End of Year 2016
Message from Our Chair 

We like to take this opportunity to provide our  NARALO membership a end of year message on behalf of  Judith and myself.

Our  election process was open and transparent and for a second year  myself as chair and Judith as secretariat return to our positions.  We also saw Eduardo as NOMCOM rep and  Garth as ALAC for the second year.  Lastly.  Louis and Alan election resulted in soldifying Alan's position and he has the two year mandate to complete his work as the ALAC Chair. 

It has been  an exciting year of  ICANN and NARALO as  we saw the historical  transition from NTIA  to a oindependent ICANN.  Many of our  membership watched and participated with the process over the many months leading to the culmination in October 2016.  

Special acknowledgement to Alan Greenberg our  representative for the Unaffiliated and the  current  ALAC Chair in working delegating in multiple committees  including the work on the  ALS metrics and Criteria. His  non stop work for  ALAC and ATLARGE is leaving a indelible mark on our wider community 

NARALO  has  been  working on updating  a number of things,   Rules Of Procedures, NARALO brochure, NARALO slogan  and the forthcoming  General Assembly in April 2017 in New Orleans. 

A key operational  effort with  John More as pen-holder has started on revamping our Rules of Procedure to inline with the other  RALO's and  making many of our  processes and procedures clear and definiative 

The  second phase of the  successful  captioning pilot is going into the second year, spearheaded by Judith Hellerstein. 

We also saw funding support for  Valerie Fast Horse and April Tinhorn who participated with the  ICANN Hyderabad and the fellowship programme which was a pilot  Tribal Ambassador program  targetted to the First Nations(Native )  Americans and Canadians

Many of members  provided critical feedback to revamp the fellowship program and we have seen changes that for the first  time will include our communities eligible to apply for the fellowship program. This is the first time in ten years we will see this happen.  Kudos to all that campaigned the cause of making the project more inclusive.

Looking back we also implemented the mid term report in Helsinki and the year in review in  Hyderabad  providing a  report on the progress of our  RALO.

In closing,   we wish you all a  successul 2017 and we look forward to seeing you in New Orleans 

Glenn McKnight

From our San Francisco ALs
SFBay Area ISOC Chapter celebrated our accomplishments in 2016 at a board member's dinner in Palo Alto California on December 1st . This year, we recognize increased membership engagement, successful regional community events, representation at several conferences, closer working relationship with Global ISOC and strategic partnerships with ICANN, ARIN and Silicon Valley organizations. Additionally, we value ISOC's Beyond the Net grants awarded to us in support of our events and projects. These accomplishments in conjunction with the recently introduced SFBay Sponsorship Program and Working Groups provide a strong foundation for continued success in 2017. 

Special thanks to Vint Cerf for supporting our IoT conference, all the partnerships and the Board Members for making 2016 a great success. 

 Leah Symekher SFBay Area ISOC Chapter President/Chair

Applications are now being accepted for ARIN's Fellowship Program for ARIN 39. Apply now through 5:00 PM ET Tuesday, 31 January 2017 for a chance to attend ARIN 39 in New Orleans, LA from 2-5 April 2017 at no cost.

Alfredo Calderon and Eduardo Díaz from our Puerto Rico ALs
Picture taken during the IGF 2016 in Guadalajara, Mexico

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Durham D.I.Y. Showcase

Foundation for  B uilding Sustainable Communities is holding it's fourth  annual   Durham DIY Showcase with this year's theme  Technoopgy Then and Now to correspond to the 150th anniversary of  Canadian's independence. This year we encourage all vendors to get into the spirt and showcase their technology "then and now'  

For example the computer club will have erly computers, printers, and more.  The local Ham radio people will showcase WW2 technology vs the current software defined radios and much more.  Its a free event to vendors and families in colloboration with IEEE student branch and the Toronto Section of IEEE.
NARALO  General Assembly  @ ARIN  meeting in New Orleans on April  2nd to the 5th, 2017

In advance to the  NARALO  GA  @ ARIN  meeting in New Orleans on April 2nd to the 5th, 2017.  we are sharing some background information about ARIN,  American Registry for  Internet Numbers   www.arin.net

General Assembly Primer

In advance of the ARIN sessions  we are organizing two sessions

Feb 6 and March 20th  each at 2 to 3 pm 

Introduction to ARIN sessions for all NARALO attendees.  It will be a webinar lead by Chris Tacit of ARIN to introduce  NARALO members to ARIN in advance of the GA

Available E-Books in ICANN

Available playlist and pictures of various event 
covered by our chair 
Glenn McKnight 



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