ARIN and NARALO General Assemby
The  ARIN 39 will be held at the Hotel Monteleone 
214 Royal Street New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

When are the  dates for the General Assembly 2017?


Arrival  Sunday  April 2
ARIN First Timer's session and Social


Monday  April 3  

Morning session- GA

ARIN Session and  Evening Social


Tuesday April 4 

Morning session-GA

ARIN General Session  and Social and Dinner


Wednesday April  5  

NARALO General Assembly  

Departure Wed April 5 

Here is the link to the NARALO Booklet on the ALS membership
Check it out HERE!

March was another exciting month for SFBay Area ISOC Chapter. Events to be highlighted and upcoming include:

- SFBay ISOC's Leah Symekher and Misako Manca, Board Member attended 'The Forum on Broadband Agriculture' hosted by the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) in Sacramento, California. The Chapter was recognized as a contributing partner for our current project "Bridging California's Rural/Urban Digital Divide with Mobile Broadband" in partnership with Valley Vision and CSU, GIC. This event was attended by State & industry representatives interested in feedback to help identify policies and strategies regarding the intersection of agriculture and broadband that should be incorporated into State legislation and the federal Farm Bill reauthorization. More on CETF:

- Chapter Board members Susannah Gray, Fatema Kothari, Misako Manca and Advisor to the board, Leah Symekher: Attended the 10th Year Anniversary celebrations for 'Girls in Technology' on March 10th in San Francisco, CA.

- Upcoming Chapter event in San Francisco on April 10 to introduce the new Board and the new Chairs for our recently established Working Groups on Internet Governance and Data Protection, Privacy, & Security. More information:

- ARIN 39 and NARALO GA Conference: Leah Symekher (NARALO representative/Consultant & Advisor to the Board) and Susannah Gray (President & Chair), will be attending and look forward to meeting other NARALO representatives in New Orleans next week.

An Update...

Rules of Procedures
We are updating our  Rules of Procedures lead by John More.  John is a Washington lawyer and member of the ISOC Washington DC chapter.  His work involves removing ambiguity, streaming rules and producing a clear set of rules for our  RALO.  Expected ratification after community feedback is expected at the  ICANN 59 meeting in Joberg

Elections Time
In the March meeting we made a public announcement that the pending FY 17 election will be announce the opening of the nomination period 
Details  posted HERE

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Register HERE
NARALO  General Assembly  @ ARIN  meeting in New Orleans on April  2nd to the 5th, 2017

In advance to the  NARALO  GA  @ ARIN  meeting in New Orleans on April 2nd to the 5th, 2017.  we are sharing some background information about ARIN,  American Registry for  Internet Numbers

General Assembly Primer

In advance of the ARIN sessions  we are organizing two sessions

Feb 6 and March 20th  each at 2 to 3 pm 

Introduction to ARIN sessions for all NARALO attendees.  It will be a webinar lead by Chris Tacit of ARIN to introduce  NARALO members to ARIN in advance of the GA

Available E-Books in ICANN

Available playlist and pictures of various event 
covered by our chair 
Glenn McKnight 



Belize IXP Net NeutralityNigel Cassmire (CTU)Jackie Morris( Trinidad)Security and Privacy ABC of Internet Governance  12th Annual CIGF-Belize  ,  Pew Internet ResearchI GF USA 2016ICANN Fellows 2016I CANN DNS and Women 2016Global Forum Cyber Expertise -AdvisoryGFCE 2016M Enabling SummitWSIS 2016Dynamic Spectrum Forum 2016- Bogata, ColumbiaSouthern School of Internet Governance- Washington ICANN MoroccoALAC @ICANNICANN Dublin Internet Society Canada Symposium I GF USA 2015ICANN Fellowship ArgentinaICANN ArgentinaICANN SingaporeNARALO ICANN Los Angeles  ,  ALAC ATLAS 2-LondonARIN-ChicagoICANN SingaporeICANN BaICANN DurbanNPOC BeijingICANN BeijingICANN TorontoNCUC 2012ISOC PragueICANN MexicoGlobal Humanitarian Technology Conference 2016, ICANN Hyderabad, ICANN 58 - Copenhagen

Quick updates and links to useful Information
All of us will be attending the  ARIN 39 event in New Orleans

2017-2018  NARALO  election  page
In advance for the annual call for nominees we have posted teh ELECTIONS  2017 page, nominations start in April 

One  outstanding page is available 

ALS Discretionary Funding for  local Outreach 
A formal process has been created for  ALS funding. We have a maximum of $2,000 per RALO for local events.  If you have an event contact staff for the request form which is presented to the GSE for approval

Rules of Procedures  Update process
John More and a working committee is working on harmonizing the ROP with the other   RALO:s and streamline the language

Monthly Secretariat Report

-:) END

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