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I am excited to introduce to you the 2015 Summer edition of NASA's SBIR/STTR Quarterly Newsletter. We have taken on a new look and hope that program news, events and highlights will allow you to learn more about us!

Robert Yang
Program Executive
Made In Space Takes Off

NASA SBIR Award winner Made In Space successfully completed their 3D Printing in Zero-G demonstration aboard the International Space Station in July. The demonstration was the first step towards establishing an on-demand machine shop in space. The Silicon Valley-based firm met with the NASA SBIR/STTR Program as well as the Associate Administrator for the Office of Small Business Programs to share the news of their technology.

Two NASA SBIR Firms Receive Tibbetts Awards

Two of our very own awardees, Techshot, Inc. and StormCenter Communications, were recipients of the 2015 Tibbetts Awards. The "Tibbies", as they are affectionately known, are awarded annually to firms, projects, organizations and individuals which exemplify the very best in SBIR achievement.

Bone Densitometer

Techshot, Inc. has had two technologies fly in space within 9 months of each other, and another technology acquired in that time frame. Their Bone Densitometer is currently helping NASA understand the effects of microgravity on the human body. Techshot, Inc. also developed a Life Science Research Sample Transfer Technology, which allows NASA astronauts to conduct on-orbit analysis in real time by making it possible to transfer liquid samples to analytical platforms in microgravity, as opposed to having to wait for the sample to return to Earth for testing. Additionally, they had their Multipurpose Variable-gravity Platform technology acquired by NASA. This device has been designed to house, control and provide environmental control for a wide variety of experiments aboard the ISS.

Techshot, Inc. Homepage

GeoCollaborate Maps

StormCenter Communications received a Phase III contract for their GeoCollaborate technology, a patent-pending tactical collaborative geospatial intelligence solution (GIS). This technology not only advances GIS technologies, but also revolutionizes the way humans interact with maps, data and each other at the same time. GeoCollaborate allows for real-time collaboration, big-data analysis on interactive maps, and visualization of earth science data using 3-D virtual globes. The company sees a broad spectrum of applications for GeoCollaborate in fields in a variety of fields such as weather forecasting, education, transportation and energy management.

StormCenter Communications Homepage

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SBIR 2015 Phase I Award Recipients

NASA has selected research and technology proposals from 254 small businesses and 39 research institutions for contract negotiation to develop new technologies that will further NASA's journey to Mars, help us better understand our planet and others, and improve air travel.

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Ensuring Honest Use of Tax Dollars

Genziko, Inc. and founder Craig D. Near were recently convicted of defrauding NASA and NSF of nearly $800,000 from June 2008 to June 2014. NASA played an intergral part in the Federal trial. To learn more about how to prevent Fraud, Waste and Abuse, click here.

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