ICANN Board Director (Seat #15)
selected by the At-Large Community

León Felipe Sánchez

After six months of efforts, the At-Large Community has successfully concluded its ICANN Board Director selection process on 27 February 2017. León Felipe Sánchez Ambía has been selected by At-Large as the successor of Rinalia Abdul Rahm and will begin his 3 year term as an ICANN Board Director at the end of ICANN60 (3 November 2017). Congratulation!

Fall in Love with Internet

ISOC Puerto Rico and HETS ( Hispanic Educational Technology Services)  celebrated Saint Valentine's Day with a awareness event on February 14, 2017.

Nancy Quiros, ISOC Chapter  Development Manager Latin America and Caribbean Region, spoke about  ISOC initiatives and set the stage for the 1st North America School of Internet Governance for March 2018. See her presentation HERE.

Rodrígo De la Parra, ICANN VP, Stakeholder Engagement-Latin America & Caribbean,  explained the ICANN multstakeholder model and what's next. 

A panel discussed the concept of e-governance and how civil society can help define the way it should been implemented to take advantage of the power of the Internet. 

From left: Nerma Albertorio (Star-up Entrepreneur), Maribel Pico (Dept. of Education past-CIO), José de la Cruz (University Professor) and Javiier Rúa (NomCom ALAC appointee and past president of the Telecom Regulatory Agency in PuertoRico) 

A view of some of the attendees.

This event was the first of many that have been planned for 2017 to prepare, motivate and engage the Internet Community in Puerto Rico into participating in ICANN, ISOC, ARIN and global events such as Internet Governance Forums. 

And... there is always a group photo.

From left: Javier Rúa, Nerma Albertorio, Maribel Picó, Gerardo Ortega (University Proffesor), Eduardo Díaz (ISOC-PR President), José de la Cruz and Alfredo Calderón (ISOC Board Director)
Canadian Plan to Increase
Broadband Services in Rural  Areas in Canada

Le gouvernement du Canada investira 500 millions de dollars pour  étendre et à améliorer les services à large bande pour une période cinq  ans. Ce programme vise à offrir des connexions à large bande de haute  qualité aux collectivités rurales et éloignées mal desservies pour faire  face à la demande croissante en nouveaux services et applications, tel que le commerce en ligne, la télémédecine et l'apprentissage en ligne.

Learn more >

In conjunction with the DSA's annual Global Summit, the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance is pleased to announce the launch of the DSA Award Program. The program is intended to recognize member companies, organizations, individuals, and regulators who are actively participating in furthering innovation, increasing inclusion, and pursuing new opportunities in dynamic spectrum access.

To nominate a deserving company, organization, or individual please complete the attached nomination form. Individuals may submit up to (3) nominations per each award category, and self-nominations are accepted. All nominations must be submitted to  admin@dynamicspectrumalliance.org  no later than  March 17, 2017 .

More info here

SFBay Area ISOC Chapter is excited to introduce the newly elected Board under the leadership of Susannah Gray, Chair and Fatema Kothari, Vice Chair. Visit our website for an introduction of the team.

Our 2017 Project Team for "Bridging California's Rural/Urban Digital Divide with Mobile Broadband" held the project kickoff meeting in UC Davis (see attached photo of the Project Team Members) and is off to a great start with phase one activity goals. Check for updates and information HERE

Please stay tuned for our first 2017  Chapter Event to be held on 10 April in San Francisco. We'll be introducing the new chairs of the Working Group on Internet Governance and the Working Group on Data Protection, Privacy and Security. For more details HERE

Project kickoff meeting group picture.

Just Published...

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Click HERE to see a sneak preview of the 
AT-Large Rough Guide to Copenhagen

NARALO  General Assembly  @ ARIN  meeting in New Orleans on April  2nd to the 5th, 2017

In advance to the  NARALO  GA  @ ARIN  meeting in New Orleans on April 2nd to the 5th, 2017.  we are sharing some background information about ARIN,  American Registry for  Internet Numbers   www.arin.net

General Assembly Primer

In advance of the ARIN sessions  we are organizing two sessions

Feb 6 and March 20th  each at 2 to 3 pm 

Introduction to ARIN sessions for all NARALO attendees.  It will be a webinar lead by Chris Tacit of ARIN to introduce  NARALO members to ARIN in advance of the GA

Available E-Books in ICANN

Available playlist and pictures of various event 
covered by our chair 
Glenn McKnight 



Belize IXP Net NeutralityNigel Cassmire (CTU)Jackie Morris( Trinidad)Security and Privacy ABC of Internet Governance  12th Annual CIGF-Belize  ,  Pew Internet ResearchI GF USA 2016ICANN Fellows 2016I CANN DNS and Women 2016Global Forum Cyber Expertise -AdvisoryGFCE 2016M Enabling SummitWSIS 2016Dynamic Spectrum Forum 2016- Bogata, ColumbiaSouthern School of Internet Governance- Washington ICANN MoroccoALAC @ICANNICANN Dublin Internet Society Canada Symposium I GF USA 2015ICANN Fellowship ArgentinaICANN ArgentinaICANN SingaporeNARALO ICANN Los Angeles  ,  ALAC ATLAS 2-LondonARIN-ChicagoICANN SingaporeICANN BaICANN DurbanNPOC BeijingICANN BeijingICANN TorontoNCUC 2012ISOC PragueICANN MexicoGlobal Humanitarian Technology Conference 2016, ICANN Hyderabad

Quick updates and links to useful Information
All of us will be attending the  ARIN 39 event in New Orleans

2017-2018  NARALO  election  page
In advance for the annual call for nominees we have posted teh ELECTIONS  2017 page, nominations start in April 

One  outstanding page is available 

ALS Discretionary Funding for  local Outreach 
A formal process has been created for  ALS funding. We have a maximum of $2,000 per RALO for local events.  If you have an event contact staff for the request form which is presented to the GSE for approval

Rules of Procedures  Update process
John More and a working committee is working on harmonizing the ROP with the other   RALO:s and streamline the language

Monthly Secretariat Report

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