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Some bones from one of Buddha's fingers were sent as a gift to the emperor of China during the Tang dynasty.  They were later forgotten about and then found in 1981.  The finding was a sensation to Buddhists everywhere, and the bones are now visited by many of them.

If someone claimed to find a finger that belonged to Jesus, no Christian would believe it because our faith is founded on the fact that there is no finger to be found.  The apostle Paul makes this abundantly clear: "If Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith...your faith is are still in your sins...we have no hope" (1 Corinthians 15: 14-19).  Buddha is in the grave; Jesus is in heaven.  Buddha is dead; Jesus Christ is ALIVE!  He has overcome death, hell, and the grave.  And here's the really good news -- anyone who is dead in their sins can be resurrected to new life through Jesus Christ.

A recent survey revealed that 77% of Americans believe Jesus rose from the dead.  That percentage seems a bit high and most likely includes many who have a mere intellectual assent to the claims of the gospel.  Saving faith, however, must be preceded by true repentance of one's sins and a genuine trust in Christ alone to do what only He can do.

All of us know someone who is dead in their sins.  About half of all Arkansans declare no religious affiliation. What shall we do, if anything, about their condition?  First, we should pray earnestly for them and befriend them.  I propose that we take the next steps as well -- invite him or her to church with you on Easter Sunday.  Afterwards, you could take them to lunch or better yet, share a meal in your home.  Such an atmosphere is conducive to redemptive conversations.  According to one survey, half of those who don't attend church indicated they would respond positively to a personal invitation.  Even f they don't, you can still share the good news of God's love in word and deed as opportunities arise.

Hopeful in Christ,

-- D. Randy Berkner
Pastors and Leaders Conference (PALCON) 2018
"Come and See" is the theme for PALCON 2018 to be held June 25-27 at Southern Nazarene University.  The conference features worship gatherings and learning conversations, particularly related to Organic Outreach that will enhance congregational efforts to live out the Great Commission.  Cost: $199 (includes all sessions and meals for 3 days).  On-campus housing is offered to all full-conference registrants at no additional cost.  A 1-day registration may be purchased for $109,  and includes 3 meals.   For registration and details go to


  • Rev. Guillermo Mairena, our District Coordinator of Hispanic Ministries, recently hosted a DCPI training session in which fifteen attendees learned "planting essentials" from Dr. Roberto Hodgson and Rev. Samuel Cordova.  Of course, they also prayed about the harvest field within our district boundaries.  As you read the following "Top Ten Cities With Hispanic Population But Without A Hispanic Nazarene Church, please consider what you and your church can do to reach them for Christ: Fort Smith (15,465 - 17.7%); Russellville (4,038 - 14.1%); Jonesboro (4,016 - 5.6%); Siloam Springs (3,584 - 22.6%); Conway (2,996 - 4.7%); Clarksville (2,103 - 22.5%); Dardanelle (1,833 - 39.2%); Sherwood (1,508 - 5.0%); Berryville (1,431 - 26.8%); Green Forest (1,330 - 47.9%).
  • As the end of the church year (April 30th) approaches, a local church nominating committee (3-7 members appointed by the pastor and approved by the church board) should nominate officers, boards, and delegates in keeping with this Manual statement:  We direct our local churches to elect as church officers active members of the local church who profess the experience of entire sanctification and whose lives bear public witness to the grace of God that calls us to a holy life; who are in harmony with the doctrines, polity, and practices of the Church of the Nazarene; and who support the local church faithfully in attendance, active service, and with tithes and offerings.  Church officers should be fully engaged in "making Christlike disciples in the nations."
  • It's time for SNU-bound students to apply for the District Advisory Board's Endowed Scholarship.  Please contact your pastor for the details and application form.  Deadline is June 1st.
  • Hot Fun in the Summertime!  Children's Camp: June 18-21 @ Heath Valley Campground near Mena, AR; Youth Camp: June 29-July 2 @ Camp Barnabas at Table Rock Lake near Shell Knob, MO.  Registration forms are available at

Congratulations, NARK District students who won the Crimson Cup at Extravaganza last week on the SNU campus.  They demonstrated their God-given talents in Bible quizzing, music, arts, sports, etc. in competition with teens from the other nine districts on the region.  These young people are not just the church of tomorrow; they are a vital part of today's church!  
    April        1         Easter Sunday, World Evangelism Offering
                   7         District NMI Council Meeting
                  12        District Advisory Board Meeting
                  14        Children's Zone Bible Quiz (Greenbrier, Fayetteville)
  28        Teen Quiz Finals
  30        Church Year ends

 May            5         Children's District Bible Quiz (Jonesboro FH)
                    7         Pastors Reports due
               10-11       SNU Board of Trustees Meeting
   12       District Finance and Nominating Committee Meetings

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