $1 billion to shareholders

  • A 1% tax on stock buybacks

  • A 15% minimum tax on foreign profits of U.S. corporations

  • A surtax on the top .02% wealthiest Americans of 5% on income over $10 million, and an additional 3% on income over $25 million

It appears as if one new tax proposals designed to help pay for the increased spending in the budget reconciliation bill have not been included in the version now being moved forward. One of those, a billionaires tax proposed by Oregon’s own Senator Wyden, Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, appears to have lost steam.

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Stay healthy and be safe,

Jim White 
NAO Executive Director 
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Vaccines/Testing Requirements

On Tuesday, two subcommittees of the House Education & Labor Committee held a hearing, “Protecting Lives and Livelihoods: Vaccine Requirements and Employee Accommodations.” Democratic members on the subcommittees were mostly supportive of the Biden Administration requirements. Republicans challenged the constitutionality of the proposed OSHA emergency temporary standard, and sought to make the case that vaccinations should not be required of individuals who have already contracted COVID-19. Our colleagues at the National Council of Nonprofits sent a letter to staff of subcommittee members to alert them to the charitable nonprofit perspective on the question of COVID-19 vaccinations and testing.
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